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Forms of Literature

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Visiting Sarawak as a Japanese Intern | Food Adventure

I am a 21-year-old Japanese student visiting Sarawak, Malaysia, for the first time in my life. A beautiful state filled with optimistic/respectful residents and full of nature. I have spent half of my life in the U.S. and never experienced life in Asia outside of my home country, Japan. Even though Malaysia and Japan are in the same region, the experiences are very different within the two countries, which makes it crucial for first timers visiting the country. However, growing accustomed to the life in Malaysia, I have encountered many wonderful people that are making my stay in Malaysia a wonderful experience. Here are some of the tips I have for foreigners coming to Malaysia for the first time.

Tip 1: One way of greeting in Sarawak/Malaysia is “Sudah Makan?”

In Malaysia, the most common/popular way of residents greeting each other is by asking “Sudah Makan?”. At first, I thought this meant, “How are you?”, or something similar to that. Finding out what it meant, I was surprised because greeting someone by asking them if they have eaten was really unusual for me. However, after a while, I started noticing that in Malaysia, food culture is a key of communication and is one of the main reasons why people in Malaysia have the ability to become friends with each other in an instant.Japanese intern on food1

Tip 2: More than 3 meals per day?!Japanese intern on food2

Throughout my life, breakfast, lunch and dinner has been the main meal in a day. However, in Malaysia, it is not unusual for a person to eat around 5 meals per day including brunch and teatime. In my opinion, the reason for this is that the food courts and café are open from morning until midnight for people to enjoy the gourmets being served. Also, with the proportions being served per plate being small in quantity, it is likely for one to eat more than the 3 main meals.

Tip 3: Enjoying the System and Food

One thing I enjoy and respect about Malaysia is that the word “trust” can be seen anywhere and everybody being laid back about everything. Some food courts have systems that foreigners will never understand, where you take the food without the price being on display. In this case, you pay the cashier and the cashier will name a price (usually being cheaper than expected). Other times, you end up paying for the food you ate after you’ve already ate the meal. In this case, you have to inform the cashier what food you ate even though you have an empty plate in your hands. When I went through this experience, I was very shocked by the way the cashier trusted me with the payment. With a smile on my face, I left the food court with respect towards the culture.

Japanese intern on food3

Tip 4: Take out

In Malaysia, take-outs are available for any kind of food on display. One of the take out menus that might seem rare for a Japanese intern like me was the Laksa. Whenever you’re ordering take-outs for noodles, they tend to separate the noodle and the soup in two different bags. What was surprising for me was that bags for take-outs were more common than cups. Who knew bags were actually more convenient and stable than using cups!

Tip 5: Food Courts

When walking in the streets of Kuching, you tend to encounter food courts/Café at every block. The way you order food over here was extraordinary that it felt like I was a kid going out on his first shopping trip by himself.

Here’s what happened at the food court on my first trip…I stood by the buffet counter not knowing how to order so I observed the other customers and noticed that everything was self-service. The only problem was that I had no idea of the food that was on display so I ended up getting the same thing that the customer in front of me was getting resulting in a plate filled with mystery and concern. When I was about to reach for my wallet, the customer before me left without paying and sat down on the table. I didn’t know what to do so I stood at the spot looking like a lost child for about five minutes. Thankfully, one of the locals was able to speak English and told me to pay at the table.

For me, this was so unusual that this experience became one of the most memorable experiences during my visit in Malaysia.

So…for the first timers coming from Japan or any other country, I advise you to search up how the system works beforehand when visiting a food court. Otherwise, English is another option since most of the residents can communicate with the language, but there are some food courts where Malay or Chinese is being used.

Tip 6: Until your body gets used to the food/spices, don’t be too adventurous despite the curiosity.

When visiting other countries with different food culture, we are filled with curiosity and try out things we don’t have in our country. I mean, you only live once so why not right? Being born in Japan and spending half of my life in America, I thought I could eat anything without being sick. However, in my case, this was my downfall. My first week being here, I was so hyped up about the cheap meals that I probably ate everything that my body desired. Honestly, I was satisfied and had no regrets about the meals, until a huge stomachache hit me so hard which lasted me about two weeks. After some searching, I learned that some of the spices and ingredients here need some getting used to for a foreigner’s digestive system.

With this experience, my advice is to be careful with what you put in your mouth. Its good to be adventurous because it usually leads to finding delicious gourmets of Sarawak, however, supplements and medicine can become your best friend when doing so.

Japanese intern on food4


毎日職場に着くと、スタッフとの会話には「Sudah Makan?」と聞かれます。マレー語が苦手な僕は、着いた当初は、「元気ですか?」のような意味合いをもつ挨拶だと思っていました。後から調べてみるとこれは、「ご飯食べた?」という意味だと言う事がわかりました。日本やアメリカではこのような挨拶の仕方などなくびっくりしました。だけど、他民族が住むマレーシアでは食がコミュニケーションの中心だということもあり、このような気遣いだけでも会話が広がり、友情が生まれることがあります!











Written by: Kenta Kojima

Tourism Malaysia

The Eastern & Oriental (E & O) Hotel at Penang, Malaysia (Part 1)

The Eastern Oriental Hotel (popularly known as the E. O) (N5.42314 E100.33597) is located at 10, Farquhar Street, Georgetown, Penang. We spent our family vacation here for 3 days 2 nights on May 2013.
I will separate into 2 blog posts because the page might load very slow due to many photos.

 photo IMG_9158_zpsca7ab284.jpg

 photo IMG_9213_zps74201e9f.jpg

About the Eastern Oriental Hotel :-
Established by the famed Sarkies Brothers in 1885, whose architectural landmarks also include the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, the Eastern Oriental (EO) Hotel in Penang island is the only hotel in the heart of the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site that possesses prime sea frontage. Over its century-and-a-quarter history, the EO Hotel has played host to some of the world’s most celebrated artists, writers and heads of state.

Today, the luxurious 100 all-suite hotel stands as the grand dame of heritage hotels, its distinctive classic elegance and grace of service enhanced with time. Majority of the suites look out onto the ornamental garden and swimming pool with views across the Andaman Sea.

The Hotel’s restaurants and bar—Sarkies, 1885 and Farquhar Bar—have a celebrated reputation for serving an extensive menu ranging from Penang’s local delicacies to European fine dining.

EO’s stately grand ballroom is perfect for hosting formal banquets, replete with viewing balconies and polished timber floors to honour the era and romance of debutante’s balls and black tie dinner and dancing.

The adjacent annexe block is currently being fitted out and scheduled for completion in late 2012. The 15-storey building will be named the Victory Annexe, its namesake being an old block of the hotel, so named after the British victory in World War I. The Annexe will add a further 139 suites, all sea-fronting, to the present 100, complemented by new restaurants, meeting rooms, pool, spa, and niche retail outlets. To distinguish between the two hotel sections, the existing hotel building will be known as the Heritage Wing.

 photo IMG_9227_zpsc1d5dfa8.jpg

The hotel staffs were really nice and helpful. The feeling started from the reception. At first we went into the Heritage Wing and found out that our room was at the Vicotry Annexe Wing (the new wing), therfore they guide us all the way to the other reception area politely without any hesitation.

 photo IMG_9154_zps3e0b9fee.jpg

Then we walked through the Nice passageway from the old building to the new building. Honestly, I never feel tired walking through this heritage passageway…especially during the night time where all the lights up…I’ll share the photos with you later…

 photo IMG_9080_zps7bb0cda8.jpg

The check-in was nice and fast! I like the polite lady who attended to us and we were impressed when she request us to wait at the sofa sitting area then she brought all the keys to us.

 photo IMG_9043_zps5773e91f.jpg

The young lady (from the reception) was patiently explain every facility that we can utilize within the hotel, I like the way she presented to us.
I will show the room photos in my next post, and now…let me show you around the hotel…

 photo IMG_9044_zps2262fcb6.jpg

The Gallery is situated behind the lift lobby (on the right), the place tell everything about The Eastern Oriental Hotel of Penang. It was just like a mini museum…

 photo IMG_9302_zpsed22dbe6.jpg

The above photo showed the outlook of E O Hotel on year 1885, it was the fisrt look…

 photo IMG_9306_zps08762820.jpg

The above poster explain the journey of the four Sarkies brothers and the year they built the hotel…
There was a nice lady who well known the history and patiently explain to us of the beautiful stories of Eastern Oriental Hotel of Penang. Appreciated.

 photo IMG_9307_zps27a241cb.jpg

The History :-
In its early days as an outpost of the East India Company, Penang drew travellers of every shade and description – merchants, missionaries, mercenaries, sailors and adventurers. From London to Singapore, one was required to sail around the Cape of Good Hope, an arduous journey which took four months on the average. In the 1840s, an overland rail route was established which made it possible for travellers to by-pass the Cape of Good Hope altogether.

But it was not until the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 and the arrival of the steamship, that travel to Asia assumed unprecedented style and luxury. Writers, actors, playwrights, the rich and the titled, bored with Europe and America, looked to the exotic East to satisfy their wanderlust. Suddenly, there was a new breed of travellers – the globetrotters.

It was to meet the demands of these new affluent travellers that the Eastern Oriental was born.

Already renowned in Southeast Asia for their enterprise and business acumen, the Armenian Sarkies brothers, Martin and Tigran, settled down in Penang and established the Eastern Hotel in 1884. Encouraged by its success, they opened another hotel, the Oriental in 1885, on an adjacent piece of land facing the sea. Combined, these two hotels became the largest hotel in Penang, offering 80 comfortable and tastefully appointed rooms.

The above history is Only part of it, if you interested to know about the hotel, please visit their ‘Gallery’ in the Victory Annexe Wing. Thanks.

 photo IMG_9310_zps20b5d108.jpg

As I said, I like to walk pass the passageway between the old and new wings countlessly because of the heritage deco. The pathway was different during the day time and the night time…

During day time…

 photo IMG_9082_zps39b41f5d.jpg

 photo IMG_9085_zps7a8e2192.jpg

 photo IMG_9086_zps7f80aafd.jpg

 photo IMG_9276_zps7f1fbbf5.jpg

Then we reached the Lobby of the Heritage Wing…the Dome design is marvelous! It’s echoing every single words below, that’s mean…there will be no secret under the Dome area…:)

 photo IMG_9089_zps05965a67.jpg

 photo IMG_9209_zps8295c534.jpg

The Antique Lift which is still function well, according to the Manager of E O Hotel.

 photo IMG_9156_zps3080434f.jpg

Follow by the restaurants in the hotel….

The hotel has 2 Sakies Corner, they are located at the Heritage Wing and the Victory Annexe Wing…both are having a different setting and decorations…

 photo IMG_9280_zps102bf545.jpg

 photo IMG_9285_zps8e0faf16.jpg

This restaurant looked so quaint and I like the ambience very much! The warm lightings during the evening make the restaurant feel more comfort and cozy…
Operating hours are from 10.00 am – 11.00 pm (Daily)

 photo IMG_9146_zpse4381ac6.jpg

Next to the Sarkies Corner, it is the 1885 Fine Dining Restaurat.
Named for the year that the EO Hotel was established, 1885 offers classical yet contemporary cuisine in an elegant environment in the finest traditions of colonial fine dining.

The selection of inventive fusion dishes from thier accomplished chefs, accompanied by a superb selection of wines, marks 1885 as the perfect choice for an enjoyable dining experience.

The environment of the 1885 Restaurant

 photo IMG_9270_zpsb8f1b8d5.jpg

 photo IMG_9271_zps081bfc0d.jpg

 photo IMG_9274_zps6bdfbfa3.jpg

The atmosphere was Perfect! I can’t really describe in words but you have to try it yourself…

Traditional English Afternoon Tea is also served in this elegant setting.
Candlelit tables, starched linens, silver service, and attentive staff create a magical experience.

Operating hours are from 2.00 pm – 11.00 pm (Daily)

Not to forget, the Farquhar’s Bar is situated beside the lobby of the Heritage Wing. You can have some beers or others alcohol to relax yourself after your sumptuous dinner…

Operating hours are from 11.00 am – 12.00 am

 photo Tile3_zps1a461f8a.jpg

There is a live band performance during the evening and I like the wooden armchair design very much!

 photo IMG_9301_zps616bef91.jpg

I did mentioned that I like to walk along the passageway countless time…and when the night fall and all the lights up, it presented the other beauty of it…

 photo IMG_9144_zps6171f3b7.jpg

 photo IMG_9136_zps39eaa7d4.jpg

 photo IMG_9137_zps8bc0037c.jpg

Beside the passageway, the garden also painted with all the beautiful warm lightings accompany by the sea breeze from Penang Strait…it’s kind of romantic garden area in the evening…

 photo IMG_9314_zps7fd505f4.jpg

 photo IMG_9143_zpse023470f.jpg

It was another enjoyment strolling in the garden during night, the Penang Strait was on the left and the background lights was from Butterwoth town of mainland.

We had 2 restaurants to choose for our daily complimentary breakfast, The Sarkies Corner or The Planters Lounge on the 6th Floor. Both are located in Victory Annexe Wing and also called the ‘New Wing’. The Sarkies Corner had much more varieties compare with the Planters Lounge, but the lounge has more privacy for the hotel guests.

 photo IMG_9195_zpse4a85b58.jpg

 photo IMG_9203_zps2e22e443.jpg

Full of varieties in the breakfast, they serve local foods, western foods, raw foods, breads and many more…you can easily spend 2 hours by enjoying the breakfast here…

 photo IMG_9191_zpsa7c8b698.jpg

 photo IMG_9193_zps12cc1439.jpg

And my breakfast is always ‘simple’…

 photo IMG_9194_zpscfb1a40f.jpg

The Planters Lounge is the private lounge exclusively for all the guests who stay in Victory Annexe Wing. It dining area connected from the lounge to the 6th Floor Infinity swimming pool. The lounge is open from the afternoon unitl 10pm, but we visited during 5pm – 7pm where they served all the finger foods and alcohols.

The interior and dining area of Planters Lounge (6th Floor of Victory Annexe Wing)

 photo IMG_9094_zps5d70dc84.jpg

 photo IMG_9112_zps4ffd074e.jpg

 photo IMG_9099_zps81ab6061.jpg

And you can also choose the outdoor session area where with the excellent scenery of the Penang Strait. It connected to the Infiity Pool area…

 photo IMG_9097_zpsaf8fafc8.jpg

 photo Tile2_zps69762ce2.jpg

The foods and drinks by the Planters Lounge

 photo Tile1_zpsea60a95c.jpg

 photo IMG_9105_zps2438334b.jpg

 photo IMG_9104_zps679da014.jpg

And they do serve soft drinks, Red Wine from Chile, white wine and Anchor Beer. All on the house!

 photo IMG_9113_zpse912cd1f.jpg

We like to enjoy our foods and drinks at the pool area, we did it for 2 days! 🙂

 photo IMG_9120_zpsde1d22bd.jpg

After the foods and drinks, we jumped into the pool…we did that for continuous 2 days during our stay…:)
I like to swim to the edge, admiring the view of the Strait…

The hotel has a nice jetty located in between the 2 wings, maybe you can get down from the Cruise directly and walk to the hotel in the near future…

 photo IMG_9084_zpsa7f6b12b.jpg

The Eastern Oriental Hotel is one of the Best place to relax yourself and it is also the Only 5 starts Heritage Hotel in Penang. I felt the different within their services compare with other 5 starts hotel.
We were really comfort interacted with the hotel staffs, and not to forget the most friendly person in the E O Gallery. I apologies that I cannot recall her name, she generously explained the histories of E O Hotel to us was really appreciated and I like her attitude! Great!

Definitely it’s worth for the second visit and it was one of the Best Hotel we ever stay before!

Ms Eileen Chong and Ms Melvis, thanks for your warmest hospitality and we really appreciated.

*  The virtual tour for the few types of rooms will be continue in my next blog post.

 photo IMG_9235_zps26d8068b.jpg

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Wonderful Malaysia

Coffee places in Malaysia

There are several coffee shops in Malaysia. Most fall under one of the big chains, you see those coffee shops all over the country. Every shopping mall has at least one or several coffee shops; this also applies to airports within Malaysia. The most popular coffee in Malaysia are: Starbucks, Coffee Bean Tea Leaf, Dôme, San Francisco and Espressamente illy. Although the coffee from big chains such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Dôme are fine, you’ll drink better coffee at a different coffee shop; San Francisco Coffee. Sadly, you do not often see this coffee shop inside shopping malls, but more at the bottom of the business premises.

We really appreciate a good coffee ourselves and therefore we drank coffee several times at the above mentioned coffee shops for the past few years. In our opinion, Espressamente illy has the best coffee, closely followed by San Francisco Coffee. The other shops have pretty good coffee; not super good, but certainly not bad. In our opinion, Starbucks has pretty good coffee, and there is always a pleasant atmosphere in a Starbucks coffee shop. Starbucks’ disadvantage is that they have no breakfast or lunch menu card. Coffee Bean also has pretty good coffee, and they also have an extensive menu of non-coffee drinks, aside from a pleasant atmosphere. Their breakfast and lunch menu card is also very extensive. Dôme has mediocre coffee, but a good lunch card with delicious western dishes and on top of that, they have amazingly tasting shakes.

The nice thing about the many coffee shops in Malaysia is that they always have a pleasant atmosphere. They are excellent places to go and relax after a long day full of activities. For example, if you’ve walked through the center of Kuala Lumpur for a long time, nothing is better than relaxing at a Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Even if you simply don’t enjoy ‘watching people’, it’s nice to sit at one of these places.

Apart from the coffee and ice blended shakes, all coffee shops offer a wide range of tasty snacks, such as cakes, brownies and muffins. The coffee shops are therefore also the perfect place to eat sweets (eg. after dinner, for a coffee and a ‘dessert’).

Espressamente illy

Espressamente illy is a coffee shop established by the internationally known coffee brand illy. Currently, there are more than 200 establishments worldwide, including some in Malaysia. Espressamente illy is not very well represented in Malaysia yet; with only one establishment in Pavilion KL and in Bangsar Village I. You will find the establishment in Pavilion KL just outside of the mall, directly to the left of the main entrance. It is a popular terrace; a nice place to watch people. Sometimes they hire an Italian band that plays great jazz music. The coffee is fantastic, the service is excellent and the snacks are of high quality. Besides the sweet snacks, they also have snacks such as cheese, olives, etc. Espressamente illy is our number 1 coffee chain.

espressamente illy coffee place 1

espressamente illy coffee place 2

San Francisco Coffee

San Francisco Coffee is one of our personal favorites, and ranks second place for the best coffee chains in Malaysia. Although there are fewer establishments of this chain in Malaysia, they have fantastic coffee. In addition to the standard coffee, they offer a wide range of shakes. The lunch menu card is simple, but it contains a few dishes that are well worth it. San Francisco Coffee establishments can be found especially within business premises; and during lunch (and in the morning) there are sometimes long queues of people who come to get their coffee there. In total, there are more than 25 San Francisco Coffee establishments in Malaysia and Singapore.

san francisco coffee place 1

san francisco coffee place 2

san francisco coffee place 3

san francisco coffee place 4

San Francisco Coffee also sells coffee beans or ground coffee in their shops; perfect for your own coffee machine. Loyal customers can ask for a savings card at the checkout. You show this card with every order and when your card is full with stamps, you will receive a free coffee of your choice. In the city center, you will find the coffee shop in Suria KLCC, amongst other places.

san francisco coffee place 5

san francisco coffee place 6

san francisco coffee place 7


Starbucks is the most popular coffee shop in Malaysia. You will find one or multiple establishments in any mall. There are more than 115 Starbucks coffee shops in Malaysia. The first shop opened its doors in 1998 in KL Plaza (now Fahrenheit88). In Kuala Lumpur, you can find them on every corner; sometimes you look from one establishment right into the other. The atmosphere is always great at Starbucks; it’s a place where many employees come to relax during their work or break.

starbucks coffee place 1

starbucks coffee place 2

starbucks coffee place 3

starbucks coffee place 4

The coffee is fine, but not super, compared to better alternatives (though I have to admit it also depends on who operates the machine and how busy it is in the store). Although they don’t have a breakfast and lunch menu card, you will find a wide range of snacks such as muffins, cupcakes and brownies. They also have bagels, wraps and the very tasty ‘Chicken Melt’. Starbucks also actively works for a better future and environment in a fun way. For example, you will receive a substantial discount when you bring your own mug or thermos. To promote this, they have a wide range of mugs and thermoses for sale in each establishment.

starbucks coffee place 5

starbucks coffee place 6

starbucks coffee place 7

starbucks coffee place 8

The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf

Herbert B. Hyman launched the coffee shop: ‘The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf’ in 1963. His commitment to excellence and quality made him the founder of the coffee in California. The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf has since grown to be one of the largest coffee and tea companies in the world. Years ago, the first Coffee Bean in Malaysia was opened. Since then, many establishments have been added, totaling more than 50 throughout Malaysia, where it is almost as successful as Starbucks. The company operates primarily in America and Asia.

coffee bean coffee place 1

coffee bean coffee place 2

coffee bean coffee place 3

You can find the Coffee Bean and Starbucks together in a field of view in pretty much every mall. Starbucks has fine coffee, but a small selection of other products. The Coffee Bean has a much wider variety. There’s nothing like a delicious breakfast consisting of a tasty ‘focaccia sandwich with chicken and dressing’ and a large ‘coffee of the day’. This breakfast is a perfect alternative to the sometimes mediocre breakfast of the hotel or guesthouse where you stay (aside from fantastic breakfast at luxurious 5 star hotels). They also have delicious ice blended shakes, where the ‘Malibu Dream’ is one of the tastiest, and various tasty snacks (such as brownies, muffins and fresh cakes).

coffee bean coffee place 4

coffee bean coffee place 5


Dôme is a coffee shop with a very luxurious appearance. The prices are also a bit higher than those from Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Dôme also has a very extensive lunch card which even contains a number of dishes for dinner. And they have an extensive range of deliciously unhealthy shakes; the Espreski. Although it should pass for an ice blended shake, it’s more like an extensive dessert. The dishes on the menu are all very western-inspired; each dish comes with some fries and mayo. In total, there are 14 Dôme coffee shops in Malaysia; including in Suria KLCC, Pavilion KL and The Gardens.

dome coffee place 1

dome coffee place 2

dome coffee place 3

dome coffee place 4

Other Coffee Places in Malaysia

There are a few other coffee places worth mentioning. There are a few branches of the Pacific Coffee Company, and they serve a good cup of coffee. Unfortunately, there are only a few shops and most are not located conveniently for tourists. Another place with good coffee is Gloria Jeans. Again, Gloria Jeans is usually located within office buildings in the bigger cities (mostly KL). Austin Chase also have a few branches, but up until now we never had a good cup of coffee there.

pacific coffee company 1

Baristas in Malaysia

Besides the well-known coffee chains, there are several baristas in Malaysia with real coffee experts at work. Most baristas can be found outside the city center, usually in trendy suburbs. A famous barista in the center is RAW along Jalan Ampang (Wisma Equity). Artisan Roast is famous outside of the city, within the TTDI area.

baristas in malaysia

Loyalty Cards

Most coffee shops have a savings card. With every order (sometimes over a certain amount) you get a stamp on the card. When the card is full, you can order a free coffee or ice blended shake. Starbucks and San Francisco have such a savings card. The Coffee Bean has the ‘Coffee Bean Card’. The card costs RM25, the balance on the card is RM30 after activating it. For each ringgit you deposit afterward, 15% of the deposited amount will be added to the balance (minimum deposit: RM20). Additionally, you will get another 10 points for each ringgit you spend. These points can also be exchanged for products at the coffee shop.

loyalty cards coffee places malaysia

Free wireless Internet

Almost every coffee shop in Malaysia offers free Internet. Of course, you will need to bring your own laptop or smart phone. You can easily log onto the wireless network of the coffee shop. Per establishment, you often need a different username and password. This information can be obtained from the shop counter. At some establishments you may need to register on a website, and then you’ll be able to log onto the wireless network using your own name and password. Do not be surprised if almost every visitor is sitting at a table with a laptop. In Malaysia, many people work ‘outside’ of their home, while enjoying a large cup of coffee.

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Malaysia Tourism Award 2010/2011 Winners

Malaysia Tourism Award 2010/2011 Winners

Malaysia Tourism Award Winners 2010/2011 with the King and Queen

Congratulations to winners of the recent Malaysia Tourism Award 2010/2011 !

The gracious presence of Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah and Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Haminah Hamidun certainly made the Malaysia Tourism Award ceremony, a grand affair to remember.

First initiated in 1987, the Malaysia Tourism Award, is held bi-annually. It is the highest accolade given, in recognition to those who excel in the development of the country’s tourism industry.

Nominations for the event had started earlier in the year, from 10 April to 4 June, 2011. This is the 17th year the award is running, with this year seeing 35 award winners given the highest accolade in the tourism industry in Malaysia.

The award also celebrates Malaysia as a Top World Tourism Destination, appreciation for all the contribution, hardwork and dedication of the captain and players of the tourism industry from the frontliners to the owners of the Tourism and Hospitality industries.

Among the categories include innovative tourist attraction, innovative shopping outlets, best tour programme, best hotel services and others.

The Minister of Tourism Special Awards were also given to Malaysia’s food ambassador, Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, popularly known as Chef Wan and internationally acclaimed shoe couturier, Prof Datuk Jimmy Choo for promoting Malaysia abroad.

Here is a list of the winners :

1. Creative Tourism Article on Malaysia
Best Local Writer (Bahasa Melayu) “Agenda Selangor, Intip ‘Little England’”
by Norwahidah Che Musa, Majalah Libur
Best Local Writer (English) “Hooked On High Adventure”
by Zalina Mohd. Som, New Straits Times
Best Foreign Writer “The Jungle Gene”
by Cheryl Ann Couto, Lonely Planet Publications

2. Innovative Tourism Magazine

Local Magazine: LIBUR
Publisher : Kumpulan Karangkraf Sdn Bhd
International Magazine : SENSES OF MALAYSIA
Publisher: The Expat Group (Borneo Vision Sdn Bhd)

3. Best Hotel Services (For All Star-Rating)
5 Star Hotels (City) :Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur
5 Star Hotels (Resort): Shangrila-La’s Rasa Ria Resort, Sabah
4 Star Hotels (City) :Holiday Inn, Melaka
4 Star Hotels (Resort) :Golden Sands Resort, Penang
3 Star Hotels Below :Cititel, Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur

4. Innovative Tourist Attractions
Excellent: Mulu National Park, Sarawak
Merit: Danum Valley Conservation Area, Sabah
Man-Made/Agro/Arts Culture
Excellent :Melaka River Cruise, Melaka
Man-Made/Agro/Arts Culture
Merit: Lost World of Tambun, Perak

5. Innovative Tour Program
Excellent:  Ulu Ai-Longhouse Life by Borneo Adventure Tours
Merit : A Nite @ Museum – Muzium Samudra by Perbadanan Muzium Melaka Naza Talyya Hotel

6. Best Tourist Guide
Excellent :Shaukani Abbas
Merit: Ahmad Redza Abdullah
Rising Star :Bobby Weslee Rohani

7. Innovative Shopping Outlets
Excellent: Sunway Pyramid
Merit :MidValley Megamall

8. Best MICE
Best MICE Event :
World Congress of Accountants 2010
Malaysia Institute of Accountants

9. Innovative Homestay
Innovative Homestay: Homestay Walai Tokou, Kundasang, Sabah
Best Contribution to Malaysia’s Rural Economy Homestay Banghuris, Sepang, Selangor

10. Innovative Spa
Innovative : The Spa at Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi, Kedah

1. Best Tour Operator
In Bound: Mayflower Acme Tours Sdn Bhd
Domestic : Pearl Holiday (M) Travel Tours Sdn Bhd

2. Innovative Foreign Tour Operator
America : GTS Globotours (USA)
Europe : Airways Travel GmBH (Germany)
West Asia/ Africa: Thompson Holidays (South Africa)
South Asia: D’Paul’s Travel Tours Ltd. (New Delhi, India)
East Asia : Guangdong Nanhu International Travel Services (Guangzhou, PR of China)
Oceania :New Horizons Holidays (East Perth, Australia)
ASEAN :Five Stars Tours Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Special Jury Award
Indonesia : Panorama Tours
Brunei : Pan Bright Travel Services
Thailand: Sunny Tours Co. Ltd

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