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The Local Baba Charlie Nyonya Kuih (Kueh) in Malacca (Melaka)

Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake (Kuih) (N2.20325 E102.23154) is opreate in the traditional wooden house, it’s located in the tiny alley which is opposite the Masjid Tengkera along the Jalan Tengkera of Malacca. The small alley ONLY allow one car to pass through, so please be careful if you drive into the alley.

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There’s also a small parking area behind this house, the area allow about 3-4 cars to park at one time. We had a warm welcome by the workers and Charlie himself after stepped into the house (shop). There are many type of Nyonya Kuih (cake) available here, it was really Full of variety!

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Most of the cake’s name are written in Malay which also the National Language of Malaysia.
These are the 23 types of Kuih (cake) available everyday…

1.  Lepat Kacang
2.  Kuih Dadar
3.  Kuih Bingka Ubi
4.  Apam balik kelapa
5.  Rempah Udang
6.  Kuih Kochi Putih / Hitam
7.  Nyonya Kuih Chang (Ayam)
8.  Pulut Inti
9.  Ondeh-Ondeh
10.  Kuih Abu Sagu
11.  Kuih Portugal Ubi
12.  Kuih Talam
13.  Kuih Ko Swee
14.  Pulut Seri Kaya (Pandan)
15.  Kuih Lapis
16.  Pulut Seri Kaya (kuning)
17.  Kuih Koo Merah
18.  Kuih Koo Hitam
19.  Curry puff
20.  Pineapple Tart
21.  Roll Tart
22.  Pulut Tekan (kaya)
23.  Apam Bekua (kuah pisang)

Each of them selling at RM0.60 – RM2.00.
The cake are produce everyday to maitain the freshness.

More photos :-

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Beside all the cakes (kuih), they also selling many cooking ingredients at the same area, like : Belacan, Sambal, Cincakro…and also some cookies. We grabbed some of them! 🙂

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I had a chat with Mr Charlie, he is a very friendly person…and busy too. Her mother even taught my daughter how to wrap the kuih, I like their warm and friendly attitude to their customers! I guess that was the natural way for Baba and Nyonya…

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While chatting with Mr Charlie, he shared some nice foods with us around Malacca and also told us the story and history of Baba Charlie Nyonya Kuih.

Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake is a company dealing with all kinds of Nyonya Cake, Nyonya Popiah and Cartoon Cater for Buffet Party. Start with selling the delicious delicacy at Night Market (Pasar Malam) around Melaka 20 over years ago, Baba Charlie Products now supply to major hotels, restaurants, wedding parties and private functions. There is a saying around the town : “Think of Nyonya Kuih, Think of Baba Charlie”.

Where to buy the Nyonya Kuih :-
Pasar Malam (Night Market)
Mon : Bukit Beruang/Tanjung
Tue : KG. Lapan/Ujong Pasir
Wed : Bukit Beruang
Thu : Off
Friday : Malim Jaya
Sat : Kota Laksamana
Sunday : Air Keroh/ Batu Berendam
Baba Charlie House : Daily except Thursday

Some information about Nyonya Kuih (cake)
Nyonya Kueh or Straits Chinese Kueh(cakes) are made from a variety of fulsome and flavourful ingredients such as coconut milk, sweet potatoes, tapioca, palm sugar and pandan mipony leaves. Presented together, they make up a colourful, pleasing platter, and thus are among the most popular items to be enjoyed during tea time, as a sweet dessert, and as part of the menu at festive occasions.Traditionally Peranakan girls or Straits Chinese were trained to perfect the art of making nonya kueh — skill in the culinary arts could, along with other skills, lead to a better marriage. Many Nonya or Peranakan still spend time making kueh for their families, as they believe the more effort you put into preparing food for your family, the happier all will be.

Short History
Baba Charlie Nyonya Cakes was established in 1988 in Melaka. This business was passing down by Baba Charlie’s grandmother to his mother and then himself. From door to door business became one of the leading traditional Nyonya Cakes manufacturers in Melaka today. Baba Charlie started his business by selling just Nyonya Popiah (Spring Roll) and less than five types of Nyonya Cakes in pasar malam (night market). By improving his business he decided to make more variety of Nyonya Cakes. Now his products already reach more than thirty five types. All products are still traditionally made until today. This is to maintain the traditional taste that some may almost forgotten.

Beside Nyonya Cake, Baba Charlie also cater for Buffet Party, be in Company Launch, Training, Wedding or Birthday Party. Baba Charlie Buffet service are highly recommended for function attend by all races because of pork free (“Halal”). Feel free to contact Baba Charlie for more information.

After we finished our cakes at Baba Charlie Nyonya House, we Must grab some of them back to Johor Bahru for supper…hehe!
This are what we bought…

 photo IMG_8581_zpsb1a060ed.jpg
And some of the cakes really bring back my childhood memories…..I like it very much!

 photo IMG_8584_zpsc5ae3677.jpg

 photo IMG_8580_zpsf43070a7.jpg

 photo IMG_8577_zpse9c215b5.jpg

Satisfied with all the kuih! Reasonable price!

If you haven’t visit Baba Charlie Nyonya House for their Nyonya cakes, please go to the night market where their stall available. The night market schedule is in this blog post.

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