July 13th, 2015:

What’s on in March

Here comes March! How time flies by! If it’s March, it contingency be time for a Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix and 1Malaysia GP Sale – a good month for lots of movement on Malaysia’s racing and selling circuits! Besides these dual signature tourism events, Mar is also a month for varicoloured prohibited atmosphere balloons in several shapes and sizes to take to a Putrajaya skies in a annual Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Meanwhile, a Le Tour de Langkawi 2015 competition from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur will keep cycling fans on a corner of their seats. Besides sports, enlightenment enthusiasts will have copiousness to fill their days with events such as a Mah Meri Ancestors Day Festival, Chap Goh Mei Celebration, and Chingay Parade Festival. To give we some ideas of what to do this month, here’s a choice of well-balanced events for tourists, both internal and foreign, to suffer in Malaysia. Plan your outing well, or rivet a services of a protected debate operator/travel agent.


Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (HABF)

Enjoy a fantastic perspective as pleasing helium balloons adorn a Putrajaya’s skyline during a Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Photo enthusiasts and selfie lovers will have a time of their lives gnawing divided during this colorful spectacle, while other visitors can believe observation Putrajaya from a bird’s eye perspective with a ‘Helicopter Joy Ride’ attraction! Don’t forget to move your cruise mats to a cruise area, where we can collect adult a bean bag and select a mark to laze with a overwhelming perspective of a Putrajaya lake, while enjoying your preordered dish from a ‘Balloon and Breakfast’ menu!

Date : 12-15 March
Venue : Monumen Alaf Baru, Precinct 2 Putrajaya
Website :

Mah Meri Ancestors Day Festival

This annual festival of a aboriginal Mah Meri attracts many general visitors. The Mah Meri clan of Selangor celebrates Hari Moyang (Ancestor’s Day), a jubilee about giving interjection to a spirits for all a good things that had been bestowed on a villagers. It is distinguished by charity prayers and blessings to their ancestors generally to Muyang Gadeng, a womanlike suggestion guardian. Mah Meri people are clever with qualification work, their weaving skills are seen showcased in a orderly woven skirts, headbands and sashes ragged during a celebration. This three-day festival facilities a special dance called Mayin Jo-oh, to entice a ancestral spirits to join a festivity. The group would wear wooden masks and perform with movements to simulate their daily slight that includes fishing and farming, while a women make song from bamboo, viola, drum, and coronet gong.

Date : 7 March
Venue : Mah Meri Cultural Village, Pulau Carey, Selangor
Website :

Le Tour de Langkawi 2015

Asia’s premier cycling event, Le Tour de Langkawi 2015 is back! Featuring 22 general teams, a competition goes by states namely Kedah, Perak, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan in one of a biggest events on a UCI Asia Tour Calendar. Organised by Human Voyage Sdn Bhd, a 20th book of Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) from 8 to 15 Mar 2015 is set to cover some-more than 1,000km over 8 stages. The competition will flog off from Malaysia’s mythological island of Langkawi on 8 Mar for an eight-day tour to Kuala Lumpur around a easterly seashore and Genting Highlands.

Date : 8 to 15 March
Venues : Kedah, Perak, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan
Website :

Penang Sports Club International Soccer Tournament

This is a Veterans 7-aside football contest that attracts footie stars of yesteryears including former general players who are still actively concerned in a game. A sum of 44 teams around a universe will attend in this tournament, including teams from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Maldives, China, Brunei, Hong Kong and Europe.

Date : 7 to 8 March
Venue : Penang Sport Club (PSC), Georgetown, Penang
Website :

Chap Goh Meh Celebration

Chap Goh Meh is distinguished on a 15th night of a Lunar New Year and it is also famous as a Chinese Valentine’s Day. On this night, with a full moon resplendent down, immature ladies of marrying age try out to renouned sea promenades to chuck oranges into a sea, wishing for a good essence mate. In Penang, a jubilee takes place during a Esplanade waterfront. Enjoy tasty Penang Street food as good as games, performances and a grand fireworks display.

Date : 5 March
Venue : Esplanade, George Town, Penang
Website :

1Malaysia GP Sale

The 1Malaysia GP Sale is hold in and with a annual Formula 1 Grand Prix competition event. This eventuality is one of a 3 good sales of a year besides a Malaysia Mega Sale and a Malaysia Year End Sale. Stores around Malaysia offer good bargains and discounts. Visitors who devise to attend a Formula 1 races should set aside some time to suffer a shopping-spree.

Date : 14 Mar to 5 April
Venue : Throughout Malaysia
Website :

Raptor Watch Week

Raptor Watch is an sparkling eventuality for birdwatchers. Enthusiasts intersect during Tanjung Tuan to watch a annual emigration of these birds of chase on their tour behind to a northern hemisphere.
Organiser: Malaysian Nature Society

Date : 14 March
Venue : Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse, Melaka
Website :

LIMA’15 Tourism Carnival

The biennial eventuality orderly by a Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia and is hold in and with a Langkawi International Maritime Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA 2015), a dedicated muster for defence, polite and blurb applications.

Date : 17 to 21 March
Venue : Langkawi Island
Website :

International Drum Festival

Drums are one of a signature products in Malaysia’s tourism products. This festival showcases several drum performances and drum-making workshops to share this art of craft-making and personification to a new generation. This programme not usually promotes Malaysia’s good enlightenment though is also a height to palm down drum-making believe to a younger generation. Without this effort, Malaysia might remove a art and expertise of this qualification that is renouned among tourists.

Date : 14 to 15March
Venue : Stadium Sultan Muhamad IV Grounds, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Website :

Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix

Catch a blazing movement of high speed rubber blazing on one of a world’s many severe marks as a 2015 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix returns. This season, eleven teams and 22 drivers will be competing during a world’s hottest competition in a Grand Prix City of Kuala Lumpur.

Date : 27 to 29 March
Venue : Sepang International Circuit, Selangor
Website :

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7 reasons because we should not skip a Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The 7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (PIHABF) is set to once again disturb Malaysian and general visitors comparison with flight, fun and food. Mark your calendars from Thursday to Sunday, 12-15 Mar 2015, and ready to get sky high with all a action. The fiesta earnings to a home in Precinct 2, Putrajaya for 4 uninterrupted days from 7 AM – 9 PM. ¬From returning favourites to first-time features, be certain to keep a surveillance for these 2015 activities and attractions!

7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Miss a 7th PIHABF (#myballoonfiesta)

1. Night Glow with Fireworks

As one of a favourite annual highlights, this year will see Night Glow hold over not one, though dual nights. Watch a prohibited atmosphere balloons come alive as pilots light their burners, transforming their balloons into intense bulbs set to boyant opposite a dusk sky. Top it off with song and a fantastic fireworks culmination on 14th and 15th March.


2. Van Gogh Balloon

Headlining a balloons is a first-time underline in Malaysia, a Van Gogh balloon. This special prohibited atmosphere balloon that will be celebrating a 150th anniversary, pays reverence to a famed post-impressionist European painter who played vital change on 20th century art.

3. Picnic Area

By pre-ordering a tasty ‘Balloon Breakfast’ set, suffer a relaxing cruise with a overwhelming perspective of Putrajaya lake as we watch a morning moody of prohibited atmosphere balloons boyant opposite a blue sky. With food and Doof bean bags provided, all we need to move is a cruise mat!


4. Helicopter Joy Rides

Once in a lifetime event to knowledge Putrajaya from a bird’s eye view, a Helicopter Joy Rides are a fastest offered online tickets! This year will underline a code new chopper with business category interior including a carpeted floor, vast windows, air-conditioner and leather seats brought to we by Amin Faried (M) Sdn Bhd. This overwhelming aircraft seats adult to 6 passengers incompatible commander with rides durability between 5-7 minutes.

5. Extreme Zone

Fancy a small competition while we revisit a Fiesta? Outdoor and impassioned sports-enthusiasts can make their approach to a Green Zone to attend in a several kid- and adult-friendly activities including Sky Rider, Paintball, Spider Jump, Space Spin, Archery or have a decrease in a hamster roll. Also be certain to check out a event to travel inside a enormous prohibited atmosphere balloon!

6. Food Bazaar Area

Need a mangle or cold splash to freshen adult while we scour a Fiesta grounds? Visitors but a breakfast package need not worry about entrance to a Fiesta on an dull stomach, as a food concert area is certain to strike a mark with a several tasty offerings from stalls by Rock Tulips and food trucks by Fried Chillies. Featuring an all-new demeanour this year, a Bazaar area will underline a marketplace transport with special coming by internal celebrities organized by KL CallingXoosha.

7. FIRST TIME EXCLUSIVE: Premium Tethered Rides with MyBalloonClub

Balloon enthusiasts as good as those in hunt of a singular breakfast knowledge can demeanour no further. MyBalloonClub is a reward provide whereby members can mangle divided from a crowds to suffer a lifelike observation of a prohibited atmosphere balloons drifting opposite a blue sky while listening to live jazz song and dining on a epicurean smorgasboard breakfast.



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What’s on in April

April is an sparkling month to transport around a nation to believe a Malaysia Year of Festivals. Let a Bajaus of Sabah share their adore for a sea with we during a desirable Regatta Lepa race. Or suffer a normal food, enlightenment and past times of a Sarawakian Melanaus during a Kaul Mukah Festival. There’s also a silat carnival, featuring Malaysia’s martial humanities tradition, going on in Kelantan. For some-more complicated pursuits, Penang’s World Music Festival, Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya and selling bargains during a Grand Prix sale promises lots of fun. To give we some ideas of what to do this April, here’s a choice of well-balanced events for tourists, both internal and foreign, to suffer in Malaysia. Plan your outing well, or rivet a services of a protected debate operator/travel agent.


Penang World Music Festival

Penang World Music Festival facilities a desirable collection of performances trimming from normal to fusion. Experience mind-blowing performances by general musicians from Spain, Germany, South Africa, India and more. Marvel during a alloy of ancestral and contemporary attractions, right in a UNESCO Heritage City. We entice we to believe food that will elevate your ambience buds while indulging yourself in this all-in-one song and enlightenment trip.

Date : 11 to 12 April
Venue : Esplanade, Penang
Organiser : Penang State Tourism
Website :

Labuan National Water Festival

This water-splashing eventuality invites visitors to come and enjoy, relax, eat, play and contest in countless water-related activities such as fishing, round-island kayaking, cross-channel swimming, and seaside fishing. Take partial in a beach tug-of-war competition, exam your lively in climbing a sleazy stick or take out a foe in a fun sham fight! Visitors are also acquire to join a Labuan International Sea Challenge that is partial of a annual Malaysia Water Festival; it is among a biggest and renouned H2O sports events in a country. If we are a H2O sports lover, afterwards Labuan is a place for you.

Date : 24 to 26 Apr 2015
Venue : Federal Territory of Labuan
Organiser : Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia
Website :

1Malaysia Grand Prix Sale

The 1Malaysia Grand Prix Sale, hold in and with a annual Formula 1 Grand Prix, is a highly-anticipated sale in that shoppers can design to buy fanciful products during a bargain. Tourists entrance to suffer a F1 foe can after believe a Truly Malaysian selling disturb off-circuit that not usually offers a best prices with a best varieties of equipment though also offers an array of dining choices that will light your senses. From desirable culinary temptations and fun and distraction to decrease and entertainment, believe it all during a 1Malaysia Grand Prix Sale.

Date : 14 Mar to 5 April
Venue : Participating malls via Klang Valley
Organiser : Ministry of Tourism and Culture
Website :

Ironman 70.3

The Ironman eventuality is not for a faint-hearted. If we have a iron will and integrity to float for 1.9 km, cycle for 90 km, and run for 21.1 km, afterwards we competence only cranky that finish line with bragging rights. But if we don’t, it’s still good to watch a perfect earthy and mental strength of male from a sidelines.

Date : 5 April
Venue : Millennium Monument, Precinct 2, Putrajaya
Organiser : World Triathlon Corporation
Website :

Wings of Kuala Kubu Bharu- Selangor Bird Race

The fourth Wings of Kuala Kubu Bharu is a good eventuality for birders to come together to suffer inlet and enhance their believe of a opposite class of birds and their habitats. Participants will go by 10 opposite checkpoints starting from a desirable city of Kuala Kubu Baru, past a Kalumpung Hot Springs and finale during a Genting Highlands Awana Resort. The area is partial of a Important Bird Area and has gems such as a Marbled Wren Babbler, Pygmy Wren Babbler, Large Niltava, Silver-Breasted Broadbills and 3 hornbills namely Rhinoceros, Great and Bushy Crested. Experience a immature side of Malaysia here during a Wings of KKB Selangor Bird Race event.

Date : 24 to 26 April
Venue : Kuala Kubu Bharu and Awana Resort, Genting Highlands
Organiser : Hulu Selangor District Council
Website :

Nasi Ambeng Carnival

Nasi ambeng or nasi ambang is a perfumed rice plate consisting of white rice served with duck curry or duck baked in soy sauce, vegetables, boiled noodles, some pickled fish, boiled coconut flesh, and so on. It is baked during critical celebrations and served in a tray to be common by 4 to 5 people. Come and believe a unique, village dining character and tasty food of a Javanese-Malay people during a Nasi Ambang Carnival.

Date : 17 to 18 April
Venue : Banghuris Homestay, Sg. Pelek,Sepang Selangor
Organiser : National Department for Culture and Arts
Website :

UNESCO World Heritage Exhibition

The UNESCO World Heritage Exhibition is being hold during Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Kuala Lumpur. This muster facilities a 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Malaysia namely a cities of Melaka and George Town, a Archaeological Heritage of Lembah Lenggong, Gunung Mulu National Park and Kinabalu Park. Though small, a muster is packaged with many engaging exhibits and information about any UNESCO site, and is a good stop before tourists confirm to revisit any of a tangible destinations. The UNESCO World Heritage Exhibition runs until 31 Dec 2015. Admission is free.

Date : Until 31 Dec 2015
Venue : Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Kuala Lumpur
Organiser : Department of National Heritage
Website :

Regatta Lepa Fiesta

The Regatta Lepa normal vessel foe occurs annually in Apr and it is a charming festival that pays loyalty to a lepa, a normal single-mast sailing vessel of a Bajau people of Semporna, Sabah. Witness a swift of desirable lepas decorating a seashore of Semporna during a annual Regatta Lepa event. Enjoy singular informative performances, a Lepa Beauty Pageant, a Most Beautiful Lepa competition, fireworks displays and so many more!

Date : 24 to 26 April
Venue : Regatta Lepa Square, Semporna
Organiser : Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd
Website :

The Nusantara Silat Carnival

The Nusantara Silat Carnival 2015 is organized by a Kelantan Tourism Information Centre. This eventuality brings silat practitioners all a approach from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. Kelantan is unapproachable to be a hearth of a silat jatuh that is a really singular form of martial arts. Visitors are acquire to learn about a singular martial art enlightenment of silat in a pleasing and culture-rich state of Kelantan.

Date : 5 to 7 April
Venue : Kota Bharu City Hall Council, Kelantan
Organiser : TIC Kelantan
Website :

Kaul Mukah Festival

Come and believe a lifestyle of a Melanau village vital along a coastal area of Sarawak, and applaud one of their rarely loving normal festivals. The Kaul Mukah is distinguished as a eremite rite to damp spirits of a sea, land, timberland and farm, creation it a many critical festival in a Melanau normal calendar. The festival site is on a banks of a Mukah stream bay where visitors can relax, soak in a enlightenment and attend in a activities, normal games (a vital prominence is a hulk normal pitch called “Tibow”) as good as bite their singular delicacies. The Kaul Mukah festival provides an extraordinary eventuality for visitors to believe a Truly Malaysia informative birthright that in a hint is what creates Malaysia a diversified and culturally abounding country.

Date : 25 to 26 April
Venue : Mukah Festival Ground
Organiser : Kaul Mukah Festival Committee
Website :

For some-more information, pleasantly revisit a Media Centre of Tourism Malaysia’s website during Tourism Malaysia.

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What’s on in May

It’s a commencement of summer in many tools of a world, though Malaysia is sanctified with almighty summer all year long, ideal for all sorts of outside activities. We are holding advantage of a good continue to showcase pleasing orchids, lilies, and other flowers during a flower festivals in Putrajaya and Penang. Meanwhile, learn about a normal cultures during a celebrations of World Harvest Festival, Sabah Fest and Tadau Kaamatan. Theatre, song and kite-flying are also function in May. Take advantage of a prolonged Labour Day weekend in a initial week of May to bite a sights and sounds of Malaysia. Happy Labour Day!



The 8th Royal FLORIA Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival, 2015 will underline a open and winter gardens as a new and vital captivate with an muster of lilies totalling 150 class in specifically designed gardens and exhibits. It was before famous as Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival (Floria) before it perceived a stately standing final year, apropos Royal Floria Putrajaya. Come join us and don’t skip out on one of a biggest flower festivals in Malaysia.

Date : 30 May to 7 June
Venue : Anjung Floria, in Precinct 4, Putrajaya.
Organiser : Putrajaya Corporation
Website : or

Melaka International River Festival 2015

Melaka’s opposite enlightenment and racial birthright comes alive during a Melaka International River Festival 2015. Watch flashy floats, desirable Melaka trishaws, musicians and other sparkling performances take to a streets and rivers of Melaka. Amongst a competitions that will be hold during a eventuality are Remote Control Power Boat, Dragon Boat Competition, Sungai Melaka International Marathon, Ratu Kebaya Beauty Pageant and Cultural Performances from a several Ethnic Groups.

Date : 30 May to 14 June
Venue : Dataran Sungai Melaka Taman Rempah, along a Malacca River
Organiser : Rivers and Coastal Development Corporation Melaka
Website :

Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015

For a initial time ever in balmy Penang Island, from a writer of Anime Festival Asia, comes a initial ever outside Anisong party, a summer jubilee of Anime Matsuri! Happening in a heart of Penang’s birthright area, George Town, design an sparkling 2-day eventuality with power-packed activities such as Akihabara X town, Creators Market, Cosplay Celebrities, Japan Food, Outdoor Anisong unison jubilee and a good possibility to showcase your best yukata (kimono)!

Date : 23 to 24 May
Venue : Esplanade, George Town Penang
Organiser : SOZO
Website : /

LEGO Friends Musical Performance in Asia

Celebrate a sorcery of loyalty during LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort with a energy of song and locate a LEGO Friends LIVE during a newly refurbished and entirely air-conditioned LEGO City Stage. Join Olivia, Emma, Stephanie, Mia and Andrea in their initial low-pitched opening in Asia! Bring your kids to dance and sing along as a girls showcase their famed low-pitched talents and perform strange LEGO Friends songs.

Date : 14 Mar to 12 June
Venue : LEGO City Stage, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort
Organiser : Malaysia Resort, Merlin Entertainments Group
Website :

Sabah Fest 2015

Come and join one of Sabah’s biggest and many vividly flashy informative parades that incorporate dance, music, fashion, food and more. The Sabah Fest 2015 presents a smashing mix of informative and healthy birthright that is richly embedded in folklore preface to a state-wide Harvest Festival celebration. This good interesting informative spectacular is where visitors can design a cut of a many decadently pressed informative activities, shows and delicacies. Whether we are an path-finder with a ambience for enlightenment or only a traveller looking for new experiences, this 2015 Sabah Fest is a ideal end for you!

Date : 1 to 3 May
Venue : National Department of Culture and Art, Auditorium
Organiser : Sabah Tourism Board (Sri Pelancongan Sabah)
Website :

Tadau Ka’amatan, Harvest Festival

The Ka’amatan is an age-old rite distinguished in sequence to damp a rice spirits in a northern district of Kota Marudu and it outlines a rising of Sabah’s month-long Kaamatan or Harvest Festival celebrations. It acts as a Thanksgiving Day for a copious collect by a locals there with several informative and normal sports events such as slingshot competition, arm wrestling, and stilt-walking games. The crowning of a Harvest Queen would symbol a tighten of this moneyed celebration. Visitors are acquire for a ambience of this normal festival as good as to suffer and attend in a several competitions and activities. It’s a good eventuality for visitors to knowledge a liberality and celebrations of a Sabahans.

Date : 30 to 31 May
Venue : Penampang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Organiser : Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA)
Website :

MUD: Our Story of Kuala Lumpur

This charming informative low-pitched uncover centres around 3 Malaysian friends anticipating to make their niches in a limit city of Kuala Lumpur during a 1880’s mining boom. This desirable small play was put together by a fibre of gifted actors, with a hopes of celebrating a people of Kuala Lumpur and all of a charms. Whether we are a historian meddlesome in a story of how Kuala Lumpur gained a name and how it came to be; or only here to support a Malaysian production, these eager ensembles of actors will always be prepared on theatre for your viewership twice a day, 7 days a week!

Running Time : Daily shows during 3pm and 8:30pm
Venue : Panggung Bandaraya, Jalan Raja during Dataran Merdeka
Organiser : MUDKL
Website :

World Harvest Festival 2015

The World Harvest Festival is an racial festival that is one of a highlights of a Gawai Dayak jubilee and provides an eventuality for visitors with an ardour for enlightenment to learn a cultures, traditions and aspirations of a Dayak community. The categorical prominence of a World Harvest Festival is a thesis play that had perceived soap-box reviews from a media in a past. Visitors can also representation normal food that will certainly torment your ambience buds as good as attend in a array of workshops by internal informative troupes. The renouned racial beauty manifestation lends colour and vibrancy to a eventuality as it is one of a many highly-anticipated apportionment of a festival. Join us during this culturally-packed eventuality during a 2015 World Harvest Festival.

Date : 1 to 3 May
Venue : Sarawak Cultural Village, Damai
Organiser : Sarawak Cultural Village Association
Website :

Penang International Dragon Boat Festival

The dragon vessel was traditionally done in a Pearl River Delta segment of China’s southern Guangdong Province. It is one of a family of normal paddled prolonged boats found via Asia. Races were afterwards hold as partial of a annual Duanwu Festival or Duen Ng tact in China. This ancient diversion is afterwards brought to Penang in a late 90’s and there is now an annual Dragon Boat Race along a seashore of a Telok Bahang Beach, in summery Penang. Witness a desirable and culturally designed dragon boats cruising along a Penang coasts. Whether we are an zealous H2O sports partner or only looking to locate a glance of a desirable designs of a dragon boats, we entice we to be a partial of this mythological festival and don’t skip out on a eventuality to take enthralling cinema of a event.

Date : 30 to 31 May
Venue : Teluk Bahang Dam, Penang
Organiser : Penang International Dragon Boat Festival Committee
Website :

Penang Floral Festival

Flower enthusiasts should make a beeline for a Penang Floral Festival where 800 opposite forms of orchids of several class and accumulation will be on arrangement during Penang Botanic Gardens. Workshops, contests, exhibitions and classes on floral associated topics will be hold during this eventuality along with a sale of plants and gardening equipment. A foe for Bonsai, Orchid plants and potted plants will also be hold before to a festival and a winning entries will be placed during a venue as partial of a exhibition. What a good forgive to put on your summer dress and object shawl and to come have a travel by a pleasing botanical garden for a date with nature!

Date : 30 May to 7 June
Venue : Penang Botanical Garden Grounds
Organiser : The Friends of a Penang Botanic Gardens Society (FRIENDS)
Website :

Kuala Lumpur Big Kitchen Festival 2015

The sights and smells of a Kuala Lumpur culinary stage will fill a atmosphere of Merdeka Square on a 29th of May to gorge a craving of food lovers everywhere. The three-day festival is filled with song performances, a culinary seminar territory and fun activities designed generally for food-loving individuals! A far-reaching accumulation of food trucks and stalls will line Merdeka Square, portion adult all kinds of local, alloy and even epicurean selections. Enjoy all kinds of travel food, excellent dining, food trucks, desserts and even a special Big Kitchen cupboard filled with internal products and spices spices. Visitors will have copiousness to representation from as they travel a lanes of a festival. The KL Big Kitchen Festival is truly a foodie’s must-go-to event.

Date : 29 to 31 May
Venue : Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur
Organiser : Kuala Lumpur City Hall Tourism Unit
Website :

Borneo Jazz Festival

With a persisting bid to foster jazz music, a initial Borneo Jazz Festival is behind for a 10th anniversary in Sarawak. The two-day sparkling festival of Jazz song will be distinguished by a best performers’ choice earnest a festival to be a strike celebratory note by bringing behind favourite performers from a past years from opposite countries to applaud a decade of Jazz by a sea. The behaving bands will cover a far-reaching operation of jazz genre from all over a world. From a internal scene, “All The Best”, a five-piece garb with Miri-born Syafiee Obe Hairunie, who is also a conductor of a Kuching SONS Jazz Orchestra to lead a internal challenge. It parades contemporary jazz with a turn of Malaysian essence with combined Latin rhythms. Jazz lovers are guaranteed a night of essence filling, ear licking, conduct swaying, music. Come jubilee with us old-school character during a 2015 Borneo Jazz Festival.

Date : 8 to 9 May
Venue : Park City Everly Hotel, Miri
Organiser : Sarawak Tourism Board
Website :

The National Wau Festival of Kelantan 2015

Join us during one of a biggest kite-flying events in Peninsular Malaysia that celebrates a beauty of Malaysian kites, one of that is wau bulan. Literally translated as “moon-kite”, it is an intricately designed Malaysian kite (normally with floral motifs) traditionally flown by group in a Malaysian state of Kelantan. This year’s Kite Festival brings all a brave, chest banging kite-flying champions out there to contest in The Best Wau Take-Off, Best Wau Flying Competition, Rokkaku Competition, and The National Kite-Flying Performance that is famous as one of a best kite drifting shows in Asia. Get a ambience of Kelantan enlightenment as we attend in a many kite-making workshops, competitions, expos and many more!

Date : 27 to 30 May
Venue : Pantai Genting Tumpat, Kelantan
Organiser : Kelantan Tourist Information Centre
Website :

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What’s on in August

Looking for something opposite to do this August? The Eid-ul-Fitri jubilee is not over yet. The singular Malaysia Aidilfitri Open House will give visitors a ambience of a Malaysians’ approach of celebrating a Eid. Enjoy humanities in a several forms possibly during a George Town Festival, or during a Rainforest World Music Festival low in a jungle of Borneo, or during a Borneo Cultural Festival in Sibu, or during a Malaysia International Mask Festival in a center of Kuala Lumpur.

Excitement and expectation is in a atmosphere for a initial muster ever of a Holy Relics of Rasulullah in this region, that is something that shouldn’t be missed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

What improved approach to finish a month than celebrating a Independence Day of Malaysia. Come and suffer a nationalistic performances during a Merdeka Day Parade, and conclude a significance of secular tolerance, togetherness and cooperation.


Malaysia Aidilfitri Open House Celebration

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is distinguished by all Muslims via a universe to symbol a finish of a month of Ramadan. Also famous as Hari Raya Puasa, it inculcates a suggestion of sharing, caring and forgiving. During this month-long celebration, Muslims entice their kin and friends over to their homes to join a merriment. It is famous as Hari Raya Open House. The “open house” judgment is singular to Malaysian enlightenment and is hold during vital festivities distinguished by Malaysians. It enhances a suggestion of inhabitant togetherness in a country. Experience a charming festival of enlightenment and performances during this year’s Malaysia Aidilfitri Open House Celebration, that is open to domestic and general tourists alike.

Organiser : Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia
Date : 2 Aug 2015
Venue : Rembau, Negeri Sembilan
Contact : +603-8000 8000
Website :

George Town Festival

Heralded in a International New York Times as one of Asia’s hottest up-and-coming humanities events, Penang’s George Town Festival (GTF) earnings this Aug with an unbeatable lineup of internal and general performances, exhibitions and events. Three of this year’s highlights will be creation their Asian debut, including a Spanish hip hop/flamenco alloy dance entertainment Titanium, a Australian-made, rarely choreographed low-pitched and dance underline AM I, and a Iranian initial entertainment Slow Sound of Snow. Berlin’s Rimini Protokoll will make their Southeast Asian premiere with one of a festival’s many expected shows, 100% Penang. In gripping with a goal to prioritize village initiatives, GTF will deliver dual transport festivals to this year’s line-up. ATM @ Beach Street, or All Things Malaysian, will applaud a country’s abounding informative tapestry with a full day of pop-up shops, installations, dancers, live song and more. Butterworth Fringe Festival, or BFF, will packet a festival over to a mainland, giving festival-goers a possibility to see and knowledge a far-reaching operation of performances while enjoying a opposite perspective of Penang.

Organiser : George Town Festival Secretariat
Date : 1 – 31 Aug 2015
Venue : George Town, Penang
Contact : +604-261 6308
Website :

Rainforest World Music Festival 2015

Entering a 18th year, a Sarawak Rainforest World Music Festival is a singular festival that brings together on a same theatre eminent universe musicians from all continents and inland musicians from a interiors of Borneo. With 22 groups of internal and unfamiliar musicians behaving this year, visitors can design several genres of universe beats trimming from authentic Georgian folk music, normal Mongolian music, and Basque normal song to alloy and traditional.

Organiser : Sarawak Tourism Board
Date : 7 – 9 Aug 2015
Venue : Sarawak Cultural Village, Damai, Sarawak
Contact : +6 082 423600
Email : [email protected]
Website :

Start in Tioman 2015 (S.i.T)

S.i.T is a scuba diving programme with a difference. It offers learned and semi-skilled divers not usually an event to suffer Tioman’s stately underwater universe though also assistance preserve a island’s stately reefs, adopt a coral, and purify a beach. For a minimal price of RM50, participants can take partial in a “Adopt-a-Coral” programme that allows them to tab their association or even their possess name on a corals. On their subsequent revisit to Tioman Island, they can check on a expansion swell of their corals.

Organiser : Pahang Tourism Culture Office
Date : 20 – 23 Aug 2015
Venue : Kampung Genting, Tioman Island
Contact : +609-517 1111
Website :

Malaysia International Mask Festival

For a initial time ever, Malaysia is hosting a facade festival, that will prominence singular opening humanities that use masks as a prop. Visitors to a festival will be unprotected to normal masks from all over a universe during a facade parade. Among a participating countries are Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, a Philippines, Brazil, Thailand, China, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

Organiser : National Department for Culture and Arts
Date : 14 – 16 August
Venue : Esplanade KLCC Park, Kuala Lumpur
Contact : +603- 2614 8200 / 8283 / 8316
Website :

Borneo Cultural Festival

This festival showcases a informative farrago and birthright of a village in Sibu, that is located in a heart of Sarawak. Immerse yourself in a enlightenment of a Malay, Melanau, Dayak, and Chinese. Enjoy their normal dances, arts, games, as good as music. This annual festival also welcomes a appearance of informative groups from other countries in Asia. This year, there will be performances by Indonesia Bamboo Community, SWARA-NATYA from India, a normal percussion party and Nanta Performance Team from South Korea, and No Noise Percussion from Peninsular Malaysia.

Organiser : National Department for Culture and Arts
Date : 14 – 16 August
Venue : Esplanade KLCC Park, Kuala Lumpur
Contact : +603- 2614 8200 / 8283 / 8316
Website :


Tourism Malaysia is organising an online competition called #beautifulMalaysia, with weekly prizes to be won over 12 weeks from 15 Jun to 20 September. One grand esteem and 3 consolations prizes are adult for grabs each week. Grand prizes embody a GoPro Hero 4, iPad Air 2, Canon EOS 100D and OPPO Find 5. The contest, that is open to participants from all over a world, requires them to contention photos that best encapsulate a beauty of Malaysia in 4 categories, namely places, festivals, food and shopping. Photos can be uploaded on Instagram regulating a hashtag #beautifulMalaysia or directly on to a competition debate website (

The winning photos will also be featured on postcards during a finish of a campaign. These postcards together with other specifically designed postcards temperament a thesis Beautiful Malaysia will be placed during comparison airports in a country. The postcards will also be used to serve encourage 2015 as Malaysia Year of Festivals, or MyFest 2015. Various festivals and events function in a nation will be highlighted on a postcards, that can simply be picked adult by tourists visiting Malaysia.

Dekat Je

Tourism Malaysia has launched a new domestic transport debate called ‘Dekat Je’ to inspire some-more Malaysians to transport to circuitously places in a nation for their subsequent weekend getaway. The unmistakably-Malaysian use of internal word ‘dekat je’, that loosely translates as ‘so close’, aims to remind Malaysians that a subsequent sparkling holiday end is indeed only right on their doorstep, and that travelling helps encourage closer relations with families and friends. Choices for a subsequent internal holiday are unconstrained and accommodate all forms of budgets. It can be a elementary staycation in a city, a discerning getaway to a subsequent town, a gastronomic tour opposite several states, or vital it adult in sensuous rainforest resorts. The debate was recently launched by a Chairman of Tourism Malaysia Wee Choo Keong during Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The ‘Dekat Je’ debate encourages Malaysians to take wefies, and post them on amicable media platforms with a hashtag of a plcae to encourage their trip, be it opposite a overwhelming scenery, iconic monument, or while enjoying delicious internal delights.

Embracing Rasulullah S.A.W. Exhibition

For a initial time in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, a Holy Relics of Rasulullah Muhammad (S.A.W.) will be put on arrangement in an muster during a Royal Museum Kuala Lumpur from 27 Jul to 9 August. This is a once in a lifetime event to privately declare a Sacred Hair of Rasulullah Muhammad (S.A.W.) and other Holy Relics. H.E. Dr. Sheikh Ahmad Al Khazraji, a Prince of Al- Ansar and son of H.E. Sheikh Muhammed Al Khazraji, former Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, United Arab Emirates, has hereditary many articles belonging to Rasulullah (S.A.W.). He is a successor from a Khazraj tribe, one of a distinguished tribes in Yathrib (Madinah) during a epoch of a prophet. Without his inexhaustible consent, Muslims from this partial of a universe will never have a event to see a Sacred Hair of Rasulullah Muhamad (S.A.W.). Admission is free. In and with a exhibition, a Global Islamic Conference (GIC), that will move together universe eminent speakers, scholars, academicians and thinkers to plead a high characteristics and eminent celebrity of Rasulullah Muhammad (S.A.W.), will be hold during a Putrajaya Convention Centre Plenary Hall from 1 to 2 August. Meanwhile, an International Islamic Fair (IIF), that promotes on-going Islamic lifestyle in Malaysia will be hold during a Royal Museum from 6 to 9 August.

Organiser : Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia
Date : 27 Jul – 9 August
Venue : Royal Museum, Kuala Lumpur
Contact : +603-8000 8000
Website : /

Malaysia’s Independence Day Celebration

On 31 August, come declare a Merdeka Day Parade during Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, in jubilee of Malaysia’s Independence Day. Known locally as Hari Kemerdekaan, it is a time when Malaysians uncover their appreciation for nonetheless another year of peace among a people, and are reminded of their country’s onslaught for independence. This year’s Merdeka jubilee is themed ‘#sehatisejiwa’, reflecting a suggestion of solidarity, understanding, togetherness and amiability of all people in a country. Among a events heading adult to a day of a march embody a marathon, fair and concert.

Organiser : Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia
Date : 31 August
Venue : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Contact : +603-8911 5206
Website :


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