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Food Haven Ipoh: Simply The Best

By Vishnu Krishnan The homely town of Ipoh is on the verge of major development and expansion, but the fragments of its rustic charm still remain, namely within the old school buildings and authentic local cuisines which many argue are simply the best. The dish most synonymous with Ipoh is their nga choy kai or… Read More »

Malaysia: Visiting tea plantations in a Cameron Highlands

Malaysia: Visiting tea plantations in a Cameron Highlands The Cameron Highlands is to Malaysia what Darjeeling is to India, or Nuwira Eliya is to Sri Lanka – a hilly, lush, immature segment in a country’s interior that grows reward peculiarity tea, with cooler continue charity acquire service from a differently erotic climate. With a towns… Read More »

Yeng Keng Hotel Georgetown Penang

Yeng Keng Hotel is located along Chulia Street, one of a best and many renouned areas to stay in Georgetown, Penang. Yeng Keng caters to a some-more rich travelers, instead of to behind packers. It is a pleasing boutique hotel. Yeng Keng has dual floors with usually 20 bedrooms in total. There are 7 opposite… Read More »

What’s Great About Beer?

August 25, 2011 during 12:00 pm Asians have a churned opinion about beer, overdue to a distilled effects. Although a segment is famous for being religious, there are substantially as many Asians who suffer drink as there are those who equivocate it due to eremite tenets. International drink brands like Carlsberg, Tiger, and Heineken are… Read More »