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Experience the Indian flying bread of Malaysia! Roti is an Indian dish loved by all races, often sold in Mamak restaurants or stalls. It is kind of flatbread made out of dough, fat (similar to butter, called ghee), egg, flour and water. With all these ingredients kneaded together, the expert Roti maker twirl and throw it up in the air, making it as thin and flat as possible before being folded. Served with dhal (lentil) curry, food lovers nowadays eat Roti with various kinds of curries or mix sambal (chilli based sauce) and dhal for extra flavours.

Other kinds of Rotis that one would try including Roti Telur (fried egg bread), Roti Bawang (onion bread), Roti Tissue (tissue bread, paper thin and crispy Roti) and so many more. Another kind of Roti is the Roti Naan; thick, leavened and oven baked flatbread in the clay oven or more commonly known as the tandoor. Like other Rotis, Roti Naan is also served with curries or sometimes, sweet condensed milk.

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Time Out KL Food Awards 2011

December 16, 2011 at 1:00 pm

When it comes to the topic of food and what is good, it is normal for everyone to have their own opinions and recommendations. Whether it is dining out at the local mamak stall or a fine-dining restaurant, every individual has their own preference. Unlike smaller cities like Penang or Malacca where it is easier to name one or two outstanding restaurants, there are so many excellent restaurants here in Kuala Lumpur that it is difficult to choose the best of the best.

So how do you select the best outlets in Kuala Lumpur? Get people that frequent these places to nominate and vote for their favourite restaurants online. And that is what Time Out KL did for its annual Food Awards.

The announcement of the winners for the Time Out KL Food Awards 2011 was held recently on 23rd November 2011 at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) near Sentul West, Kuala Lumpur. The poll received a record number of votes – nearly 50,000 votes were received over the five month voting period. Nominations began on 1st August 2011 where food lovers were allowed to select their favourite food outlets. After six weeks of open poll, the shortlisted outlets was announced and voters began casting votes for their choice of outlet from 20th September until late November before the winners were announced in a grand unveiling ceremony.

The award for Outstanding Chef of the Year goes to Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille

The award for Best Middle Eastern went to Al-Amar

The award for Best Japanese goes to… Kampachi!

The award for the Best New Restaurant went to Ben’s. Benjamin Yong was given the award as the Best Restaurateur of the Year whereas Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille was awarded Outstanding Chef of the Year. The winners of the other categories are as below:-

Best Chinese
Li Yen

Best Continental
Hakka Republic

Best Hawker / Mamak
Devi’s Corner

Best Healthy Eating/ Vegetarian

Best Indian
Kanna Curry House


Best Thai / Indochinese
Rama V

Best Middle Eastern

Best Pub Grub
Jarrod Rawlins

Best Place for Coffee
Espressemente illy

Best Place for Seafood
Restoran Fatty Crab

Best Place for Steak

Blogger’s Choice
Village Park Nasi Lemak / Memoirs of a Chocoholic

Best Japanese

Best Italian
La Risata

Best Fine Dining

Congratulations to all winners of the Time Out KL Food Awards 2011. These awards are a testament to the excellence and is the best way acknowledge and acclaim the chefs and restaurateurs who have made dining in Kuala Lumpur one of the best in Malaysia.

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A Good Time at Morganfield’s

December 5, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Talking about food is one of the many favourite pastimes for Malaysians. Though any conversation may first start off with other topics, slowly but surely it will find its way to the subject of food. Whether it is a debate on which restaurant outlet’s food is worth waiting an hour for it to arrive on the table to which shop sells the best porridge in Kuala Lumpur, the subject for debating is endless.

Morganfield’s at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

When it comes to pork ribs, it is safe to say that most Chinese cuisine restaurants have refined their pork rib dishes to an art form. What about American styled pork ribs? Many food lovers do agree that there are not many restaurants in the Klang Valley that serves good American styled pork ribs. Well, here is some good news to all who love pork ribs, Morganfield’s serve some of the best ribs in Kuala Lumpur.

Morganfield’s also has a bar for the restaurant’s patrons to enjoy an after-dinner drink

Morganfield’s is located on the 4th floor of Pavilion KL Shopping Mall at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant exudes a laid-back feel with a rustic yet welcoming ambience. Some of the décor are made using recycled wood planks from torn down houses, with sinks made out of redesigned metal drums and menus made from pieces of corrugated box. The restaurant believes in the concept of soul food – serving food that not only brings back fond memories of one’s childhood but also warms the soul. Everything about the food at Morganfield’s is a testament to this belief – the hearty meals bursting with robust flavours that are not only delicious but also fresh AND unique dishes that can only be found at the outlet. One such dish is the outlet’s signature dish called Morganfield’s Sticky Bones.

Morganfield’s cosy interior makes dining there feel like home

In a recent lunch outing to Morganfield’s, the team had the opportunity to tuck into one of the latest promotions that offered the famous Sticky Bones. But before we were allowed to gobble down the succulent pork ribs, the staff first whetted our appetites by serving us the Appetizer Platter, which consisted of spicy chicken wings, Russet Potato skins filled with mixed cheese and topped with pork bacon bits and Crab Spinach Dip. The chicken wings were yummy and done just right. The sauce was not overpowering and the chicken meat remained soft and juicy. We found the dip to be a bit bland, but when we spoke to the chef about it, we were told that it was done so so that customers can fine-tune the taste of the dip to their liking.

The Appetizer Platter consists of Spicy Chicken Wings, Russet Potato skins filled with mixed cheese and topped with pork bacon bits and Crab Spinach Dip

The next dish was Morganfield’s signature dish, the Sticky Bones Spare Ribs. Each of these prime pork ribs are first slow-cooked and smoked in coal and hickory wood before being grilled while basted with sweet and tangy Hickory Barbecue sauce. One whole slab is enough to feed two (or three, depending on how big the tummies are!) humans and would definitely fulfill anyone’s craving for pork ribs. Though the pork ribs were no longer piping hot by the time we got our hands on it, the meat was still soft and came off the bones easily.

The delicious Sticky Bones Spare Ribs (BBQ flavored)

The next dish on the menu was also another highlight for all of us. The Jim Beam Baby Back Ribs tasted exactly like it was described on Morganfield’s promotional flyer – extra tender baby back ribs that just melts in your mouth. Combined with the special homemade Jim Beam Barbecue sauce, it was just so delicious that no words come close to describing it. The meat was just perfectly flavoured and there was no need to struggle with the bones in order to get every scrap of meat off. This is truly THE place to go for really wonderful pork ribs in Kuala Lumpur.

Morganfield’s Jim Beam Baby Back Ribs

As Christmas draws near, Morganfield’s will have its special Christmas take-away promotion starting from 10th December 2011 till 1st January 2012. For those of you who are looking at celebrating Christmas or any other joyous occasion within this time frame without the hassle of cooking out of the way, you might want to consider Morganfield’s traditional Christmas roasts. Just pre-order 5 days prior to the function, pick your orders on the day and enjoy the compliments from your guests. The restaurant is offering five scrumptious traditional Christmas roasts with all the trimmings for the festivities at affordable prices. We tried one of the Christmas take-away promotions, which was the Whole Roast Turkey. Roasting turkeys is a lot trickier than it looks, as they tend to become dry if roasted for too long, while cutting corners on roasting time may also mean that guests may end up with pieces of uncooked turkey during Christmas dinner. Here at Morganfield’s, the chefs have found a way to cook this traditional dish to perfection. As the chef carved the bird, one could see its natural juices dripping as the sharp knife made its way through the meat. Each mouthful is tender and soft, and together with the giblet sauce and cranberry jam tasted like how Christmas should be – warm and memorable with little pleasures sprinkled throughout the day.

One of the Traditional Christmas roasts – Whole Roast Turkey with chestnut stuffing, served with garlic potatoes, grilled corn, giblet sauce with cranberry jam

Do not worry if pork ribs is not one of your many favourite dishes. Morganfield’s also serves other types of food that are equally as delicious, interesting and unique. Chicken lovers can opt for the Honey Stung Chicken or the Grilled Pacific Blue Marlin. What we tried was the Seafood Basket, which consisted of beer-battered fish, prawns and calamari served with coleslaw, French fries and tangy tartar sauce. If this dish only made up of pieces of deep fried beer batter, we would have happily munched our way through the whole basket without any complaints! The batter was light and tasty and did not leave the palate with an oily after-taste. It is just too bad that prawn shells are not really edible…

Morganfield’s Seafood Basket (beer battered) is perfect for who do not fancy pork dishes

No meal is complete without dessert, and dessert was what we had to round up a perfectly good meal. We started off with the Bread Pudding topped with Vanilla ice cream and bourbon sauce and finished the whole gastronomic journey with the Oreo Mousse Pie. The bread pudding was just heavenly with every bite – smooth and silky, not too sweet with warm and cold sensation at the same time. The Oreo Mousse Pie may seem simple at a glance, but place one spoonful of the dessert in the mouth and the perception changes immediately. The mousse is smooth and chunky at the same time, thanks to the bits of Oreo cookies inside. Definitely THE perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

Bread Pudding

Oreo Mousse Pie

The Christmas take-away promotions offer five mouthwatering traditional dishes, namely Morganfield’s Sticky Bones that comes in three flavours: BBQ, Spicy Tomato and Smoked Peppercon and is priced at RM 65.90 per slab; Whole Roast Turkey (approx. 5 kg per bird) and served with chestnut stuffing, garlic potatoes, grilled corn, giblet sauce and cranberry jam and is priced at RM 259.90; Roast Beef – Ribeye (approx. 2.5kg) served with garlic parsley potatoes, grilled corn and black pepper sauce and is priced at RM 289.90; Honey Glazed Pork Ham (approx. 1.5kg) served with garlic parsley potatoes, grilled corn and BBQ sauce and is priced at RM 199.90; and last but not least Roast Lamb Leg (approx. 2.5kg per leg) served with garlic parsley potatoes, grilled corn and black pepper sauce and is priced at RM 239.90. For those who would like to have more information, please call Morganfield’s at 03 2141 3192 or get their latest updates from their Facebook page at

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Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011

October 14, 2011 at 12:00 pm

It is undeniable that one of the country’s best attraction is its food, and for the whole month of October tourists and locals alike can check out the fine dining scene at some of the best restaurants in Malaysia during the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011. Food lovers can choose from a myriad of cuisine from 28 restaurants nationwide, ranging from East and West to fusion cuisine, from authentic to modern and spicy to sublime.

MIGF 2011

Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011

Some of the restaurants that are participating in this event are Sagano and Dynasty from Renaissance Hotel which serve Japanese and Chinese cuisine, Al-Amar Restaurant at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur which serves Lebanese cuisine, Lafite from Shangri-La Hotel offering European cuisine and The Pomelo from The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Perak, which prides itself with its Spa cuisine.

Another special privilege during the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival is that diners can also choose to book MIGF Gourmet Tours, which package the purchaser’s fine-dining experience with deals on accommodation, golf, spas and city tours. The MIGF Gourmet Tours package includes four nights hotel accommodation inclusive of daily breakfast, return airport transfers to and from the hotel of your choice, four gourmet meals of your own choosing, transfers to and from the hotel to those selected restaurants, one festival cooking class with return transfer, one half day city tour of Kuala Lumpur and one return transfers to and from optional activities. For full listing of other participating restaurants and eateries or more information, please log on to MIGF’s website here.

Photo (c) Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2011

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