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Turtle Volunteering in Sarawak

Turtle Volunteering in Sarawak


For those who are into volunteer tourism, the Talang Satang National Park in Sarawak offers a unique Sea Turtle Volunteer Program that is managed by Sarawak Forestry. This eco-tourism initiative has been around for a number of years and is only available from May to September.

A four day turtle volunteer program lets you experience beach patrols, marking turtle nests, digging up and collecting the turtle eggs, burying them again in the hatchery, tagging and measuring of turtles, data recording and even releasing of baby turtles.


The Sea Turtle Volunteer Program Center on Talang-Talang Besar Island

This program is open to locals and foreigners, but you must apply from the Sarawak Forestry department. It is also not suitable for just about anyone, as the conditions on Talang Besar Island are very basic.

It also is not your resort style concept, and volunteers are expected to cook, clean and adapt to the back-to-basic conditions on the island.


Volunteers checking the turtle hatchery on the island


Freshly dug up turtle eggs from the beach


A sign post shoes the Talang Satang National Park of Sarawak


The white sand beaches are untouched and only turtles come up to lay their eggs after dark. There are only three buildings on the island, the main office, the sleeping quarters and the shower room.

More information 4D/3N Sea Turtle Adoption Programme here.

Contact Sarawak Forestry (link: for any inquiries or booking for the turtle volunteering.

Photos by David Hogan Jr


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