Tawun Jetty during south Lombok island, Indonesia

Our second day in Lombok island.

The initial stop in a channel was snorkeling during Gili Nanggu (Gili means island in Indonesia language). Tawun jetty (S8.74473 E116.01998) seems to be a usually jetty ferrying visitors to a Nanggu island.

The jetty area is usually a tiny hovel with a snorkeling gears…

 print IMG_3185_zps75c9ef7e.jpg

One print was speckled subsequent to a open toilet…

 print IMG_3178_zps41ac4093.jpg

Everyone was bustling selecting their snorkeling mask, feet fins, life coupler and other gears…

 print IMG_3194_zps1f8633dd.jpg

 print IMG_3195_zps70422524.jpg

After staid with a snorkeling gears, don’t forget to pierce some breads to feed a poetic fish during a island…

 print IMG_3186_zpsb32c841b.jpg

I was acid around for a name of a debate organisation who yield all this snorkeling facility…couldn’t find until we saw this…

 print IMG_3193_zpsc4398591.jpg

Alright, let’s pierce on!

 print IMG_3200_zpse4a59019.jpg

The vessel that ferrying a organisation to a island…

 print IMG_3205_zps8bb4df55.jpg

There was a small vessel ‘boy’ watchful for us on a boat, with a age around 3-4 years old…it was a surprised!

 print IMG_3203_zpsb763550c.jpg

Are we prepared to go?
She pronounced : “Yes!”

 print IMG_3208_zps90f98e1f.jpg

It was not a balmy day, opportunely usually pale but rain…otherwise, a outing to a island will be cancel…

 print IMG_3212_zps8dc99e69.jpg

We reached Gili Nanggu after 20 mins later, everybody was happy and enjoyed a vessel ride…

 print IMG_20140713_122146R_zps96872f01.jpg

The island is purify and good maintain, can’t speckled any balderdash around a beach area and of march with a super transparent water…

 print IMG_3218_zps71de0fd0.jpg

The Gili Sudak is usually mill chuck away, we will carrying a lunch after during a usually grill in a island…

 print IMG_3219_zps285a04b6.jpg

Our activities on a island will be continue in a subsequent post…

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