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Restaurant Kampung Melayu @ Low Yat Plaza

November 7, 2012 at 4:29 pm

It is common for travellers to sample the local cuisine whenever they travel to a foreign land. With the advent of commercial tourism, however, it has become quite a challenge to locate an eatery that serves authentic local cuisine as opposed to food served to tourists. So where would one be able to find a restaurant serving affordable yet authentic Malay cuisine in Kuala Lumpur?

Restaurant Kampung Melayu, an affordable and authentic Malay restaurant right in the heart of KL

The answer is Restaurant Kampung Melayu, conveniently located at the ground floor of Low Yat Plaza, in the heart of Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur’s shopping district. I had dinner there recently, courtesy of Moola, the first ever homegrown Cash-Back Lifestyle programme by ICT Utopia. Joining me on that day was Emily Tang of Sunrise Emily blog and all of us had a splendid time and great laughs too, thanks to one particular dish. More on that later, but for now you can check out what Emily thought of Restaurant Kampung Melayu on her blog!

Some of the simple but hearthy Malay dishes available at Restaurant Kampung Melayu

Why is affordable authentic Malay food that taste great rather hard to find? Simply because of modernization and the influence it brings with it, and perhaps the time and effort taken to prepare great Malay dishes. So you could imagine my delight to find myself face to face with some Malaysian favourites that evening.

The Mutton Biryani Rice

The Chicken Biryani Rice

Rice is an important part of Malay cuisine, and served in many ways at Restaurant Kampung Melayu. We had the Mutton Claypot Biryani Rice, the Chicken Claypot Biryani and the Nasi Goreng Kampung, or village styled fried rice. The biryani rice originates from the Indian subcontinent, and is a firm favourite among Malaysians due to its fragrance and complex mixture of tastes. Restaurant Kampung Melayu’s biryani tastes great without being overwhelmingly oily. The mutton was tender, while the chicken was just right. Both were spicy, so those who are unaccustomed to the heat should be mindful of the spicy curry. The fried rice was great, but once again caution should be taken if you are not partial to spicy food as this has potent chili padi stirred into the rice.

The spicy but delicious Nasi Goreng Kampung

Simple refreshing vegetable dishes that accompany the Biryani

The mixed pickled vegetables or Acar

The rice dishes were accompanied by several vegetable side dishes, including stir fried cabbage, curry eggplant and mixed pickled vegetables. These vegetable dishes are usually served with many Malay rice dishes and bring a light and refreshing taste in contrast to the rich and flavourful rice dishes. The mixed pickled vegetables, known as acar, is very common and simple dish to prepare, made with raw cucumber, pineapple, onion and red chili pickled in vinegar. While sourish in taste, the dish is light and very refreshing.

The Daging Masak Merah

The Ikan Pari Bakar

We were also served with three main dishes – Daging Masak Merah, a spicy beef dish; Ikan Pari Bakar, spicy grilled ray; and Kailan Ikan Masin, stir fried kalian with salted fish. These dishes are meant to be taken with rice, usually plain white rice, which is the staple for most Malaysians. The beef was tender, and had a spicy aftertaste, while the grilled ray was truly spicy and well grilled. The kalian was an interesting dish, the salted fish providing a lot of flavour.

Stir Fried Kailan with Salted Fish

The Thai inspired Tom Yam Soup

We also had two different soups – the Tom Yam Soup, which is actually a Thai dish, and the Sup Lidah, or Cow’s Tongue Soup. The Tom Yam is a favourite among Malaysians, and is a common feature at most Malay and Chinese eateries. The Cow’s Tongue Soup may sound rather daunting, due to the part of meat that it features, but is actually somewhat of a delicacy in Malaysia. The soup is a clear soup incorporating an assortment of ingredients, including spices. It is mild compared to any Tom Yam as it does not use chilli in its preparation. I have to admit that I usually steer clear of offal and that the Cow’s Tongue Soup was left alone by our dinner party for the larger part of the evening. That is until one of the braver souls ventured for a bite, and to our surprise, rated it very favourably. That sparked everyone’s interest, and before you knew it, we ended up declaring that the Cow’s Tongue Soup was one of the nicest surprises of the evening!

The evening’s unexpected highlight, the Sup Lidah

Restaurant Kampung Melayu also offers typical Malaysian favourites like Satay and Otak-Otak. Satay, I think would require no real introduction, being quite well known throughout the world. A simple meat dish, satay is marinated grilled meat skewers served with peanut sauce accompanied with cucumber and onion slices. Otak-otak is spicy fish paste wrapped in leaves which are then grilled over an open fire. The Satay and Otak-otak served at Restaurant Kampung Melayu were delicious and are a great introduction to Malay cuisine.

The Satay and Otak-Otak

Roti Tissue

The Making of Roti Tissue

During our visit, we also had a taste of Roti Tissue, a sweet variation of the Roti Canai, an Indian bread. The Roti Tissue is a paper thin roti canai that is flavoured with sugar and condensed milk. Different restaurants serve the roti tissue in different ways, Restaurant Kampung Melayu serves theirs in a cone shape. Finally, to wrap up the evening, we had some refreshing sweet lassi and mango lassi, as well as local shaved ice desserts known as ABC or Ais Batu Campur, and its fruity variant, the ABC Mango.

The Sweet Lassi and the Mango Lassi

The ABC Mango

The Original ABC

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Cheap international calls from Malaysia

NobelCom 10% discount code: WMALAYSIA-1784725821 (exp. Dec 31st)

A phone booth high up Mount Kinabalu in MalaysiaTravelers that visit Malaysia often want to call to check up on family or friends in their home country. This usually leads to high roaming charges when they are using their own telco. Calling via Skype is free, but not every traveler has access to Wi-Fi or 3G or has a smartphone and/or carries along a laptop/tablet. This article describes a way to make cheap international calls with phone cards while traveling. A phone card is a product designed to connect you to local and international destinations at significantly lower rates. When you use a phone card, you’re using a special access number to call anyone, anywhere in the world.

The cheapest way to use a phone card is by buying a local prepaid sim card first in the country you are residing, with that sim card you use the phone card. If you use your own telco, you might still end up paying high roaming charges to your own phone company, while you only have to top up a Malaysian prepaid sim card once to be able to call with a phone card.

Popular Malaysian prepaid telcos are Hotlink, Umobile, TuneTalk and Celcom. All of them offer cheap prepaid sim cards. Usually starting costs range from RM5 to RM20 (only a few USD). They come with 3G (speeds vary, but usually fast enough for regular browsing with 1mbps to 4mbps). Obviously you can simply use this prepaid sim to make local calls, but international calls are usually very expensive.

Here is where NobelCom comes in. They offer affordable phone cards, which allow you to make cheap international calls. NobelCom offers a few plans, but usually travelers are best off with the standard and most popular ‘No Connection Fee’ phone card.

When ordering a phone card you need to first choose the correct destination. So when you are from the US, you go for the Malaysia – US phone card. Based on your calling habits you may choose one of their plans (look specifically at the ‘Rounding’ part, where you see how much the conversation is rounded up per call). The phone card expires 1 year (365 days) after last use.

Paying is easy as they offer numerous payment solutions, including PayPal. After your order is completed you can follow the calling instructions at the NobelCom website.

Steps of calling with the phone card are easy:

  1. Make sure you get a local prepaid sim card.
  2. Call the local access number, or toll free number if no local access number is available.
  3. Enter the PIN to identify you.
  4. Dial the full international destination number.

And that’s it. You will now be able to call international for much lower prices and without ridiculously high roaming charges (were you to use your own telco within Malaysia). In our previous US example, you would only pay 9.5 cents with the cheapest Nobel plan to call from Malaysia to any number in the US (fixed lines and mobile phones). In other countries this might not be the case and results in slightly higher prices when you are calling mobile phone lines. Each country has their own calling rates. If you are traveling through numerous countries in Southeast Asia (or everywhere in the world for that matter) you can simply add a new phone card for each country. You can even move balance from one phone card to the other.

Smartphone users can use the special NobelDialer, which is available to iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users. With this dialer it gets even more easy to call abroad with your phone card.

Wonderful Malaysia visitors can now enjoy a 10% discount when ordering a NobelCom phone card. Just fill in the following discount code during the ordering process:


This discount expires on December 31st. Check out the NobelCom website here (opens in a new window).

This article was written by Wonderful Malaysia. If you have good similar tips to share, do let us know below by leaving a reply.

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