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If you think visiting an agriculture farm is boring, then you just haven’t been to MAEPS, which is the largest agro park in Malaysia and Asia. I may even dare say that it’s the Disneyland of Agroparks!

MAEPS is Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang, a 130-hectare piece of land with low rolling hills, lakes, wide open pastures, and tracts of land filled with local crops, developed to engage the public with Malaysia’s agriculture industry through fun education, recreation and lifestyle experiences associated with all things agriculture.

It has several show-grounds with specific crops on showcase, including the Paddy Farm, Vegetable Farm and livestock ranch to educate the public in a fun and entertaining way. Besides these live, outdoor exhibits, MAEPS also offers unique accommodation choices in either containers or culverts that have been restored and furnished with great taste.

Need a reason to visit MAEPS? We’ll give you 6 awesome reasons!

Mother of all Agriculture Shows

Every two years, MAEPS opens its doors to some 3 million visitors during the Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism (MAHA) expo. It is the largest agricultural show of its kind that lasts over a period of 11 days. Due to the sheer number of exhibitors and activities organised, MAHA is something that everyone anticipates, from corporations to families. There are agro bazaars for a chance to purchase fresh produce direct from farmers, new product launches, livestock and animal displays, and more. It is a time to learn about aquaculture, organic products, forestry products, seeds and fertilisers, etc. This year’s MAHA will take place some time in December.

Herb Heaven

Take a stroll in the Herbs Park, and you’ll get to know over 150 herbs and spices cultivated here, many of which have been traditionally used as medicine, cooking ingredients and healthy herbal concoctions. Among them are Kacip Fatimah, Tongkat Ali, Cekur, and Pegaga. Did you know, Tongkat Ali is hard to pull out because the length of its roots depends on the height of the herb itself? Visit this place and you’ll realise that long before allopathic medicine, plants were the original medicine!

A Taste of the Sweet Life

Have you ever thought of trying honey straight from a live hive? Well, at MAEPS, this is certainly a must-do experience and don’t worry about getting stung. These bees are the kelulut species, known also as stingless bees. There are about 550 species of stingless bees in the world and 38 of them are found in Malaysia. At MAEPS, you can learn about the nine different species they care for here. Grab a straw and slurp up the natural and fresh honey straight from the hive!

Pineapple Farm

Moving on to the next attraction is the Pineapple Farm, a place where you can get your hands on all the knowledge about pineapples. Here, you will be introduced to different species of pineapples being planted such as Josapine, Mas Merah, Bromeliad and N36 (bet you didn’t know there were so many types!). What’s more, you get to taste both the fruit and juice of the pineapples! If you’re lucky, you would get the opportunity to harvest pineapples during its fruiting season. The information centre will provide lots of information about this humble, yet versatile fruit…did you know that its pulp is used in the textile and cosmetics industry?

Animal Therapy

At the G2G Animal Garden, visitors can cuddle up with a variety of animals such as rabbits, goats, reptiles, birds and cats. The place is suitable for your whole family, especially for children. The Animal Garden is a petting zoo, which means visitors can feed the animals for free. Watch out for parrots climbing you, mischievous racoons pulling at your clothes, ostriches screaming at you or lazy cats sleeping all day long! Besides animals, visitors can purchase souvenirs such as badges and t-shirts at the souvenir shop as memories.

For Meat-Lovers

The House of Kambing (HOK) is an on-site restaurant that serves up some of the best lamb dishes around. Its well-guarded house recipes uses local herbs and spices to deeply marinate the meat for a full and delicious flavour resulting in a tender piece of meat. This chophouse serves different types of lamb dishes, but our favourite is the “Kambing Kunyit” in which lamb is grilled to perfection with turmeric.  Not a fan of meat? No matter, for HOK has a variety of local rice and noodle dishes. While enjoying your lunch, enjoy the beautiful scenery of goats, camels and deers playing around in the nearby pasture.

There you go folks! MAEPS provide endless recreational activities for family and friends. Discover the many wonderful experiences at MAEPS, Malaysia’s biggest agro-based park. Take your time and enjoy the experience!

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