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Your Ultimate Malaysian Golf Adventure

Imagine teeing off from the perch of a mountain, across a jungle filled valley to a green nestled adjacent to the sea. Just you, nature and a strip of land so beautifully cultivated that your challenge of putting that tiny white ball in that little hole is no longer a part of golf, but an adventure. Golf… Read More »

The Sterling Boutique Hotel Melaka – For a Luxury Stay Over

Melaka was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in July 2008 for possession of various relics and valuable historical sites. The greatness of A’Famosa, Jonker Street, Stadthuys, Hang Li Po’s Well, Masjid Kampung Hulu and Maritime Museum puts it among the places that should be visited by the tourist in Melaka. Your trip to… Read More »


On Saturday, 31st. August 2013, Malaysia will celebrate her 56th. Anniversary of Merdeka. We got our Independence from Britain on 31st. August 1957 through negotiation and not by the barrel of the gun. No blood was shed and we were grateful for that. Let us celebrate our Independence together and have a give and take… Read More »

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

“Masjid yang amat bersejarah dan menyimpan sejuta kenangan.Saya pasti ia antara masjid kesayangan orang Islam Johor dan Sultannya yang memahami. Binaannya mengambil kira pengaruh Belanda dan Britain suatu masa dulu dengan campuran ciri-ciri Melayu. “   by Abdul Halim Abu Bakar “One of a oldest mosque in Malaysia. a perspective is beatiful and design says… Read More »