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Tourism Malaysia: Top 7 in September

Mid-Autum FestivalWhen: George Town, PenangWhere: Sept 15 Also known as the Lantern or Mooncake Festival, this is a very popular celebration in East Asia. Traditionally, it was a harvest festival. Nowadays, Penang transforms itself into a magical place of colours and lights. Lions and dragons dance on the street and people eat the traditional Mooncake… Read More »

Cruise transport grows in Asia

A Princess Cruises boat in Alaska. The association will work from Singapore subsequent year to yield short-haul convenience trips The segment will have some-more journey transport options subsequent year with a entrance of a mega-cruise company. CARNIVAL, a world’s largest journey group, denounced a Asian enlargement plans, presaging a informal marketplace for convenience voyages will… Read More »

Legoland Malaysia prepared to accept visitors

Tweet Tweet Legoland Malaysia will open a doors to a open soon, approach brazen of schedule. Many of us can remember spending hours of a childhood building structures from charming Lego pieces. With a splash of creativity, elementary Lego bricks were deftly built to erect vehicles, buildings and even cities, withdrawal many with lustful memories… Read More »

Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Bangsar is a high-income suburban area that is also a renouned for a restaurants, watering holes and clubs. The area is busy by many of Kuala Lumpur’s ostracise community. Midvalley, that is related directly to Bangsar around an overpass, is a comparatively new growth that has turn unequivocally renouned for shopping, interjection to a eternally… Read More »