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Check out Kuala Lumpur’s latest party spot, My Best Box, over at Berjaya Times Square shopping mall. It’s a family-friendly (no booze) entertainment outlet slash indoor theme park where you can enjoy over-the-top fun with friends and family. Imagine Running Man-type of variety games in which you can outdo one another, enjoy some comic fun, and lose your dignity at the same time! Good, clean, fun, right?

This urban theme park, if you can call it that, spreads out over 12,000 square feet filled with more than 40 games that you and your friends can enjoy for an entire afternoon. What’s “best” about My Best Box? Well, check out our top picks here:

Reason 1: Dry Pool

Ever dreamed of jumping into a ball pit at those indoor kids’ playground but just too shy because you feel old? Well, at My Best Box, no one is too old for anything, and you can fulfil that fantasy at this indoor theme park. There’s a giant pool pit filled with thousands of light-reflecting crystal plastic balls, so you can jump right in and entertain those fancies of being The Little Mermaid or whatever. So, of course, it’s one of the most Instagrammable spots at My Best Box, too, with props such as unicorn and rainbow-coloured floaties to rock your selfies. You and your friends are going to love posing for selfies in here!

Reason 2: Human Claw Machine 

My Best Box brings this classic video arcade game to real-life at its theme park…and you and your friends are going to have a good laugh over this. Strap up your friend who will be the human “claw” while you navigate him around a ball pit to the toy of your choice. Looks like great fun, but not as easy as you think. Especially when your human “claw” friend has to maneuver in some pretty insane acrobatic-like moves with legs and hands dangling everywhere!

Reason 3: Rain Biking

Think you can out-cycle your friends? In this game, one team pits against another to pedal as fast as they can. The slowest cycling team gets soaked in a big splash of waterfall. Don’t worry about getting wet, though, as there are some cool looking raincoats you can put on to keep you dry. Still, it is a nerve-wracking ordeal when you don’t know whether you are going to end up wet or dry at the end of this competition!

Reason 4: Balloon War

This game is really over-the-top…After strapping up in some XL-sized boxing gloves, protective gear and some serious looking footwear and jumping into a professional-looking boxing ring, you’d expect to throw in some serious punches to beat your opponent, right? Well, it turns out that this game is milder than it looks, actually. It’s all about using the foot pump strapped to your shoes to blow up the balloon on your helmet. The first person to burst their balloon gets a total knock-out. Go ahead and nominate the most muscled-up person in your group for this game. It gets hilarious quickly when the unsuspecting and well-toned “victim” thinks that they have to rely on their physique, only to learn that it’s a kiddy-version of boxing!


Reason 5: The Rage Room

Feeling angry lately and need to de-stress? The Rage Room at the My Best Box indoor theme park is the perfect anger-management therapy. But first, you get to look cool in a head-to-toe protective gear, then turn up the music of your choice, choose your weapon of destruction, and go ape as you unleash your anger by banging on glass, throwing things around and such. Ahhhh….all better, right?

Reason 6: Crazy Kartz

Want to feed your need for speed? My Best Box’s Crazy Kartz is a mini circuit where you can whizz around in some super-cool go-kart cars. Maneuver around the tight turns, overtake your friends at corners, and pull on the brakes for a little drift action. Go crazy with your stunts in a safe and well-cushioned environment.

Besides being a fun, colourful and entertaining theme park for casual day outs with friends, My Best Box is also ideal as a private event space with three different rooms to cater for various group sizes. Amp up your team-building, corporate training and other private functions here and tailor-make activities to suit your needs.

For details, contact:
My Best Box
Tel: +603 2775 5117


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