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Bohey Dulang – A Piece of Heaven

The breathtaking wonders of the waters of Sabah in undeniable. And now, you can add Bohey Dulang to your bucket list!


The island is one of the eight islands within the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, and what stands out here is the 300m peak which offers the most amazing view!


Bohey Dulang is a mountainous island formed by the remnants of an ancient volcano, and is separated from Bodgaya, the biggest island, by a shallow channel. The crater forming Bohey Dulang itself is now flooded with seawater creating a majestic, beautiful 25m-deep lagoon, with a long stretch of coral reef along the southern rim of the crater.

To get there, one will have to make way to Semporna, and from there, take a 20-minute boat ride to the island.

Things to do:

Besides snorkeling and diving, other things to do here include:

The hike WILL be rather challenging but be prepared to be properly rewarded by a host of flora and fauna along the trail to the peak. Breathtaking views of the sparkling blue waters and lush greenery will definitely make it worth your while!

If you are a bird lover, the area is a paradise for birdwatchers where species including black-naped fruit doves, owls, hornbills, partridges and babblers roam the area freely.

Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsies) settlements
The area and its surroundings are also known for its population of Sea Gypsies, and visitors are always welcomed.

Giant Clam and Marine Invertebrate Hatchery

If you like, you could also visit the Tun Sakaran Marine Research Unit’s Giant Clam and Marine Invertebrate Hatchery, where rare giant clams are bred.





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