Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine Restaurant in Penang Malaysia

Penang, more commonly known as the food capital of Malaysia, is a very famous tourist spot which has tons of interesting things in store for visitors and tourists. The city is loaded with fancy shopping plazas and malls, beaches and soothing islands, and is no less than any of the Malaysian regions when you speak about food. The city is filled with Chinese people and so you won’t be amazed by the wide array of Chinese Restaurants in Penang. Along with the locals, visitors must also try out some delicious Chinese cuisine.

Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine

Chin’s Stylist Chinese Cuisine has stood the test of time for being a well-known dining place in Penang. The restaurant was first initiated in 1987 in London and now stands as a holder of many prestigious awards. Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine is a luxurious, fine dining spot and the chefs over here are extremely dedicated and passionate about cooking. They simply love their profession and whatever they’re doing.

What do they serve?

Chin’s Chinese has hired world-class chefs who are reputed for serving premium quality authentic Chinese delicacies made out of the most exquisite ingredients. Each dish is prepared in wholesome proportions combined with the greatest culinary experience. Less salt and oil is utilized by the chefs, and together after blending spices from across the globe, the food and its texture are enhanced to a whole new level. The restaurant’s menu comprises of authentic Sichuan and Hunan recipes.

The ambiance

The restaurant has a pleasant environment and the interior is dark yet lively and colourful – a traditional Chinese enthused interior. The fixtures and fittings of this place are unique and the entire place has opulent and modern art décor. It gets complicated at times, whether you should concentrate on the food or the presentation of it, both of which are equally tempting. If there are four of you then don’t miss out on booking a table in this top-notch restaurant of Penang, which will cost you about RM40 to RM120.

Location and Contact Information

The address of the Chin’s Chinese is a Tanjung City Marine, Pier, 8A at Pangkalan Weld, 10300, Church Street in George Town in Malaysia. For further information and booking you can call at +60 4-261 2611.

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Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice is one of a many renouned dishes in a Malaysian Chinese culture. From a famous Hainan Chicken Rice to steamed to roasted to barbequed chicken. Chicken Rice in Malaysia is not usually accessible in many Chinese coffee shops or restaurants or travel hawker stalls, though also sequence restaurants and speciallised FB outlets. Most of a Chicken Rice is served with sliced cucumber, routinely served with homemade chili salsa and battered ginger or garlic and dim soy sauce, There are opposite variants of rice as well, including a savoury and juicy Hainanese yellow ‘oily rice’. Chicken rice can be accompanied with a play of soup and additional duck intestines, gizzards, livers and so on.

Chicken Rice is served as rice balls in Malacca, famous as Chicken Rice Balls. Instead of regulating a play of rice, a rice is made into a golf ball-sized rice balls and steamed chicken, In Ipoh, a Cantonese chronicle steamed Chicken Rice are served with boiled bean thrive and normal white rice.

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Kelantan International Islamic Creative Industry Trade Exhibiton

The Kelantan state government, in and with Visit Kelantan Year 2012, presents a 2012 Kelantan International Islamic Creative Industry Trade Exhibiton
(KITE 2012) during a devalue of Sultan Muhammad V stadium, Kota Bharu.

KITE 2012 will underline 52 FB booths, 82 several attention trade booths and 2 automotive companies showcasing their products services.

The eventuality will be hold during 10am – 10pm from 19 – 29 January.

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