Malacca Melaka

Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel during Malacca (Melaka) Town.

Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel (N2.20030 E102.24849) is located along Jalan Mushi Abdullah before a intersection of Jalan Kampung Hulu. It is situated usually subsequent to a Malacca riverbank and that was a reason we chose to stayed here.

 print IMG_8349_zpsa49b99b6.jpg

The vital plcae is preference for us to transport around to many shops and grill circuitously and it has a good perspective of a Malacca River.

I’m confident with my online engagement by and a check in routine was fast and vacant with a front table service! The Hotel supposing giveaway Wifi use during each building and even there were 2 desktop mechanism beside a accepting for those who doesn’t transport with a computer. The room that we requisitioned was package with 2 persons breakfast.
The stream perspective from a room was excellent!

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The trustworthy lavatory view…

 print IMG_8318_zpsb42a04d5.jpg

 print IMG_8319_zps7bbc4e16.jpg

The stream perspective from a room…

 print IMG_8320_zpsf872b05c.jpg

 print IMG_8322_zps9fb5c1cd.jpg

The elementary and customary breakfast was satisfied. Even there was a WiFi vigilance on each floor, though we counldn’t get connected to internet once we related to their Wireless Access point. Anyway, doesn’t matter to me since we still have my possess 3G use from a mobile phone…

I review some disastrous comments online about disquiet by some bucket song from Karaoke Pub circuitously this hotel, we theory we were propitious that no reeling during a stay…

There is a Musical Fountain usually subsequent to a hotel where we can suffer a song during a evening. Too bad, we wasn’t means to take a print due to rain…! Not usually this, we designed to take a pleasing night perspective of a stream when we behind from cooking though a sleet usually keep falling! What a miss! we consider we have to go behind again…:)
If we meddlesome on a Malacca River Cruise, there’s a tiny private jetty (I guess) for a hotel guest and Only 3 trips per day if we get into a vessel by a hotel’s jetty, we can enquire a sheet and a timing from a hotel front desk.

Well, this hotel is value second revisit since of a Prime plcae and we were confident with a hotel’s accessible staffs and their service.

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Malacca (Melaka) Ciam-ciam stall

This Ciam-Ciam stall (N2.20102 E102.24253) is located in front of a Magnum 4D emporium along Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Malacca. We were astounded by a crowds surrounded a stall. My oddity triggered and pull us to try it!

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Realized what a case sell once we mount close…it sell fish ball, loucheon meat, bean spread skin, pig intestine, tribes, streaky pig and many more…all cooked.

 print IMG_20130324_163513R_zps0f24ae50.jpg

We like a braised and stewed tribes, it was Tasty Delicous!
All a dishes were served by a tiny hang by it. Different from a “Lok-Lok”, since all were baked and mostly 1 square per stick.

 print IMG_20130324_163631R_zpsf33ba66e.jpg

Everyone will yield a disposable styrofoam like a image and we comparison a chili, there were few form accessible in a stall…

By looking during everybody faces, seems like they were unequivocally enjoyed a foods! Just like us! Haha! we found it was utterly fun by carrying some internal travel food (kind of snacks to me) along a travel and once we beheld others countenance while carrying it, we can’t stop myself to had another few sticks…! 🙂

 print IMG_20130324_163904R_zpsef4e071c.jpg

By watching a styrofoam behind a stall, we can suppose how good a business is…
I can't remember how most per hang though it cost us about RM11 for 2 persons after a trainer counted from a sticks…we had a lot of a stewed intestine…:)
I consider can't review a cost with Lok-Lok since all dishes was cooked, not raw…so we felt a prices were utterly reasonable.

The case ONLY in business during Saturday and Sunday noon time onwards, Only 2 days per week. So if we pass-by a stall, we competence wish to try it out a internal – Malacca Ciam-Ciam.

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Recommended Local BBQ Pork during Chuen How Restaurant – ?????, Batu Berendam

Chuen How Restaurant (N2.23859 E102.25761) is located along Jalan Merak that is circuitously a Commercial area of Batu Berendam, it’s easy to mark a emporium if we expostulate in from a categorical road.
The grill is famous with their Local BBQ pork that is opposite from ordinarily accessible in a market. After reading a certain reviews online from associate bloggers, we motionless to give a try…

 print IMG_20130325_132852R_zpsd38ee53a.jpg

It was a elementary environment usually like others Chinese kopitiam (coffee shop).

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The owners was accessible and he authorised me to took a photos between case area…

 print IMG_8428_zps3e4d9654.jpg

 print IMG_8429_zps68be2da6.jpg

We systematic :-
*  The Famous BBQ pig with roasted pork.
*  Assam soup with stingray
*  Vegetables
*  3 white rice.

 print IMG_8431_zpsf7a558eb.jpg

 print IMG_8434_zps9fce779d.jpg

The BBQ Pork (char siew ??) was good cooking with sugar hoisin sauce, with a bit of char, delicious and sweet! It was luscious inside with a gummy honeyed outside…the char-siew was opposite from others usually since a trainer use streaky pig to done it, that is frequency to find within Johor Bahru area…

 print IMG_8432_zpsb837f515.jpg
The roasted porks (??? were equally good though we felt a bit of bewail by grouping this, simply since a BBQ pig was too Delicious! We usually strong on a BBQ pig and finish adult left some of a roasted pig on a plate…

The stingray baked in assam soup was uninformed and juicy too! Especially a assam soup was dainty and a lady trainer was not miserly with a soup! We authorised to combined some-more soup that day….

The Damage : RM22.00 for 2 adults 1 child enclosed drinks.

It’s unequivocally formidable for me to report a Delicious char-siew (??) in words, we have to learn it yourself! we categorized this BBQ Pork as ‘Must Eat Food’ and so do a Assam soup stingray to all friends who revisit Malacca.
I gamble we won’t bewail it! 🙂

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Coral Wonderland

Coral Wonderland is located on a 4th Floor of Dataran Pahlawan Megamall (N2.19007 E102.25276), on tip of a Carrefour Melaka Hypermart in a Mall. And it’s and a finish of a mall that tighten to a Equatorial Hotel of Malacca. The Aquarium is situated right in a heart of a chronological city of Melaka, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia.

A tour into a secret wonders of a low will concede we to learn many fascinating underwater animals from several inlet and sea regions around a world.
Prepare to be astounded and vacant by a brightly colored live coral garden fluttering in a sea stream during a Coral Wonderland.
Venture a longest hold pool in Asia where we can feel a skin of star fish, sea cucumber, sea urchin and even a bamboo shark, before stability to a grace of a walking frogfish exhibit.
Source from a official website.

It’s also a First and a Only Coral Park in Malaysia for a moment.

 print IMG_8575_zps4b077fe6.jpg

The sheet prices are :-
RM30 (Adult with MyKad), RM40 (Adult w/o MyKad)
RM20 (Child with MyKid 3-12 years old), RM30 (Child w/o MyKid)
RM20 (Senior citizen – above 60 years old)
Credit label is accepted.

We were given a square of paper where we have to find a rubber stamp dark during each dilemma in a aquarium to stamp a scold answer. It’s a good preparation approach for a visitors to know some-more information about a coral, fish…etc. After finish all a stamps, we can accept a commemoration from a Coral Wonderland. Great encouragement!

Once we stepped into a aquarium, there were many baby sharks seemed in front of us…

 print IMG_8444_zps15492cea.jpg

 print IMG_8447_zpsd921aa63.jpg

Then follow by a prolonged hold pool where we can ‘feel’ a skin of each fishes and others live creatures…

 print IMG_8454_zpsc0b26135.jpg

After a ‘Touch Pool’, a tour started…

 print IMG_8452_zps6ecf69b0.jpg

 print IMG_8448_zpsfb30b815.jpg

I couldn’t yield all a name of a sea creatures here…apologies.
While we keep snapping, my daughter also followed and snap together! Nice!

 print IMG_8481_zps4874f41c.jpg

She (my daughter) was sensitively taken all a photos in a Aquarium…:)

Next, a Eel session…

 print IMG_8473_zpsf83d9a7b.jpg

 print IMG_8474_zps0b02785b.jpg

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Coral session!

 print Tile1_zpsb1311e97.jpg

 print IMG_8499_zpsa6c6b6c8.jpg

 print IMG_8493_zpsfdc5841a.jpg

 print IMG_8503_zpsdc108803.jpg

Sea turtles feeding time…

 print IMG_8543_zps56f58f30.jpg

All kind of Frogs…

 print IMG_8513_zpsd5b3927d.jpg

 print IMG_8512_zpsf68810a5.jpg

 print IMG_8560_zpseccbfb31.jpg

 print IMG_8569_zps11a053eb.jpg

And some of a uncanny looking fishes…

 print IMG_8559_zps1a8d2c73.jpg

 print IMG_8557_zpsde274cdd.jpg

 print IMG_8541_zpse60a7a6c.jpg

 print Tile2_zps95e21ecb.jpg

The pleasing Lion Fish (Top) though it’s Poison! Jelly Fish (left bottom), and do we know what is that on a right bottom photo?

 print IMG_8539_zps79dea163.jpg

 print IMG_8485_zps9237d67c.jpg

 print IMG_8486_zps729d2a5c.jpg

 print IMG_8551_zps008355a4.jpg

 print IMG_8555_zpsd6af6d8b.jpg

Nautilus (from Greek ????????, ‘sailor’) is a common name of pelagic sea mollusks of a cephalopod family Nautilidae, a solitary working family of a superfamily Nautilaceae and of a smaller though nearby equal suborder, Nautilina. It comprises 6 vital class in dual genera, a form of that is a classification Nautilus. Though it some-more privately refers to class Nautilus pompilius, a name chambered nautilus is also used for any class of a Nautilidae. Source from Wikipedia.

I’m astounded that we can see a Nautilus in this Aquarium!

 print IMG_8501_zpsbb878b35.jpg

As usual, to a finish of a tour in a Aquarium, we came to a Souvenirs area…but we didn’t buy anything from there.

 print IMG_8574_zps2076259d.jpg

Even a Aquarium is not really big, though we can declare and admiring a singular class in it, generally a Nautilus. It’s value for a ticket!
If we like sea creatures, we Can’t skip this Coral Wonderland in Malacca!

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