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Hang Tuah Commercial Centre, Catalyst For Melaka’s Inland Development

By Fadzli Ramli

MELAKA, April 9 (Bernama) — After the successful development of Melaka Raya, Kota Laksamana, Pulau Melaka and Klebang on reclaimed land, the state government will now move forward to undertake inland development such as the Hang Tuah Commercial Centre.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron said the centre would require an investment of between RM400 million and RM500 million for the first phase of its development.

The centre which would be sprawled across Jalan Hang Tuah, Jalan Tun Ali, Pengkalan Rama, Kampung Morten to Melaka Sentral would comprise a hypermarket, transportation hub, tourist attractions, residences and institutions of higher learning.

“The state executive council meeting has agreed in principle to the development of the commercial centre in a move to balance reclaimed land and inland development in the state,” he told Bernama here Saturday.

He said the focus of the inland development was to raise the socio-economic status of the people in the area.

“The centre will also focus on academic development. Right now, Universiti Teknologi MARA and Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka have their campuses here,” he said, adding that eight developmental projects over 40.5 hectares is expected to be ready in five years.

Idris said two projects which would be the pillars of the commercial centre are the reconstruction of the Hang Tuah Hall and the construction of the Melaka Foundation building.

He said the existing two-storey Hang Tuah Hall will be rebuilt into an eight-storey building. It will continue to house a library but the clock tower within would be upgraded into the main landmark in the commercial centre.

The 25-storey Melaka Foundation building, to be completed in three years costing RM120million, will houses offices and a 252-room hotel that would generate income for the foundation.

Idris said the state government also planned to redevelop buildings which had no more historic value within the Hang Tuah Commercial Centre

“The affected buildings will be refurbished to look attractive so as to be able to generate economic activities in the area,” he said, adding that traffic congestion, the drug menace and prostitution will become a thing of the past.


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A cruise worth taking in Malacca I WOULD like to congratulate the Malacca River Cruise for being awarded the Malaysia Tourism Awards 2010/2011 under the Man-Made Attraction category. I have taken the cruise a few times and each time I have come away with great satisfaction. The cruise itself I

s a success story which can be used as a point of reference for other tourist sites. I remember years back when Malacca River was nothing more than a dirty river. Visitors to the historical city would never want to look at the dirty, smelly river. Kampung Morten was dimly lit. Mangrove and lalang grew on both sides of the river. Clothes hung everywhere as the river served as a backyard to houses. Today, throughout the cruise, the river is beautifully and colourfully lit. The stench is no longer there. Kampung Morten is a great example of Malay traditional houses and it glows majestically at night. A jogging track has replaced the mangrove swamp and lalang and pedestrians can now walk along the river that has many benches for visitors to rest. Many bridges were renovated and upgraded with beautiful sculptures. The laundry has been replaced by creative wall murals painted by art students depicting historical events of Malacca. Wow! What a transformation! The Malacca River today was rejuvenated through collaborative efforts and hardwork by many departments and also the people of Malacca. Congratulations again to all who were and are involved in this project. Please continue to further improve this river cruise. I hope to see new things added the next time I take the cruise. Do continue to make Malaysia and Malacca proud! Tahniah. T.K. TEH, Kuala Lumpur.

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Linda Phua Sue Lin

If you are looking for accommodation within the core heritage zone in Melaka, you have several choices. Depending on your needs and your budget, you can choose from 3, 4 or 5 star hotels,  budget hotels, boarding houses and boutique hotels. However, home-2-stays within the zone are hard to come by. We recommend Taming Sari Guest House in Kampung Morten.  So if you want clean, comfortable accommodation with modern amenities which would enable a large family to live together under one roof while not eating a huge chunk of your holiday budget, look no further. As we said in our previous article (link), a home2stay within Kampung Morten goes beyond just accommodation. It’s the whole living heritage experience coupled with the extremely strategic location.

There are plenty of boarding and guest houses within the heritage zone. Just take a walk or a drive along roads like KampungHulu, Harmony Street, Blacksmith Street and Heeran Street. However, these are all rooms to let and if you have a family with many children and relatives, you may feel more comfortable living in a house with amenities like a gas stove, a dining area, kettle, fridge and even a washing machine available. Also, if you are a Muslim family, you may not be comfortable living amongst strangers while sharing bath and toilet facilities and not having prayer mats in your rooms.

We promised you in our previous article to talk about the attractions within walking distance from Kampung Morten and we figured that it would be more interesting to compile a photo report. To make it clearer, the walking tour starts from the house itself and starts from the right turn. This simply means that you turn to the right upon leaving the house and start walking along the riverside.

If you want to see more pictures, just hop over to our Facebook page (Homestay Warisan Melaka) and click on the Album.

Coming up…. Spotlight on another heritage house in Kampung Morten which has just joined our Home-2-Stay Warisan Melaka Program.

Happy Exploring!



Leaving Taming Sari Guest House located at Kg Morten

The Monorail passing along the river. This picture was taken at Kg Morten.

One of the colorful Malay houses in Kg Morten. Notice to roof painted with the Malaysian flag.













Outside the Dutch Harbour cafe. The owner is a Melaka chap who used to work in Holland. Their speciality is Dutch Apple Cake and traditional Dutch food. Halal.

The Melaka River Cruise in action. The cruise starts at 10 am and runs till 11pm. The night cruise is more popular as the whole river is lighted up.

The water wheel – as re-constructed from historical records. In the foreground is the Casa del Rio Hotel.



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