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Besides Hoi An, we visited Danang and Imperial grounds in Hue.

DANANG used to be a small fishing village before it was transformed into a modern city with a deep sea port.

The Dragon Bridge is one of the many bridges that crosses the Han River. The dragon head sprays out water and spits out fire every Saturday at 9.00 pm.

DANANG Bay has a very long beach and is very scenic.

Overlooking DANANG Bay is a 65 meters high of Kwan Ying, Goddess of Mercy. It glows at night where fishermen can see her from South China Sea.

Hue used to be the Imperial capital of Vietnam before it was colonised by the French in 1858.r

Entrance into Hue Imperial Grounds. A most surrounds the entire palace grounds.
Vietnam pushed out the French in 1950s.

Wonderful Malaysia

Goddess of Mercy Temple, Georgetown Penang

It is a tradition here in Malaysia that on the eve of Chinese New Year, the Chinese will visit a temple for blessing and offerings. The oldest and most legendary temple in Penang is the Goddess of Mercy Temple which is situated in Georgetown, Penang. Each year, believers of the Taoism and Confucianism teachings will swarm the temple on the eve of Chinese New Year to pray to the Kuan Yin goddess so that their health and good luck can be maintained throughout the year.



The Goddess of Mercy Temple, also known as Kuan Yin Teng, was first built in the 1800s by the Hokkiens and Cantonese residents who lived close by. Buddha and Kuan Yin have their respective followers with some even suggesting that Kuan Yin outshone Buddha in some ways as she showered her believers with much love and compassion.



Like other religion, the Chinese are superstitious too. Some believe that men whose ages end with the number 9 should visit the Goddess of Mercy temple for ‘por oon’ (blessings) so that they would be bestowed protection by the god. The others will offer light or oil (thian ewe) to the Goddess of Mercy for better luck that year.



Upon stepping into the temple, the scent of sandalwood incense greets you as each day, numerous joss stick are burnt by the devotees while offering prayers. Although a crowd could be present, a sense of peace and quiet can be felt once you set foot into the temple. The temple is busy throughout the year and not just on Chinese New Year because the locals tend to visit the temple on their birthdays too, praying for a better year ahead blessed with good health and luck. At other times, devotees will visit to seek calm or when extra spiritual protection is needed.


The birthday of the Goddess of Mercy falls on the 19th day of the 2nd lunar month, marking another time that the temple is packed with devotees eager to pay homage to their deity. Devotees will venture into the heart of the temple to congratulate the Goddess by making offerings and prayers to her. At times, opera and puppet shows will also be organized, providing devotees entertainment and creating an air of festiveness in the house of worship.


Despite being a place for offering prayers, many tourists flock to this shrine for photography opportunities. The temple is simply too beautiful to pass up a chance for photos. The sight of morning rays basking in on devotees deep in prayer is a sight to behold, thus luring many visitors to this magnificence construction which houses the Goddess of Mercy.



How to get to the Goddess of Mercy Temple

The Goddess of Mercy temple can be easily found within the center of Georgetown. Usually travelers are staying somewhere around Chulia Street; it is very near this popular backpackers area.

From Chulia Street, head right just past the Indian temple into Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. From here it is a 5 minute walk to the temple entrance. In the vicinity of the temple there are numerous nice attractions.

Video Goddess of Mercy Temple

Map of the Goddess of Mercy Temple, Georgetown


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Magic Mirror the Musical 2011

November 20, 2011 at 2:00 pm

The name Guanyin is not unfamiliar among Buddhists, as it refers to a bodhisattva who is associated to compassion. Also known as the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin is also revered by the Taoists as an immortal. Guanyin is also the Chinese name for Avalokite?vara Bodhisattva, who was originally depicted as a male bodhisattva, though these days it is usually depicted as a woman. According to the Lotus Sutra, it is believed that Avalokite?vara as a bodhisattva can manifest itself in any form, be it a male or a female, a child or an adult and even a human or a non-human being.

One of the actress portraying ‘Guan Yin’ in Magic Mirror the Musical 2011

Come 25th November till 4th December 2011, Yayasan Guan Yin will present a musical known as ‘Magic Mirror’, which will premiere at Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur. The musical tells the story of Guanyin, whose heart is still bothered by the many plight and welfare of beings on earth. A terrible war is going on on earth, led by a cruel general who is under the influence of demons. Under his reign, all who dare to go against him are mercilessly slaughtered. As homes are destroyed and families shattered by the raging war, Guanyin appears as a wise old man, who fearlessly guides the soldiers and defeats the cruel general and his men.

In a village, the people are now faced with robberies, abuse and thievery and live in constant fear. The banished general and his cruel henchmen have resorted to becoming bandits and thieves, taking whatever they can get from these simple village people. Guanyin decides to alleviate the situation by teaching the villagers and bandits about love, compassion, patience, tolerance and concern. She appears to the people as a lady in white, who tries to sell a copper mirror at a very high price. Curious to see what is so special about that little trinket, many crowd around her, trying to get a glimpse at the mirror. She offers one of the henchmen a look in the mirror in exchange for a small fee. After a glimpse into the mirror, the henchman turns away with a horrified look and urges the rest to look into the mirror. What exactly did he see in the mirror? Who is this lady in white? Come and watch the musical to find out more.

The musical is scheduled to perform from 25th November till 4th December 2011 and tickets are priced at RM 103/ RM 153/ RM 223 and RM 303. Tickets can be purchased online at Redtix.AirAsia’s website. For the complete performance schedule and further information, please log on here or call AirAsia Redtix Ticketing Hotline at 03 8775 4666 (enquiries only).

Photo (c) Magic Mirror the Musical website

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