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Highlands in Malaysia

Malaysia has many highland retreats offering a cool and relaxing retreat from the heat and bustle of the city. Each highland has a panoramic view to be enjoyed and a distinctive character of its own to be discovered. Four of the main highland destinations in the country is located in the state of Pahang, namely Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands, Fraser’s Hill and Bukit Tinggi. Another highland retreat of popular choice is Bukit Larut in Perak.

Cameron Highlands


Located at an altitude of 1,828 m at the north western corner of Pahang, the Cameron Highlands are the largest and most genteel hill resort in Malaysia. Popular attractions at Cameron Highlands include tea plantations, strawberry farms, rose gardens and the marketplace at Brinchang. There are also many nature trails offering a spectacular view of the highland forests. Make the 3-hour drive to Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur an enjoyable one by stopping at the hot springs or the many interesting picnic spots along the way.

Genting Highlands


The exciting city in the clouds, Genting Highlands, is nestled at 1,800 m above sea level on one of the mountain peak on the Titiwangsa Mountains, which lies on the border of Selangor and Pahang. Genting Highlands is the most developed hill resort in Malaysia and offers the only legal gambling venue in Malaysia, an outdoor and indoor theme parks with over 50 rides for families to enjoy, convention halls and numerous shopping and dining outlets. A drive up to Genting Highlands from Kuala Lumpur takes only about an hour. Opt to park at the cable car station for another interesting experience of going to the top of the mountain in a cable car.

Fraser’s Hill

The idyllic Fraser’s Hill is an ideal destination for nature lovers and city dwellers looking for a relaxing escape. It is built on seven hills straddling the Pahang-Selangor border, about 105 km north of Kuala Lumpur. An endless list of activities at Fraser’s Hill include bird-watching, jungle trekking, white-water rafting, archery, abseiling, golfing, hiking, fishing and horse-riding; there is bound to be something for everyone.

Bukit Tinggi

The main attraction at Bukit Tinggi is the Colmar Tropicale which is a replica of the Colmar Village in France. Just over an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, there is also a Japanese Village, a Botanical garden, a golf course, a rabbit park, an archery arena and spas to enjoy at a cool altitude of up to 1,000 m. Bukit Tinggi is also located close to Genting Highlands if you yearn for more entertainment options.

Bukit Larut


Bukit Larut, also known as Maxwell Hill, is located approximately 10 km from the town of Taiping in Perak. At an altitude of 1,250 m, it is the wettest area experiencing the highest rainfall and is the oldest hill station in Malaysia. Relax in the preserved quiet atmosphere of a colonial hill station, stroll along nature trails to discover the numerous species of Bukit Larut’s flora and fauna, take leisurely walks in the sweet-smelling flower gardens and be treated to an enchanting view of the West Coast of the peninsula at the summit.

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Doraemon World 2012

January 20, 2012 at 2:30 pm

Musical scores for a cartoon show are as unique as the cartoon characters themselves. All it takes is just the opening line to for people to know which cartoon it is from. The same can be said for Doraemon, a famous Japanese anime about a futuristic cat with no ears and a penchant for dorayaki, a bun that is filled with sweet bean paste. Its upbeat and cheery opening verse will certainly bring back many memories for those who grew up watching Doraemon on television.

Doraemon is a futuristic cat that was sent back to the 20th century by its owner, who happens to be Nobita’s grandson. As his grandfather was somewhat of an expert in getting into trouble during his lifetime, Nobita’s grandson did not want to see him suffer and decided to send Doraemon to help him in his times of trouble. This is achieved by the futuristic tools that Doraemon retrieves from his fourth dimensional pocket. Some of the tools that he often uses include Takekoputra, a small propeller that enables its wearer to fly; Dokodemo-doa, a door that opens up to anywhere the person would like to go just by naming that place; and Taimu-mashin, a time machine that sends Nobita and Doraemon to go into the future or past.

Doraemon plush toys that comes in all shapes and sizes are a favourite among many here in Malaysia, including adults

Nobita has a huge crush on Shizuka, the girl that he is set to marry in the future. Unfortunately, Nobita never fails to make Shizuka angry, which further hinders his chance of being with her as she seems to be too good for him. Shizuka is the only female character in this motley bunch, and is the object of adoration by the other guys in the group. Suneo is all round creep who finds delight in making Nobita’s life difficult. He cheats and lies his way through and gains favouritism by buying gifts and presents to all. His best friend is Gian, a bully who takes delight in picking on Nobita.

Each episodes have a similar guideline and often starts with Nobita being bullied by Suneo and Gian. He comes home crying and complains to Doraemon, who takes pity on him and decides to help him by giving him helpful advice. Of course this is never enough for Nobita, who is only interested in a quick and easy way out. Tired of his pleading, Doraemon usually gives in and then produces a futuristic gadget that will help Nobita to either fix his problems or exact his revenge. Unfortunately, Nobita usually gets into deeper trouble when he has these gadgets in his possession as he never fails to heed Doraemon’s warnings. Sometimes these gadgets end up being stolen by Suneo or Gian and they misuse it to their advantage. Like every other cartoon story, there is always a lesson to be taught and learnt at the end of the chapter by all characters involved.

There was even a Doraemon hot air balloon during the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in 2011!

So, if you are a big fan of Doraemon and all things related to it, do not miss the Doraemon World 2012 at Genting Highlands, happening from 23rd January till 5th February 2012. This event celebrates the 100 years before the birth of Doraemon. Fans can take this opportunity to say hi to their favourite cartoon characters, shop for some of the best and imported Doraemon premium items, enjoy day long stage activities and play at carnival game booths and activities for all ages. For more information on ticket prices and other information, please log on here.

Photos (c) Wacko Photographer, kwaito

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Usher In the New Year with KRR’s Dynasty Chicken

January 10, 2012 at 12:00 pm

It has become a common thing for most people, especially Malaysians, to celebrate any joyous occasion with good food. Be it weddings, religious or even cultural events, guests can expect to enjoy the delicious dishes served at the function. As a result, it becomes very easy for many to be caught up in the excitement and they end up consuming too much unhealthy food. This is prevalent especially during festive seasons like Chinese New Year, where a variety of knick-knacks like peanuts, sweets and treats are often served to guests along with carbonated and sugar-based drinks.

The famous rotisserie roasted chicken is topped off with a sauce that is sweet and sour with a hint of spiciness

The Kenny Rogers Roasters Dynasty Chicken and the new range of milkshakes are only available for a limited time only

In line with its efforts to promote healthy eating to the public, Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) recently launched yet another meal that is bound to satisfy chicken lovers, best enjoyed together with their new range of three delightful milkshakes. KRR’s Dynasty Chicken is a delicious meal where its famous rotisserie roasted chicken is marinated with a natural blend of herbs, spices and citrus zest and topped with a sweet, sour and a hint of spicy sauce with pineapple chunks. The Dynasty Chicken meal comes complete with three side dishes of your choice and a special-limited time only muffin, the Golden Orange Muffin.

The Golden Orange Muffin is bursting with the zesty flavour of sun ripened oranges

The three new milkshakes (clockwise from top) Double Choc, Berrynana and Choc Fun Milkshake

The muffin is a must-try for orange lovers as it is bursting with the zesty flavour of sun ripened oranges.
KRR lovers will also be delighted to know that it has recently launched a new range of milkshakes; Choc Fun Milkshake, Berrynana Milkshake and last but not least – the Double Choc Milkshake. Each of the milkshake is freshly made and is undoubtedly the best way to end KRR’s festive meal. All of these yummy meals are available only for a limited time at all Kenny Rogers Roasters outlets. The Dynasty Chicken is priced at RM17.90* and the milkshakes at RM 11.90* each. Do come and try out the Dynasty Chicken before its reign is over.

* Price varies at Genting Highlands.

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Elton John and Band Greatest Hits Tour

November 8, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Sir Elton John was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight on 25th March 1947. At a point in time when he was actually considering to pursue a career in music, his father had tried to encourage him into a more conventional career, like banking. One must have wonder how things would have turned out if Sir Elton John had decided to take his father’s advice and not listen to his own instincts. He started playing the piano at a tender age of three, and in just one year he could pick out a tune just by listening to it. He began to take formal music lessons when he was seven years old.

Ever since young, Sir Elton John has always displayed a natural talent towards music, including the ability to compose melodies and even won a junior scholarship award to the Royal Academy of Music when he was 11 years old. He started performing in a pub at the age of 15, and it was not until he answered an ad several years later that led him to where he is right now. In 1967, he started going by the name ‘Elton John’, in homage to Bluesology saxophonist Elton Dean and Long John Baldry. It was also during this time that Sir Elton John started working with Bernie Taupin, a team that is still working together till today.

Sir Elton John will be performing live at Arena of Stars in Genting Highlands on 22nd November 2011

Sir Elton John first released his first album in 1970, which later saw the first single from that album making its way into the US Top 100. The second single, ‘Your Song’ made the US Top Ten, peaking at number eight and became his first hit single as a singer. The same album later became his first hit album, reaching number four on the Billboard 200 album chart. Over the next few decades, Sir Elton John has released numerous albums, including the Blue Moves album in 1976, which featured the single ‘Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word’.

In a successful career that spanned over four decades, Sir Elton John has won 5 Grammy Awards and has sold over 250 million albums worldwide. This legendary star will be coming to Malaysia this 22nd November 2011 at Genting Highland’s Arena of Stars. Entitled the ‘Elton John Band Greatest Hits Tour’, this concert will see Sir Elton John singing together with his long-time band; Davey Johnstone, Nigel Olsson, Bob Birch, Kim Bullard and John Mahon. Tickets are priced as below:

VVIP Arena RM 1,380
VIP Arena RM 1,180
VIP Lower Terrace RM 1,180
PS1 Lower Terrace RM 880
PS2 Arena RM 780
PS3 Lower Terrace RM 480
PS3 Upper Terrace RM 480
PS4 Upper Terrace RM 380

For more information, please log on to AirAsia or call 03 8775 4666 for enquiries only.

Photo (c) david_shankbone

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Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands Malaysia - City Of Entertainment

Genting Highlands – City Of Entertainment

Genting Highlands is the self-proclaimed City of Entertainment and it is located in the state of Pahang in Peninsular Malaysia. What is unique about Genting Highlands is the fact that it is the only legal casino located in all of Malaysia. The City of Entertainment does live up to its name as it not only provides entertainment for the old but also for the young ones. A perfect example of this would be the theme park that comes equipped with a variety of rides and activities for the children.

Another attraction of Genting Highlands is its natural surroundings, the air is fresh and cool which is a far cry from the typical Malaysian heat making it a popular tourist attraction especially for the locals. The temperature here ranges from 15-25 degrees Celsius which is 5-10 degrees lower compared to that of Kuala Lumpur. In fact it is so cool here that some of the hotels are not equipped with air-conditioning yet you will not feel warm and stuffy at night. If you happen to visit Genting Highlands on a clear day then you will have the opportunity to see the stunning view of the valley, however you should be careful when it rains in Genting Highlands especially if you are driving as the visibility will drop to zero.

Genting Highlands Theme Park - Corkscrew

The casinos located here are open 24 hours a day and are limited to non-Muslims who are over the age of 21 years old. Popular table games such as roulette and baccarat are available here, as well as Chinese games which you will not find in the western casinos. There are also countless slot machines on the casino grounds where you can try your luck.

Finding your way around Genting Highlands can be both frustrating and easy at the same time despite branding itself as a city you will hardly find streets on any kind besides the roads for cars and other transportations. Most of the places are connected via vast warren of link-ways, underground tunnels and escalators which means that you will not have to venture outside into the cold, unless you willingly do it yourself. And you do not have to worry about getting lost as there is enough signage to point you in the right direction, however the tricky part of getting from point A to point B is that you will most probably be lead to either one of their casinos or hotels.

If you like to shop then the First World Plaza is a place to visit, located at the First World Hotel (in 2006 it was listed by Guiness World Records as the world’s largest hotel complex by the number of rooms) where you will find an interesting mix of activities ranging from an indoor theme park to shopping arcades. There is also the Times Sqaure area which is decorated with replicas of random landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower where you can see performances and magic shows especially during the holiday seasons.

So if you are planning your holidays you should give Genting Highlands a try, if not for the various activities that can be found here then maybe just for the cool fresh air.

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