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Traveller’s sleeping pods

What can we do if a generation of your movement does not clear removing a airfield hotel room? Abu Dhabi has a solution. TIRED passengers travelling by Abu Dhabi International Airport can now get some siesta before throwing their subsequent moody in sleeping pods that modify into prosaic beds and slip entirely shut. Ten Finnish-designed… Read More »

Cheap general calls from Malaysia

NobelCom 10% bonus code: WMALAYSIA-1784725821 (exp. Dec 31st) Travelers that revisit Malaysia mostly wish to call to check adult on family or friends in their home country. This customarily leads to high roaming charges when they are regulating their possess telco. Calling around Skype is free, though not any traveler has entrance to Wi-Fi or… Read More »

Enjoying a liberality of headhunters in Borneo

Enjoying a liberality of headhunters in Borneo Rumah Bundong is a 60 year-old, 50-door longhouse nearby Kapit in a Malaysian state of Sarawak. It is inhabited by about 40 families of Iban ethnicity, who are famed, among many things, for headhunting.   Yes that’s right—headhunting—and 40 families means there are a lot of them. Still,… Read More »

Five Malaysian eco-breaks

Five Malaysian eco-breaks Sustainable travel, including obliged inlet holidays and what has turn famous as eco-tourism, is on a arise in Malaysia – and with good reason. Though Malaysia has rarely grown civic regions, it is also home to a abounding ecology and opposite geography. For a nature-interested traveller, this Southeast Asian republic comprises plateau… Read More »