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Sibu Street Art 2016

The Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) has begun the Sibu Street Art 2016, a campaign which comprises of 10 murals in different locations throughout Sibu to commemorate the story of the Sibu’s culture, heritage and lifestyle.

Eight of the murals have already been completed, while two are still underway, all of which are being painted by local artists.

With the differing styles of the artists, as well as the diverse and personal themes adopted by them in designing and painting the murals, the Street Art has turned out to be a colorful and diverse project, perfectly illustrating the communities that call Sibu home.

Sibu Street Art 2016-1

Sibu Street Art 2016-2The murals can be found in the areas indicated within the map above, with the following indications:

  1. Wharf Laborer (Coolie)
  2. Sibu Local Delicacies
  3. Wrapped Chicken and Duck
  4. Childhood Memories
  5. Butterfly
  6. Old Bus
  7. Scenery of Dian Mian Hu Stall
  8. Batik

Wharf Laborer (Coolie)

The first mural is that of a Wharf Laborer or ‘coolie’ and reflects the early days of Sibu of the 1950s and 1960s periods whereby coolies were a common sight at the wharf, carrying and loading goods to and from express boats. The mural is located at Khoo Peng Loong road, which used to be a bustling wharf.

Sibu Street Art 2016-3

The Wharf Laborer (Coolie) Mural at Khoo Peng Loong Road, by Mr. Lau Sei Kwong and Mdm. Lilian Tang Siu Hui.

Sibu Local Delicacies

The second mural shows well known Sibu delicacies such as Kampua Mee and Kompia, all of which signify the multi-racial street foods of Sibu’s society. This mural can be located at Market Road, along with the delicacies themselves.

Sibu Street Art 2016-4
Sibu Street Art 2016-5
 Sibu Street Art 2016-6
 Sibu Street Art 2016-7
 Sibu Street Art 2016-8
 Sibu Street Art 2016-9

Sibu Local Delicacies Mural at Market Road, by Mr. Lau Sei Kwong and Mdm. Lilian Tang Siu Hui.

Wrapped Chicken and Duck

Located at the Sibu Central Market, facing Jalan Bengkel’s direction, you can find the Wrapped Chicken and Duck mural. This mural features a unique selling technique by Sibu hawkers, which is wrapping live chickens or ducks in tubes of newspapers, then tying them with nylon strings to form sort of “handle” by leaving the birds’ heads protruding at one end before putting them on shelves for selling. In a humorous twist, the mural also has empty speech bubbles, as though the chickens and ducks are conversing with each other as they wait on the shelves.

Sibu Street Art 2016-10

Wrapped Chicken and Duck Mural at Sibu Central Market, by Mr. Lau Sei Kwong and Mdm. Lilian Tang Siu Hui.

Childhood Memories

This heartwarming mural can be found in the middle of Sibu Central Market, on the second floor. Just as the name indicates, the Childhood Memories mural illustrates a typical Sibu childhood life during the 1980s, featuring games, toys and ice treats reminiscent of those pre-internet days.

Sibu Street Art 2016-11

Childhood Memories Mural at Sibu Central Market (2nd floor), by Mr. Lau Sei Kwong and Mdm. Lilian Tang Siu Hui.


Painted at Side wall of River Park Hotel at Jalan Maju, just behind Li Hua Hotel, is the Butterfly Mural. This beautiful mural, in true Sibu fashion, shows a mix of different ethnic elements and concepts to portray the unity yet diversity of the Sibu communities.

Sibu Street Art 2016-12Butterfly
Sibu Street Art 2016-13Butterfly

Butterfly Mural at River Park Hotel at Jalan Maju, by Mr. Lau Sei Kwong and Mdm. Lilian Tang Siu Hui.

Old Bus

Located at Jalan Tukang Besi (painted at the wall next to Western Union walkway lane), is the Old Bus mural which symbolizes a huge part of the lifestyle of the Sibu community in the 60s and 70s, when the buses served as the town’s main public transport.

Sibu Street Art 2016-14Bus

Old Bus Mural at Jalan Tukang Besi, by Edmund Wong Yik Tze

Scenery of Dian Mian Hu Stall

Also located at Jalan Tukang Besi, just around the corner to the Old Bus mural, is the Scenery of Dian Mian Hu Stall mural. This mural features a significant stall operator who has spent 56 years operating a Dian Mian Hu stall, with the intention of relieving feelings of homesickness for those studying and working abroad.

Sibu Street Art 2016-15

Scenery of Dian Mian Hu Stall mural at Jalan Tukang Besi, by Braden Tiong


The 8th and final (for now) mural is located in front of the UTC building and Sibu Central Market. Entitled Batik, the mural celebrates one of the elements that has contributed to cultural harmony in Malaysia and is widely accepted by all races and communities throughout the city, state and the country as a whole.

Sibu Street Art 2016-16

Batik mural in front of UTC Building and Sibu Central market, by Mr. Lau Sei Kwong Mdm. Lilian Tang Siu Hui

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