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Spooky travels this Halloween month

This October, why not experience the “darker” side of Malaysia in celebration of the Halloween month? Here’s a compilation of possible things to do and places to visit to get into the mood of the season. While some are fun and entertaining for the whole family, others are strictly for adults who can brave the thrills!

Fun runs: Those who want to get their feet moving can join several fun runs being organised this entire month all over the country. Most have a Halloween theme, so come dressed in your spookiest outfits and put on some fangs for a jolly good time.

  • Boo Night Run at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) on 28 Oct. Enjoy a cool 5 km night run in this huge park with some ghostly (but friendly) characters to motivate you along the way. Website:
  • Halloween Fun Run in Kota Kinabalu on 28 Oct. Run along the coastal highway of Likas Bay and don’t forget to put on some ghostly make-up to scare your competitors away! Website:
  • Zombie Urban Run at Metropolitan Square, Kepong, on 28 Oct. This morning run over a distance of 4 km will take participants around the picturesque park and lake. Website:


Theme parks: Malaysia’s theme parks are putting on some serious fangs to frighten the daylights out of visitors.

  • Over at Sunway Lagoon, the “Nights of Frights,” now in its 5th year of celebration, is only for the brave (seriously, only those 12 and above are allowed in). Get ready to feel the fear as you explore their eight haunted houses, five scare zones, 11 thrill rides and four stage shows. Website:
  • For kid-friendly Halloween celebrations, head on over to Legoland where they’re putting together some new shows this October. Catch the Brick-Most-FearShow, where Mr. Lord Vampire, The Green Witch and Frankenstein will share how they brought Frankenstein back to life! Expect lots of friendly Halloween characters doing a dance routine throughout the park, too, and join in the Brick-Ka-Boo parade. Website:
  • Another family-friendly Halloween treat is in store over at Perak’s Lost World of Tambun. Dare you enter the Spooky Halloween House of Dolls with its nightly show of “Dolls Alive” where cute and cuddly toys come “alive”? If not, just stick to the usual trick or treating around the park and collect various candies and goodies. Website:

Night tours: After you’re done exploring Malaysia by day, why not experience Malaysia by night? Night tours of some of Malaysia’s popular tourist attractions will shed new light on your appreciation of what they offer.

  • The Penang War Museum has been listed as one of Asia’s top 10 haunted sites by the National Geographic Channel. If it gives you the creeps in the day time, imagine the goosebumps you’ll get in this two-hour guided tour. Explore this old British defence fortress built in the 1930s, which later served as a prisoner of war camp after the Japanese invasion in 1941, and learn the historical facts along the way. Website:
  • For many years Kellie’s Castle, located in Batu Gajah, Perak, was left in ruins before it was turned into a tourist attraction. Today, after some sprucing up, visitors can learn all about the gift that Scottish planter William Kellie Smith gave his wife in the early 1900s. Numerous tragedies and bad luck struck the family and delayed the construction of the mansion, but all these tales will be revealed as visitors explore the corridors, halls and dungeons of Kellie’s Castle after sunset. Website:

On a lighter note, get to know your ghosts and ghouls at the Penang Ghost Museum in a fun and interactive way. Horror enthusiasts will love comparing Western and Asian ghosts here such as the Dracula, mummy, Orang Minyak (literally means oily man in Malay), pontianak (female vampire), Tuyul (known as Toyol), Pocong (a living corpse in a burial shroud), Chinese vampires (jiangshi), and Onryo (a Japanese spirit). Website:

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Fun and Adventure during Sunway Lagoon

For a day of thrills and fun in a city, conduct on to Sunway Lagoon thesis park. The thesis park was determined in 1992 and has been famous by a International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) as Asia’s Best Attraction for 4 uninterrupted years given 2007 to 2010. It is also home to a region’s hottest events and concerts such as a MTV World Stage and Arthur’s Day Celebration. Right subsequent to a thesis park we will find one of Kuala Lumpur’s many renouned selling malls: Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (easily tangible by a outrageous lion’s conduct in front of a complex). Just a 15-minutes expostulate from Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Lagoon is certain to have something to offer for everyone.

sunway firth thesis park malaysia 1

There are 5 categorical parks with some-more than 80 rides and attractions to try and suffer during Sunway Lagoon: a entertainment park, a Waters of Africa H2O park, a Wildlife Park, a Scream Park and a Extreme Park (check out a good video here).

sunway firth thesis park malaysia 2

Amusement park

The entertainment park is divided into dual mini thesis parks of fun rides and thrills to prove even a many dauntless of hearts. Splash down a stream on a Niagara Falls Flume Ride and dauntless a distracted waters of a Grand Canyon River Rapids among Apache Indians during a Wild Wild West. Sail divided on a Pirates Revenge, Malaysia’s initial 360-degree rotating bandit boat that swivels 24m above a belligerent during a World of Adventure or take a breather on a world’s longest walking cessation bridge, travelling 428m and revelry in a stately perspective of a whole park.

sunway firth thesis park malaysia 3

Waters of Africa

Waters of Africa is a ideal place to go to cold down in a sun. The Sunway Surf Beach facilities a sandy beach and a rolling roller pool that produces 8 feet high roller waves for your surfing pleasure. Have a striking good time diving down a hulk H2O slide, a African Pythons and a six-lane Congo Challenge. Children can dash about during a interactive H2O playground, a Little Zimbabwe.

sunway firth thesis park malaysia 4

Wildlife Park

Marvel in a beauty of some-more than 150 class of extraordinary and outlandish animals from opposite a creation and learn some-more about them during a Wildlife Park, Malaysia’s first-ever entirely interactive and educational animal-themed attraction. The Wildlife Park also facilities several educational programs and live animal shows for children and adults comparison to enjoy.

sunway firth thesis park malaysia 6

Scream Park

Be certain to check out a Scream Park, a walk-through park of horror, for a hair-raising experience. Try to tarry a trepidation fest that starts during a PONTIANAK Theatre of Fear and debate a repository of a Night during a Museum: ALIVE SCARY!. Bump into internal terrors during a Rumah Hantu in 3DX and be relieved that a finish is opening after a Tunnel of Penanggal in 3D.

sunway firth thesis park malaysia 7

Extreme Park

Adrenaline junkies can prove their lust for adrenaline rush during a Extreme Park that offers a vast accumulation of hurdles to take on. The park has an archery sharpened range, a go-kart circuit and even an All Terrain Vehicle (ATC) route. Be impassioned and have a try of Asia’s Highest Slingshot Ride, a G-Force X; Malaysia’s longest drifting fox that spans for 206m; and Malaysia’s initial bungee jump.

sunway firth thesis park malaysia 9

Opening hours

Sunway Lagoon is open to open on weekdays from 11am to 6am and from 10am to 6pm on weekends. It is sealed on Tuesdays solely during propagandize and open holidays.

sunway firth thesis park malaysia 9

Entrance fees

There are dual opening packages available: a All Parks Best Value during RM100 for adults and RM80 for children and comparison adults and a 3 Parks package for opening to a H2O park, a entertainment park and a wildlife park during RM80 for adults and RM65 for children and comparison citizens. Additionally, Malaysian temperament label holders can suffer a 25% bonus off published rates.

There is a apart assign for a rides:

  • Bungy Jump: RM130 (RM75 for MyKad Holders)
  • G-Force X: RM60 (RM30 for MyKad Holders)
  • Bungy Jump G-Force X Combo: RM150 (RM95 for MyKad Holders)
  • Go-Kart: Single Seater, RM20 per ride, double Seater RM25 per ride
  • Paintball War Game: Min 4 pax per group from RM46 per person, 100 pellets (Advance engagement compulsory – Includes Co2 Canister, Protection Mask Vest, Barrel Plug Paintball Marker)

sunway firth thesis park malaysia 5

Contact sum residence Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon
3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: + 603 5639 0000
Fax: + 603 5637 0050
Email: [email protected]

How to get to Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon is located in Bandar Sunway in Petaling Jaya. It is permitted around a network of expressways (Federal Highway, Damansara-Puchong Expressway, New Pantai Express Way and KESAS Highway) and is a 15-minute expostulate from Kuala Lumpur. You can also get to a entertainment park by open transport. Take a LRT sight to Subang Jaya KTM Station or Kelana Jaya Putra Station and take a train to Sunway Lagoon from there.

Hotels resorts during Sunway Lagoon

There are utterly a few good hotels and resorts to chose from that are in tighten closeness of a thesis park. The many lush review during Sunway is The Villas @ Sunway. Another 5-star place to stay is a good Sunway Resort Hotel Spa. You can suffer a some-more affordable stay during a 4-star Sunway Pyramid Hotel. Budget travelers will find a whole operation of basic hotels and guesthouses in a Bandar Sunway area.

Video Sunway Lagoon

Map of Sunway Lagoon thesis park


Got any good tips to share with us? Do we know of any good things to do in Kuala Lumpur, or tips on a best places to eat? Let us know by withdrawal a respond below!

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Outback Steakhouse @ BB Park

August 30, 2012 during 6:15 pm

Hanging out during Outback Steakhouse reminds me of all good about a best friend. It isn’t pretentious, doesn’t roar for your pleasantness and doesn’t lie we of your money. Like any other ‘real’ best friend, I’m gentle and during palliate and each assembly is a joyous occasion.

Outback Steakhouse during BB Park, a accessible grill that serves good food!

The poetic interior of Outback Steakhouse. The ambience and atmosphere unequivocally come together to make it such a pleasing place

Perhaps I’m being too dainty about Outback, though I’m certain Wilson Ng of Places and Foods would determine with me when we contend that Outback positively is a good place to tell after a prolonged day of work, or in a case, to suffer ourselves during a weekend. We were propitious adequate to be invited to a weekend cooking hosted by Outback Steakhouse South East Asia’s Managing Partner, Mr. Rajiv Bharatiya during Outback Steakhouse, BB Park, as partial of a Dining with Moola experience. You can check out what Wilson has to contend about his knowledge during Outback Steakhouse right here.

Mr Rajiv Bharatiya, Managing Partner of Outback Steakhouse South East Asia along with a bloggers of Dining with Moola experience

Now, about Outback Steakhouse. It is located during BB Park, right in a center of Kuala Lumpur’s sell district, Bukit Bintang. The balmy ambience, generally within a accessible restaurant, helps to plead a accessible and ease atmosphere, when total with good food, creates for an superb evening. Throw in good association in a form of dual bloggers with their wives and a comfortable host, you’ve got yourself an memorable occasion.

Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla – amazingly tasty

Our dusk started with an introduction to some of Outback Steakhouse’s poetic appetisers – Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla, Crispy Chicken Salad and Crispy Fried Mushrooms. The Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla is a proposal multiple of duck breast, sautéed mushrooms, beef bacon, melted cheeses pressed in a grilled flour tortilla. This pleasing provide is served with sugar mustard sauce. It unequivocally does a pursuit as an appetiser as it’s simply so good. The Crispy Chicken Salad’s inexhaustible portioning creates it a categorical march for those who adore examination their weight. Fried duck fingers served over churned lettuce, with tomatoes, cheese, beef bacon, diced egg, and croutons make this salad a plate that can indeed be shared. Best of all, we get to name your possess salsa to go with a salad.

Crispy Chicken Salad comes with Outback’s homemade salsa of your choice

We were �lite for choice that evening, carrying 3 poetic salsas to select from – Ranch, Blue Cheese and Thousand Island. Every salsa is tradition finished by Outback Steakhouse and checked daily for coherence and quality. Each salsa was fantastic, charity pleasing surprises to my salsa sap tastebuds. we desired a blue cheese best, though after grown a fondness for a thousand island, that has a somewhat sharp shade to it.

Which suits your tastes? Blue Cheese, Ranch and Thousand Island are usually some of a dressings we can select from

The simplest, nonetheless many superb appetiser that dusk for me was a Crispy Fried Mushrooms. Lightly breaded and afterwards boiled compartment golden brown, these mushrooms ambience celestial with a special sharp plantation salsa that comes with it. It’s no consternation because it’s a favourite among Outback’s regulars.

Simple things finished best – Crispy Fried Mushrooms with special sharp plantation dressing

But of course, what’s a grill though a categorical courses? And for a steakhouse, that means steak. Outback Steakhouse does not defect in that category, portion adult 4 cuts of beef – a Outback Special, New York Strip, Victoria’s Filet, and Ribeye. All steaks come with dual creatively finished sides, and yes, we confirm how good we wish your steaks done. Outback also offers multiple dishes that incorporate a good meats in them, such as a Toowomba Topped Filet, that we had a possibility to sample. Sauteed shrimp and symbol mushrooms are tossed in a tomato cream salsa and served over a seasoned and parched filet. The result? Very happy diners!

The Toowomba Topped Filet – a singular multiple plate charity some of a best of Outback

For those who aren’t that into steaks, worry not, as Outback also has an endless operation of chicken, fish and lamb dishes. Not usually that, a grill offers pasta as well. Before we consternation what’s pasta doing in a steakhouse, let me assure we that a Seafood Pasta we attempted is not there usually to turn adult a menu, it is a plate value noting. Shrimp, calamari and fish strap with fettuccine tossed in Outback’s homemade marinara salsa and Parmesan cheese make it a gratifying meal.

Burger? Nope, it’s a Bloomin’ Steak Sandwich. and yes, it is *technically* a burger

And like any self-respecting steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse serves a meant burger! It’s got a swig of a name, though afterwards again, it’s a heck of a swig of burger too. Meet a Bloomin’ Steak Sandwich – proposal strips of sirloin, sautéed with balsamic glassy onions, melted cheese, tomato and finished off with Outback’s signature Typhoon Bloom petals. And it’s served with tomato mayonnaise and Aussie fries.

Look out! It’s a Chocolate Thunder from Down Under!

After a pleasing and stuffing meal, we finished a dusk with smiles and dessert. Deciding to share, we tucked into Outback’s renouned Chocolate Thunder from Down Under. Built solidly with a fresh-baked pecan spirit as a base, it is surfaced with an amazingly inexhaustible dip of abounding vanilla ice cream, that is afterwards lonesome with classical comfortable chocolate salsa AND another dip of uninformed churned cream. This dessert is surfaced with chocolate shavings, ours came surfaced off with a decadently abounding chocolate spire!

Great food, Good atmosphere – Outback Steakhouse

So if we are EVER in Bukit Bintang and usually feel in need for some good food in a good place, conduct on to Outback Steakhouse for an memorable evening! And yes, they do offer some of a coolest cocktails in town!

This Dining With Moola knowledge is pleasantness of Moola, now a best-kept tip in town. Be towering to a totally new and sparkling lifestyle when we learn Moola!

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1Malaysia International Shoe Festival

1Malaysia International Shoe Festival

I adore shoes!

Be-ribboned tied in lovable bows, stilettos, stylish sandals, jazzy platforms, gentle pumps or even a voluptuous span of boots, or two… oh, you’ll be marred for choice during this year’s shoe festival.

Especially with a launch of a 3rd Malaysia International Shoe Festival during Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The eventuality is hold from 30 Mar compartment 1 April, 2012 starting during 10.30 am compartment 8.30 pm.

Launched by a Queen, Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Hajah Haminah, on a 29th March,  benefaction were  Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen, Tourism Ambassador and internationally-renowned shoe maker, Prof Dato Dr Jimmy Choo as good as Malaysian Footwear Manufacturers’ Association (MFMA) President, Tony Ting.

Some of a highlights during this year’s shoe festival include:

  • Prof Dato’ Dr Jimmy Choo’s, ‘Sogno Gallery’ embody a phenomenon of his oppulance shoe collection and couture, themed after a dragon year.
  • Malaysia boots engineer competition, where gifted designers emanate their many innovative and stylish shoe designs.
  • A Foot and Wellness Corner, generally for those wanting to get judicious tips on feet care, and beam on shoe shopping conduct on over here.
  • Shoe-on-wheels! A shoe automobile highway show, where radio deejays will expostulate around with a outrageous shoe perched atop a automobile (look out for it, folks) on a road. Participate in diversion quizzes and win sparkling prizes.
  • Check out a specifically designed Rainforest Shoe Wonderland, where designers have remade boots and incorporate it into bland life’s nuances.
  • Maybe we need and additional span of shoe for your wedding? Then conduct over to a Wedding Shoe Wonderland, where boots of each hue, distance and character are displayed for a ideal wedding.

Other attractions during a eventuality embody shoe conform show, shoe portrayal competition, clog-shoe creation gallery, general shoe dilemma and most more*.

See we there!

* For serve information, check out this link:

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MPO Chamber Concert

January 24, 2012 during 12:00 pm

It is that time of a month again where cover song lovers can conduct on to Dewan Filharmonik Petronas and suffer good performances by a Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Players. For a month of Jan 2012, a band will be behaving 4 pieces from eminent musicians.

One of a pieces that will be achieved is from Heitor Villa-Lobos, a shining Brazilian composer who was described as a many poignant artistic figure in 20th century Brazilian art music. His song is mostly shabby by both Brazilian folk song and a European exemplary tradition. The MPO Chamber Players will be behaving ‘Chorus No. 4‘. Another square that will be achieved that night is Hoffmeister’s Solo String Quartet No. 3 in D Major. Franz Anton Hoffmeister was a German composer and song publisher. Hoffmeister was one of a pioneers in a song edition businesses, carrying determined one of Vienna’s initial of this kind of business in 1785.

MPO Chamber Concert is scheduled to start during 6.30 pm on 31st Jan 2012

Jean-Baptiste Loeillet was a Flemish antique composer who also achieved on a recorder, flute, oboe and harpsichord. He is called a London Loeillet, so as to heed himself from another famous composer. The MPO Chamber Players will be behaving a Trio Sonata for Flute, Oboe and Basso Continuo. The final piece, Piano Trio in A Minor, is a square stoical by Joseph-Maurice Ravel, a French composer who was famous for his melodies, orchestral and instrumental textures and effects.

Tickets for this opening are labelled during RM 20 for all seats. Patrons who are attending a eventuality are compulsory to observe a dress code, that is Smart Casual. Performance is scheduled to start during 6.30 pm on 31st Jan 2012. For some-more information and sheet purchases, greatfully record on to a website here.

Photo (c) Dalcrose

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