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The Authentic Chinese Muslim Restaurant in Penang to try

Penang is renowned across the Malaysia for its out-class and authentic delicacies available at the hawker’s station, which can never be replicated anywhere in the world. The food at the hawker’s in Penang is considered scrumptious, providing the best gourmet experience, in contrast to any other place in Malaysia. Penang is rated at the top by the local foodies, not because of its luxurious hotels and restaurants, but for the eateries and food stations found on the streets. The taste of the food served here is commendable that allures people come and eat here again and again.

Best Chinese Muslim Restaurant in Penang

Penang is now being referred as the synonym of delicious food, because eating out is the most preferred pass time of locals here. You can never fail to find the best hawker stall or restaurant here, but the only difficulty is to find the authentic Chinese Muslim restaurants in Penang. Muslims here seek halal Chinese food and restaurants, but they hardly find them. Especially, Muslim tourists are completely unaware where to eat out at a place, which serves halal Chinese food.

For the ease of everyone, we have performed a thorough research and compiled a list of Chinese Muslim restaurant in Penang. Read on to know about them and the halal Chinese food served there:

CMR China Muslim Restoran

CMR China Muslim Restoran as the name implies, is the first authentic Chinese Muslim restaurant in Penang. The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, has honored it with HALAL certification as well. The cuisines served here are completely Halal and prepared with original Halal ingredients and cooked by Muslim Chefs. The Chefs, cooking here, are from The Ningxia Muslim Autonomous Region of China.

At CMR, not only Muslims from different regions are wholeheartedly welcomed, but non-Muslims can also come and dine-in their favorite cuisines. You can opt among its large variety of dinner and lunch menu items, which are prepared with special care and quality of the food is not at all compromised. The staff here is also very friendly and helps the new diners in choosing from the menu.

It used to offer only dinner and steamboat buffet in Penang, but as per high demand of its customers, CMR is now also serving lunch. You can eat out here for Lunch between 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, Dinner between 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm and Steamboat between 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm. CMR is located at the address:
2A-G-18 QuarterMile, Solok Mayang Pasir, Bayan Baru, 11950 Penang.
For prior reservation of table, call at: +60 – 4 – 638 6158 / 012 – 490 6417

Restoran Mohamed Long Chinese Muslim Food

Restoran Mohamed Long Chinese Muslim Food, as the name says it all, is a Chinese Muslim restaurant in Penang, renowned for serving delicious food and that too HALAL. The entire interior and setting at the restaurant has been done in Chinese style. If you ever had the experience to visit a real Chinese restaurant in Penang, you shall find the same style here having 10 seats per table, red table cloth, crockery, food and etc, everything will make you feel that you are in China.

Here you shall also find a small Surau, which is a place for Muslims to offer their Prayers. This helps the customers to offer their prayers here only, instead of roaming around to find a mosque or a relevant place.

Mohamed Long is famous for its various dishes and drinks, which include Ayam Lemon (Lemon Chicken), Shark Fin Soup that serves 4 people, Ayam Thai dish served with Thai sauce on chicken, Cuttlefish cooked in butter and topped with egg yolk, Claypot Yee Mee is a very fulfilling dish considered here, Dim Sum served with the hot Chinese team in either prawn or fish flavor, Watermelon juice, Carrot Milk, Cincau, and Orange juice, are the must try drinks here.

You can reach this restaurant at the address:
No 7 Jalan Dagangan 9, Pusat Bandar Bertam Perdana, Kepala Batas, Penang everyday except Friday.
Their timings are 11.30am – 11.00pm.
For more information you can call on: +60-4-5770005 and 012-5456049

Bee Hwa Café

Though Bee Hwa Café is not a complete Chinese Muslim restaurant in Penang, but the dishes served here are pork free. The majority of the Chinese dishes is served with pork ingredients, so even if you order simple potatoes, you have to be careful that pork is not used in other dishes. However, Bee Hwa Café is different and for this reason a lot of Muslims are found eating out here.

It is found just opposite to the Penang Police Contingent Headquarters (IPK Pulau Pinang) in Penang Road and even the policemen are found eating here. The prices of the dishes are very reasonable. Here the most famous dishes are fried Char Kuey Teow which is not at all oily and the main ingredients are prawn and bean sprouts, Hokkien Char, Prawn Mee and Curry Mee, which are completely pork free.

You can easily reach this place in the address:
Bee Hwa Cafe, 10 Lebuh Dickens, Penang (opposite IPK Pulau Pinang).

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Thus, Penang has to offer the best Chinese cuisines to the Muslim community as well. You can satisfy your taste buds and ultimate cravings for Chinese dishes easily at one of the above discussed restaurants. To recommend a Chinese Muslim restaurant Penang, please add comments below.