First Cruise Ship Of The Year Arrives In Kuching

First Cruise Ship Of The Year Arrives In Kuching

KUCHING, Friday: The Cruise Ship ‘Star Legend’ of Windstar Cruise docked at Sim Kheng Hong Port on January 8 at 8.45am, making it the first cruise ship to berth in Kuching this year.

194 passengers, mostly from Europe and the United States, were greeted with a traditional garlanding as they disembarked to visit Bako National Park, Sarawak Cultural Village and experience a tour around the Cat City.

This was the maiden voyage by Windstar Cruises and is the first of nine cruises scheduled to berth at Sarawak’s harbours.

Kuching is expected to receive three additional ships this year as compared to the six cruise ships from last year.

Last year 1,964 passengers arrived in Sarawak, with the Silver Shadow, Insignia, L’Austral and Silver Shadow docking in Kuching and the Silver Shadow docking twice in Bintulu.

In 2016, nine ships carrying 3,782 passengers with the Nautica, Astor, Hamburg, Silver Shadow, Seven Seas Voyager, Seabourn Sojourn and Insignia docking in Kuching and Silver Shadow docking twice in Bintulu.

Ten ships with 3,646 passengers arrived in 2015 with the Seabourne docking in Kuching once, Insignia twice and Nat Geo Orion thrice in Kuching while the Silver Wind, Statendam, Silver Shadow and Europa 2 docked in Bintulu.

Arriving cruise ships positively affect local industries such as attraction caretakers, food, and beverage and service providers, receiving an injection of a few hundred additional customers in one day.

“The gradual increase in cruise ships arriving to Sarawak is encouraging, as passengers from these cruise ships are a boon to the Sarawak economy in the port cities, creating a spinoff in the service industry from their patronage,” stated Director of Events and Corporate Relations, Angelina Bateman.

Cruise Ship Garlanding

Passengers disembarking and being garlanded by cultural troupe.

Cruise Ship memento

STB Director of Events and Corporate Relations, Angelina Bateman presenting memento to Captain Neil Broomhall, with General Manager of Kuching Port Authority Robert Lau on the left.


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Food Haven Ipoh: Simply The Best

By Vishnu Krishnan

The homely town of Ipoh is on the verge of major development and expansion, but the fragments of its rustic charm still remain, namely within the old school buildings and authentic local cuisines which many argue are simply the best.

The dish most synonymous with Ipoh is their nga choy kai or beansprout chicken. This mouthwatering dish consists of chicken meat and innards, blanched crunchy beansprouts drenched in soy sauce and sesame oil. The blend of textures is divine. Follow the throngs of locals for the best serving at Onn Kee Restaurant.

Onn Kee Tauge Ayam Kue Tiaun is bliss.


It is sinful to skip assam laksa in Ipoh. The best version of it is served with yong tau foo (fried or boiled processed fishcakes and vegetables) stewing in a steamy bowl of the famous sweet and spicy sardine broth. Head to Dai Shu Geok Assam Laksa restaurant for this scrumptious delight.


Dai Shu Geok Assam Laksa is the flavor of the heaven!


Ipoh Hor Fun is a signature kuey teow (flat noodle) soup with shredded chicken and prawns that burst with flavours. The Tricycle Chicken Prawn kuey teow at Thean Chun Coffee Shop is one of the best places to sample this little piece of heaven.


Tricycle Chicken Prawn Kuey Teow is the way to the heart


Wat tan hor, also known as hor fun, is an amazing dish of flat noodles smothered in a thick egg gravy littered with chicken pieces and prawns. The slimy texture is surprisingly smooth and delectable. The best serving can be found at the Tuck Kee Restaurant which is known for slipping-in an egg at the very last minute to further enhance the smoothness of the gravy!


Tuck Kee Wat Tan Hor redefines your concept of texture!

Ipoh is not just limited to full meals and entrées. Their desserts and snacks are pretty good as well. Muah chee is a glutinous rice ball coated in a lovely sweet chopped peanut powder. To experience the best, try the stall right outside the Nam Heong Coffee Shop.

Ipoh white coffee is a blessing to coffee lovers across Malaysia. This beverage is traditionally made from butter roasted coffee beans that is known for an intense, unrivalled aroma.

This particular blend was created by the Wong brothers who set up the famous Sin Yoon Long Coffee Shop in 1937. The white coffee is best served with their famous Hainanese toast bread with kaya, a sweet coconut and egg spread.










Sin Yoon Long Coffee Shop’s white coffee and toast with eggs may not look like much, but trust us, this is the real deal!


And a trip to Ipoh is not complete without a visit to Buntong for Ipoh’s famed kacang putih (Indian snacks). This area is famous for the manufacturing and retail of kacang putih and makes millions each year selling these savoury treats to England, New Zealand and Australia.


Now this is what you call snacks!


For a full list of things to do while you’re enjoying best food in town go to

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Malaysia: Visiting tea plantations in a Cameron Highlands

Malaysia: Visiting tea plantations in a Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is to Malaysia what Darjeeling is to India, or Nuwira Eliya is to Sri Lanka – a hilly, lush, immature segment in a country’s interior that grows reward peculiarity tea, with cooler continue charity acquire service from a differently erotic climate.


With a towns of Tanah Rata and Brinchang during a core, a Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s many fruitful areas. Here, erotic pleasant rainforest gives approach to a ascetic climate, with rolling hills and silken immature tea plantations during each turn. Tea aside, a area is dotted with moth gardens, waterfalls, unfeeling farms and strawberry plantations, charity many places to revisit and representation uninformed produce. The former British mountain hire has a decidedly cooler meridian than a rest of a country, and stays a renouned holiday mark for Malaysians evading a city, as good as visitors seeking an choice or additional finish to Malaysia’s much-loved coastal and birthright towns.

A outing to Malaysia’s interior

After a fun-filled introduction to Malaysia around a splendid lights and tasty cooking of Kuala Lumpur, we was looking brazen to saying some-more of what a nation had to offer. The pleasing bluish beaches of Langkawi and a Perhentian Islands we was wakeful of, and a ancestral buildings and tasty cuisine in Penang was also on my radar, nonetheless a Cameron Highlands was a partial of Malaysia we formerly knew small about. All was about to be suggested after an easy train float from a country’s collateral to a rural heartland.

My initial impressions were that it was lush, green, fruitful and beautiful. we found a Cameron Highlands charming, with a occasional architectural curtsy to a colonial heyday adding character, and enjoyed a proliferation of places to stop, eat during and explore. As a tea lover, we was quite enamoured with a initial tea plantations I’d ever seen.

Where to go and what to expect

One of a biggest plantations is BOH Plantations, a association determined in a 1920s that has several vast plantations in a area. BOH Sungai Palas Tea Estate is one of a many renouned and permitted to visit, located a brief expostulate from a city of Brinchang. The overwhelming views of a rolling plantations alone are value a visit, yet for tea aficionados a estate offers a plain introduction to how tea is grown and processed, with an educational debate of a bureau and lots of information to peruse. Afterwards we can representation some of a freshest tea on a world in a onsite café.

boh coffee

An choice to BOH is a camp run by Bharat, who furnish a Cameron Valley code of tea. They have several plantations with teahouses along a categorical highway usually outward Tanah Rata that can simply be visited, yet during rise times they can get crowded. The Cameron Valley tea residence is perched over a colourful immature plantations, and if you’ve had your fill of plain black tea, it offers some some-more sparkling takes on a world’s second many renouned beverage. The masala chai and cardamom tea is perfumed and flavoursome, while a teas infused with uninformed lemongrass or packet are rarely recommended. There’s a café with lots of honeyed offerings here too (think brownies, cheesecake and ice cream).

From stand to cup

A tea camp revisit offers engaging insights into a tea growing, classification and fermenting process, yet for some people, a extraordinary views over a plantations and a tea sampling itself finish adult being a highlights of their visit. Particularly if a tea is consumed in a fantastic tea residence fluctuating adult and over a camp grounds, where we can simply finish adult sitting for an hour or two.


By visiting some of a plantations in a highlands, we detected a new appreciation for a tough work that goes into producing tea. Labourers picking tea leaves by palm out in a object is something we don’t mostly consider of while indulging in your daily caffeine boost. A outing to your tea’s source creates we realize a tough work that goes into not usually flourishing and cultivating tea, yet transforming a leaves into something savoury and prepared for consumption. The plantations offer many smashing detailed opportunities too, for a quintessential shot of a Cameron Highlands’ endless, abounding immature hills.

Jungle treks and food forays aside, a tea camp revisit is really something good value doing in a pleasing Cameron Highlands.

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Yeng Keng Hotel Georgetown Penang

yeng keng hotel georgetown penang 1

Yeng Keng Hotel is located along Chulia Street, one of a best and many renouned areas to stay in Georgetown, Penang. Yeng Keng caters to a some-more rich travelers, instead of to behind packers. It is a pleasing boutique hotel. Yeng Keng has dual floors with usually 20 bedrooms in total. There are 7 opposite room types, trimming in distance and price. The cheapest room, Mansion Double, costs RM300 per night. The many costly Yeng Keng Suite costs over RM500 per night. All bedrooms embody breakfast and wifi broadband.

The hotel has a tiny pool in a behind that is really good if we wish to relax and cold off for a bit after walking around in Georgetown. During a day though generally in a evenings we can suffer a libation during a Yeng Keng Café Bar. We desired their cocktails and desserts.

Breakfast is always enclosed in a room price. The breakfast was really nice. The internal treats were delicious, a bread was uninformed and a coffee was of really good quality. Non-guests can also have breakfast here for RM20 per chairman (which is a steal).

Rooms are all really tastefully furnished. They are atmospheric and friendly during a same time. The same goes for a area outward a rooms, where we have mixed seats, chairs and sofas where we can lay and relax. Overall a hotel has a smashing atmosphere. If we are looking for a good boutique hotel within a ancestral core of Georgetown, be certain to revisit Yeng Keng.







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What’s Great About Beer?

August 25, 2011 during 12:00 pm

Asians have a churned opinion about beer, overdue to a distilled effects. Although a segment is famous for being religious, there are substantially as many Asians who suffer drink as there are those who equivocate it due to eremite tenets. International drink brands like Carlsberg, Tiger, and Heineken are good famous and is widely accessible in Malaysia.

Arguably a oldest alcoholic libation in a story of humankind – beer

While some of us might share a same inclination to drink as Westerners, many of us have a low courtesy for drink as a beverage, noticing it as, well, zero some-more than beer. It does not secrete a hold of category like a bottle of wine, nor does it compare adult to a bottle of tough liquor. For some, drink is for ‘lightweights’ and beginners, while tough wine are for a ‘big boys’. After all, drink is drink is beer. Or is it?

The shots of drink for a tasting

We recently had a pleasure of training some-more about beers when we were hosted during Craft Brews. Located during Mutiara Damansara, usually nearby a Curve, this brewhouse grill gave us a hide preview of some of a newest beers that are set to be launched this 13th of September. Craft Brews is set to move in 8 beers from a eminent Rogue Brewery, a microbrewery in Oregon, United States. Craft Brews’ Benjamin Chong was kind adequate to learn us a finer points in appreciating a world’s many widely consumed alcoholic libation as we sat down to dual of Rogue Brewery’s excellent ales. The drink tasting (yes, there is such a thing as drink tasting) went well, and we gained a improved bargain and a new found honour for beers, generally those painstakingly constructed by microbreweries worldwide.

A bottle of drink from a Rogue Brewery of Oregon

Most ‘mainstream’ beers are mostly done with reduce peculiarity ingredients, and manufacturers use additives and certain promotion gimmicks to facade a beverage’s fundamental limitations. One such gimmick is a importance on celebration mainstream beers ice cold as a low peculiarity becomes apparent during warmer temperatures, inspiring a ambience of a beer. Some of a beers charity during Craft Brews, including one of a dual that we sampled, ambience improved warm.

Craft Brews’ shortly to be launched drink line from Rogue Brewery

As mentioned, Craft Brews will be charity 8 new beers comparison from Rogue Brewery, starting from 14th September. These beers can usually be exclusively found during Craft Brews, never carrying been accessible in Malaysia previously, and are an ideal introduction to a many accumulation of beers, such as dark ales, stouts and porters. We during will be bringing we a minute demeanour during all a 8 beers during a central launch during Craft Brews come this 13th September.

So don’t forget. Craft Brews. 8 Great Beers. Sep 14 onwards. Every day. Every night.

Take a chair and tell with a drink in palm during Craft Brews

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