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Nasi Sultan @ Restoran Isbahani, Peringgit Jaya

There are on Mamak restaurant is popularity with it’s dishes such as Kari Ayam, Sotong and Ikan Pari. Most of the Malaccan will called the rice as ‘Nasi Sultan’, a place to having Mamak rice for breakfast, lunch even at dinner!

Not sure how this restaurant get’s its popularity with the name of Nasi Sultan, some of the local said is named Nasi Sultan because of the owner name, however that does not matter and our main task is just to find out the delicious food in Malacca town!

Here is not selling the mixed rice as ordinary Mamak shop, but offer some of the variety choice of dish and is quite popular among Malaccan as stated at their signboard outside of the shop, Kari Ayam, Sotong, Kambing and Ikan Pari. driver booster

The first will be their famous Sotong (Squid), most interestingly is the cook with some Asam, as you can taste little sour, yet the Sotong is not hard to chew even they cooked hourly.

The second will be the Pari Ikan with curry, simply delicious, might the second option to taste the local delicacies if you cannot take the spicy Asam Pedas in Melaka.

Third will be the curry chicken, it different what recovery we having in ordinary Malay or Mamak stall curry chicken, however, it taste good.

Restoran Isbahani (Nasi Sultan)
Address : 421, Ground Floor, Taman Peringgit Jaya, 75400 Peringgit, Melaka
Business hours : 6am – 6pm
GPS Coordinate : N2.21722 E102.25352

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