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A long, long time ago, the Mayans were believed to have first discovered cocoa, which they considered as a sacred treat. Nowadays, chocolates are still considered precious delights. They certainly make wonderful treats during festive seasons and who would ever say no to a chocolate souvenir! Yup, chocolates are some of the popular things tourists buy as souvenirs to bring home. Malaysia certainly has its own home-grown chocolate brands, but besides that, while you are here in Malaysia, why not indulge in something more chocolate-y? Perhaps a tea-time treat at a chocolate café…or a tour of a chocolate factory?

Malaysian chocolate flavours

Typically, you can always count on the standard flavours of chocolates such as white, milk and dark (with various percentages of cocoa). The chocolate experience is a bit novel in Malaysia, though, as Malaysian chocolatiers have taken chocolate-making a step further by infusing local flavours into their creations.

For instance, you find many chocolate brands in local shops, with unique flavours that you cannot find elsewhere. Try mango chocolates…or for those who love the King of Fruits, there are many durian chocolate selections…these are popular flavours among tourists. How about Gula Melaka chocolates and Teh Tarik chocolates? Well, we leave it to you to taste!

Here are some Malaysia-brand chocolates you may wish to bring home as souvenirs, which can be easily found in most supermarkets and shopping malls: Beryl’s, Camior, Daiana, Fidani, Hoko, Vochelle and many more.

Chocolate Cafés

Chocolate cafes are booming fast, almost overtaking those trendy cafes and their coffees! Well, it’s a blessing for all chocolate lovers, then. If you want to really savour your chocolate indulgence, make a visit to MyTown Shopping Centre in Cheras, where you will find chocolate decadence at The Dark Gallery ( Reading the menu list itself will make you drool, but if you are overwhelmed by the choices, it’s wise to go with the tasting platter that combines their best chocolate pastries, ice creams and hot chocolates.

The pretty décor of Nayuta Chocolatasia (, meanwhile, will remind you very much of the Far East. The café, located within Isetan Japan Store in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, prides itself in the high quality of cacao beans cultivated right here in the Southeast Asian region, namely Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and of course, Malaysia. They call themselves the “chocolate label produced by Asian people to suit the Asian taste palate” for milky, caramel-infused and soft textured chocolate. Spend an afternoon here to sample their delicate 8g bonbons with typical Asian ganache such as lime, pineapple and yuzu, or delight in a huge bar of chocolate with cashew nuts, dried mango and caramelised coconuts. With all that sweetness in your mouth and the artful décor, you will want to daintily sip that cup of hot chocolate!

Chocolate Museum

Looking for more? Apart from the trendy cafes, some established chocolate manufacturers have also introduced a specialty concept-store known as the chocolate museum.

One of these chocolate museums that the public can visit for free is the Chocolate Museum by Fidani (   at Kota Damansara. Apart from the boutique shop selling more than 100 chocolate brands, the premise is well-equipped with a large gallery full of informative facts and displays about the art and science of chocolate-making. Learn about the history of cacao beans, the farming process and how it is transformed from bean to bar. They also have a live-kitchen demo by a chef on the makings of chocolates.

Another worth-visiting museum is the Beryl’s Chocolate Museum (, about 20 kilometres from the city centre. The museum is well-laid out with informative chocolate displays on history, chocolate facts and more. You’ll also be able to purchase all sorts of chocolate flavours from the Beryl’s brand.

Chocolate Cupid

For the serious chocolate lover, head over to the heart of Bangsar, where the Chocolate Concierge ( will be most happy to match you with the right chocolate that you’ve been craving for, selected from their large selection of chocolate flavours and recipes. And if your chocolate urge is still not satisfied, they’ll even custom-make the chocolate for you, of course, with a low minimum order. With passion-driven care for chocolates and bean origin, Chocolate Concierge is mighty serious about their bean-to-bar process, and it’s no surprise that they’ve been featured in the Michelin food guide as a rising chocolatier. Try the soft filling chocolate morsels with hints of cappuccino, strawberry, or wasabi, and their hand piped truffles. Or for something truly local, go for the freshly-made Pahang Origin Dark chocolate with cocoa nibs.




Tourism Malaysia

10 Malaysian Sweets & Desserts You Should Try

Sugar, spice and everything nice!

The sweetmeats and desserts of Malaysia, also known as kuih-muih or manisan locally, cater to the craziest taste buds in Asia, hence they are absolutely unique. Malaysians are extremely thrifty, yet have high expectations of their desserts. Through this almost impossible-to-meet criteria, we have seen a unique craftsmanship that has resulted in affordable and tasty treats. Here’s an eclectic list of kuih-muih and manisan from the melting pot of ethnicities that is Malaysia.

Ais Kacang, literally meaning “ice beans”, also commonly known as ABC (Air Batu Campur, meaning “mixed ice”), incorporates a variety of ingredients over shaved ice and drenched in copious amounts of evaporated milk and a traditional sweetener called Gula Melaka or coconut sugar. Traditionally the dish is served with roasted peanuts, other local legumes, buttered or creamed corn and grass jelly (cincau).

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-12-18-59-pmAis Batu Campur

However, some local vendors have upped the ante by throwing in nata de coco cubes, adzuki beans, fresh fruit bites, pickled mango slices and even a dollop of ice cream. ABC is a godsend to those who can’t bear the boiling Malaysian weather. If you fancy this mouth-watering dish, check out Uncle Weng Kee’s 55-year-old beverage stall in Petaling Jaya for one of the best servings in Malaysia.

Malaysia is truly a sweet tooth’s paradise. We have some of the most sinfully sweet and colourful desserts. Kuih Lapis is probably one of the most iconic desserts in Malaysia as is impossible to dislike. This rice flour pudding comes in so many tantalising colours, shapes and sizes. The pudding comprises of stacks of sweet multi-coloured layers that have a gooey texture that melts in the mouth. This dessert is so popular that almost any vendor will give you high quality servings across Malaysia.

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-12-20-36-pmKuih Lapis

Pisang Goreng is a traditional banana fritter that is to die for. Best served piping hot, the fried banana dessert is deceptively unappealing in appearance but is bursting with flavour. Made from fresh bananas coated in flour batter, it is fried for a couple of minutes and ready to serve. The sweet and savoury taste with a crunchy exterior and soft mushy interior can bring on unstoppable cases of the munchies. You can’t stop at just one, so be sure to order a couple on the go. Pisang Goreng is really popular all over Malaysia and can be found in any of the night markets and bazaars in any local township.

pisang-gorengPisang Goreng

Ondeh Ondeh is a quintessential local Malay delight that takes the cake (no pun intended) for being the funkiest looking pastry around. Made from either glutinous rice flour or sweet potatoes, the balls are coated with coconut kernel (santan) and hide a sugary brown Gula Melaka surprise right in the middle. Take a bite into one of these and expect the delightful juices inside to squirt out all over the place. Wearing fancy clothes while eating this is not recommended.

ondeh-ondehOndeh Ondeh

The hearts of Malaysians are not easy to win over when it comes to food. But mention Cendol and everyone will melt instantaneously. Cendol is made out of a frenzied mix of shaved ice, palm sugar, Gula Melaka, coconut milk and kidney beans that is sweet and blends mushy and crunchy textures in a heavenly balance. This sweet dessert is a close cousin of Air Batu Campur and can sometimes be found at vendors who sell desserts under the Ais Kacang (shaved ice) family. The best Cendol (highly contested among all vendors) is probably at Penang Road Teochew Chendul, which has been in operation since 1936.


Apam Balik is a folded pancake with creamed corn and chopped peanuts. In between is anything thin and crunchy or thick and fluffy. These snacks are the perfect dessert if you need something filling and tasty. Imagine a crisper version of a crumpet with a crunchy interior.

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-12-24-28-pmApam Balik

Putu Mayam is a rice flour dessert served with palm sugar and coconut milk. The best vendors usually cycle around residential areas in makeshift mobile food stalls. This is one traditional South Indian dessert that has been “Malaysianised” and is best had with a spot of chai.

putu-mayamPutu Mayam

Leng Chee Kang will melt away your worries. This traditional dish is served with longan fruits, lotus seeds, dried persimmons, malva nuts and sometimes quail eggs submerged in a beautiful boiled rock sugar broth. The dish can be served hot or chilled with ice cubes and is especially refreshing on a scorching hot day.

leng-chee-kangLeng Chee Kang

Bubur Cha Cha is like Cha Cha Mambo in your mouth … explosive! It is a Malaccan Nyonya sago porridge served with sweet potato chunks and coconut milk. The clever mix of local ingredients transports you to the simple lifestyles of the local Nyonya people in their traditional kampung abodes.

babur-cha-chaBubur Cha Cha

Last, but not least on our list is Ang Ku Kueh. It is the gooiest of gooey desserts that melts in your mouth to reveal a beautifully compacted sweet mung bean and peanut. The glutinous rice flour casing usually comes with intricate traditional Chinese designs that are amazingly detailed.

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-12-27-18-pmAng Ku Kueh


For more cultural lessons head to

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Cendol & Rojak Bukit Tinggi @ Bukit Tinggi, Klang

After our windows shopping at AEON Bukit Tinggi, we having a try for the Cendol and Rojak at Bukit Tinggi. The Cendol just located at the road side of busy Bukit Tinggi Business Centre. Due to limited seats available as they operate with a Van and most people over here will choose to take away instead of dine in.

Here is the Cendol of “Cendol Rojak Bukit Tinggi”, you can taste the rich and sweetness of Gula Melaka and the thickness of the coconut milk, of course, the self made Pandan flavour Green Jelly! I feel taste delicious and the Green Jelly is like instant melted at your mouth, recommended!

While, the rojak of Cendol Rojak Bukit Tinggi might ordinary, but if you choose to dine on the spot, you might will taste the crunchy of the kuih, while the shrimp is taste average.

Cendol Rojak Bandar Bukit Tinggi
Address : Lorong Batu Nilam 5, 41200 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Business Time : 11am – 6pm (Monday – Sunday)
GPS Coordinates : N03.00827 E101.437161

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New series of foods and desserts from Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea Cafe at Taman Mount Austin

Do you like desserts?
Moshi Moshi Desserts and Tea Cafe at Taman Mount Austin had launched their new series of desserts and some snacks on December 2013! We visited the cafe not too long ago, and below are some of the new series available…

Before the desserts and snacks, let me brief some information of Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea Cafe…Moshi Moshi is selling their 100% local handmade ice cream and sorbet (they learned the skill from Taiwan) and serve with ‘Natural, Fresh’ ingredients with NO preservatives, and their drinks is make from fresh fruits, not from ‘powders‘ that easily available in other cafe. Majority of their ingredients are imported from Taiwan and they make the sorbet and ice cream locally.

The first dessert was Coffee Ice Cream + Guava Bum Bum Ice (????? + ??????)

 photo IMG_2321_zps444b5cc2.jpg

The dessert served with 2 flavor of ice cream which was coffee and guava, corn flakes and some fresh fruits. The coffee flavor was rich and nice, we love the ‘aroma’ very much! If you are coffee lover, I believe you will love it too! The guava flavor ice cream was fresh, fragrant and original. It’s advise to take the side dish (fruits and flakes) together while enjoying the handmade ice cream.

 photo IMG_2322_zps0c1036e1.jpg

The dessert above serve in 4 types of combinations.

The Sesame Q-Rice Ball (?????) was the second surprised for us. The rice ball was fried in sesame seed and glutinous rice with the fragrant Gula Melaka (palm sugar) filling. The outer skin was crispy and soft inside. It’s advise to taste the rice ball with the peanuts topping, the first bite was unforgettable!
There are 3 types of rice ball available from the menu.

 photo IMG_2326_zps8fdf6fd9.jpg

Peanut Mochi Cake (???????)
This was one of the Classic series of the Mochi Cake, topping with peanuts butter and a cube of butter + honey.

 photo IMG_2334_zpsa7846fd3.jpg

The Mochi cake is waffle look-a-like, but it was not the waffle. It made from the sticky rice, baked to perfection. Crispy outside and really chewy when you bite on it! It was a totally new experience! The dish can really fill up your empty stomach even it doesn’t serve in big portion.

 photo IMG_2340_zpsa53a04be.jpg

The Classic series of Mochi cake serve in 4 different types…Chocolate, French, Strawberry and Peanut.
The Mochi cake also serve with ice cream, our next dish was Chocolate Ice Cream with Cheese Koshi Cake (????????????).

 photo IMG_2345_zps4d180d42.jpg

 photo IMG_2346_zps2306222e.jpg

 photo IMG_2354_zps268d1b37.jpg

 photo IMG_2348_zps2f749829.jpg

The chocolate ice cream was not sweet, it taste like dark chocolate…slight bitter. Cheese lover will love this light meal because of the nice aroma of the cheese which baked with the Koshi cake. The whole combination was just perfect!

Beside the series above, Moshi Moshi also provide the Special Baked Series ???????? for the Kochi cake.
One of the popular Special Baked Series is the Smoked Chicken Koshi Cake (??????.

 photo IMG_2342_zpsc809e6f5.jpg

 photo IMG_2350_zpse0dab674.jpg

I like this smoke chicken baked koshi cake! It’s hard to describe in words about the taste, it took a little strength for chewing it and the smoke chicken was a good combination for the cake. Love it!

After we filled up our ‘tank’, the last dessert was served on the table…Coconut Ice Cream Parfait (?????????)  It was one of the dessert from the Parfait series…

 photo IMG_2369_zpsc3e17776.jpg

 photo IMG_2366_zps52ad18ab.jpg

This parfait ice cream was served with fresh coconut where you feel the coconut within, they mixed the young and old coconut with some home recipe to provide this NICE parfait ice cream. It can really cool down the temperature during the hot sunny day…please take note the layer of the dessert, there were cornflakes and cut fresh fruits in between. One of the great refreshment we had!

Prices for the above desserts and snacks is between RM6.90 – RM15.90

Do visit the Moshi Moshi Cafe not only on the hot weather day, it’s also a nice hangout place in evening. It’s good to enjoy some good dessert after your sumptuous dinner. The cafe understand the market demand about the after meal dessert culture, so Ms Elaine (one of the partner) said their operating hour is until 12am everyday…Yes! It’s everyday!

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Moshi Moshi Dessert Tea Cafe at Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru.

Cuisine in Melaka


Ramai pelancong yang melawat Melaka akan mencari produk-produk makanan untuk dibawa balik sebagai hadiah untuk ahli keluarga dan kegunaan sendiri. Melaka amat terkenal dengan produk makanan yang unik seperti belacan, cencalok, dodol, gula Melaka dan lain-lain. Walaupun jenis makanan ini boleh didapati di pasaraya di seluruh Malaysia, namum demikian para pelancong masih gemar membeli barang-barang ini di Melaka kerana di sinilah tempat asalnya. Jadi, kalau hendak mencari gula Melaka yang terbaik, yang paling  asli dan yang paling sedap, belilah di Melaka. Sama dengan produk lain seperti belacan dan cencalok. Untuk pengetahun umum, belacan dan cencalok dibuat dari udang geragau iaitu udang halus. Udang ini biasanya di tangkap di laut semasa air surut oleh para nelayan dengan menggunakan pukat yang khas.

Untuk para pelancong yang mempunyai masa yang terhad untuk membeli-belah atau ingin mencari hadiah yang sudah siap dibungkus dengan cantik, kami menyediakan Hamper Produk Melaka. Hamper ini mengandungi produk seperti belacan, dodol, gula Melaka, kuih inang dan cencalok. Kami member jaminan yang produk-produk ini adalah yang terbaik kerana kami telah berusaha mencari di seluruh negeri Melaka. Misal kata, untuk gula Melaka, boleh didapati dengan mudah di mana-mana tetapi gula Melaka yang asli dan tidak dicampur dengan gula merah atau gula putih agak susah didapati. Gula Melaka yang kami perolehi dikeluarkan di Bukit Tembakau, Umbai dan akan menghasilkan kuih tradisional seperti onde-onde, sago gula Melaka dan kuih bongkong yang amat enak dan wangi.

Kami juga menyediakan buku mini resepi pilihan di dalam hamper kami yang memberi cadangan untuk menggunakan belacan, cencalok dan gula Melaka. Sebagai contoh, belacan digunakan dalam menyediakan masakan Asam Pedas iaitu masakan tradisional Melaka. Cencalok juga boleh digunakan untuk masakan Peranakan Cina iaitu Ayam Cencalok dan Telur Dadar Cencalok.

Hamper kami yang dibungkus dalam bakul rotan tradisional dengan reben yang menarik sesuai untuk dijadikan hadiah dengan harga berpatutan iaitu RM50-00 sahaja. Sila hubungi kami (Cik Siti Aisyah) melalui emel ( atau telefon (06-232 3308/06-2323653) untuk tempahan.