Kuching City

30 Fun Things to do in Kuching Sarawak

30 Fun Things to do in Kuching Sarawak

Written by: Jyotsna Ramani

Kuching, the famous cat city of Sarawak, stole my heart. I went there as a volunteer for MonkeeBar which helps raise funds for Project Orangutan but soon fell in love with the laid back Bornean lifestyle. So much so that I had my parents visit, plus I revisited as press for Rainforest world music festival.  Here’s my personal experiences in the cat city and top 30 fun and interesting things to do in and around Kuching.

30 Things to do in Kuching City in 2017:

  1. Hike in Bako national park
  2. Look for Sea Turtles in Satang Island
  3. Enter the world of Cats at the Cat Museum
  4. Volunteer at the Monkee bar
  5. Get a tan at Damai Beach
  6. Walk along the Waterfront
  7. Hop on the Irrawady dolphin tour
  8. High Five the Cat Statues
  9. Stay at Fancy Hotels
  10. Bask in the Cafe Culture
  11. Visit the Quirky Upside Down Museum aka Rumah Terbalik
  12. Attend the Rainforest World Music Festival
  13. Gulp Beer in Cool Drinking Holes
  14. Orangutan Feeding at Semenggoh Nature Reserve
  15. India Street
  16. Check out the Kuching Mosque
  17. Bird Watching in Kuching
  18. Orchid garden
  19. Shopping in Kuching
  20. Sarawak museum
  21. Watch a Muay Thai match
  22. See the Famous Fort Margherita
  23. Loiter around Padungan Street
  24. Kuching Old Courthouse
  25. Buy Cat Souvenirs
  26. Try Local Food
  27. Be Mesmerized by the best Sunsets in Malaysia
  28. Stay Fit at Kuching Integrated Recreational center
  29. Meow Meow Cat Cafe
  30. Cooking class with a local

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Cruise Ship Insignia at Senari Port Kuching

Cruise Ship Insignia at Senari Port Kuching

Kuching, Wednesday – Cruise Ship Insignia, US arrived at 8am today at Senari Port Kuching carrying 562 pax.

Sarawak Tourism hosted a traditional welcoming garlanding for dissembarking passengers visiting Kuching City, Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Bako National Park Sarawak Cultural Village.

Cruise Ship InsigniaCruise Ship InsigniaCruise Ship InsigniaCruise Ship InsigniaCruise Ship Insignia


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Frog Tour At Kubah National Park

Kubah National Park is built with massive sandstone ridge with its three mountain peaks, the 911m high Gunung Serapi, Gunung Selang and Gunung Sendok.  Situated only 22 kilometers from Kuching City, Kubah National Park is one of the most accessible of National Parks in Sarawak.  Was established in 1989 and open to the public in 1995, cover an area of 2,230 hectares.

Home for Wallace’s Flying Frog named after Mr. Alfred Russell Wallace.  The 4th International Frog Race has been organized at Kubah National Park in conjunction with “Save The Frogs Day” on 25th April 2015.

Kubah National Park most famous features are its palms and its amphibian; with almost a hundred different palm species it is one of the suitable for any nature lover, contain extensive biodiversity, rich plant, bird ,world of palm and amphibian life of Serapi Range which is only 45 minutes drive from Kuching.  Premium and standard packages from day trip to overnight stay are available from tour operator design mainly for special interest tourist.


0845 hrs – Depart from Yayasan Sarawak for Kubah National Park

0945 hrs – Arrived at Matang Wildlife Centre for briefing.

SPE Frog Kubah

Group attended a briefing by officer in-charge at Matang Wildlife Centre before proceed for facilities inspection.

SPE Frog Kubah

Park Regulations

1030 hrs – Room inspection at Matang Wildlife.

1045 hrs – Went to Rayu Iban Longhouse for side inspection.

1110 hrs – Depart from Rayu Iban Longhouse to Matang Family Park for packed lunch.

1145 hrs – Briefing at Kubah National Park by our guide Mr. Gani from Straight Central Tours.

Briefing on Frog Pond and jungle trekking to Rayu Trail

Briefing on Frog Pond and jungle trekking to Rayu Trail

1200 hrs – Jungle Trekking to Frog pond.

Frog Kubah pond

1210 hrs – We proceed toward a waterfall junction before we proceed to another trail of Rayu.

1245 hrs – We reached Rayu trail entrance and discovered the 3.5km trek toward palm garden and later to park HQ.


Quite a challenging trek

1400 hrs – Reached park HQ.

1415 hrs – Proceed to Telaga Air Homestay for side seeing.

1500 hrs – Arrived at Telaga Air Homestay and visited Telaga Air Waterfront.

1530 hrs – Depart Telaga Air for Matang Wildlife Centre.

1600 hrs – Arrived at Matang Wildlife Centre.

1600 hrs – Free and easy.

1800 hrs – Dinner

1900 hrs – Meet the Amphibians specialist Mr. Pui Yong Min and briefing.

1930 hrs – Frog tour at Kubah National Park.

Frog Kubah

2230 hrs – Frog tour ended.

2330 hrs – Arrived Kuching.


Wallace Flying Frog or Rhacophorus nigropalmatus also known as parachute frog. Live almost exclusively in the trees, descending only to mate and lay eggs.

Mr. Alfred Russel Wallace a naturalist and biologist, 1823-1913. Travel to Malay Archipelago in the early 1900. Did researched in Kubah National Park.

Wallace Flying Frog named after his discovery.

Wallace Flying Frog
Wallace Flying Frog


This trip is recommended to any type of visitor’s. Especially who are interested in Frog study or special interest tourist.

Also for coming future the Straight Central Tour will going to design a “SLOW LORIS TOUR” which is the first ever tour product in Sarawak. Fantastic Idea.


Prepared By:
Angela Linsam
Tourist Coordinator, VIC Kuching, Sarawak Tourism Board

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