Tourism Malaysia

Balleh-Kapit Raft Safari

From its humble beginning since 1996, the Baleh-Kapit Safari River Expedition has now become one of Sarawak’s most bankable tourism events. A two-day rafting competition where participants get the chance to manoeuvre the raft, once used by riverine communities, and to experience the rich Iban culture in their most natural environment. Besides competing in the safari, participants sampled the warmth and hospitality of local folks when they raced along the river and spent the night at an Iban longhouse. They experienced the rich and diverse traditions of the indigenous community.

For 2011 Baleh Kapit Raft Safari the Open Category will start from Rh. Ajai, Majau. They will stop and overnight at Rh Anding, Mujong, Baleh Kapit. On the second day of the race, all category which include close category (M/L), tourism category, open category (M/L) and raft competition category will start from the second longhouse and the finishing line will be at Kapit Wharf.