December is usually the favourite month of many, as families begin their school holidays, get ready to go on their year-end vacations, and celebrate the new year and the festivities. The festive mood is definitely “on” in Malaysia and you’ll find lots to do to mark the last month of the year.

For a start, December will see the final part of the 1Malaysia Year End Sale where shopping malls across the country make that last effort to attract shoppers with discounts and bargains galore. Bargain-hunters can flock to the malls and bring home cart-loads of merchandise. Don’t be put-off by the crowded malls – it’s just the last minute Christmas shoppers and overzealous parents getting ready for the new school year (Malaysian schools begin their annual term in January).

If you are heading south with your family, Legoland in Johor has special holiday activities in store. The “Snow” Village is set up to shower “snow” upon visitors for that wintry effect while the one-of-a-kind Christmas market will be selling various festive items not forgetting some unique festive themed Lego products. Special Christmas shows will also be performed as the resort counts down the days towards Christmas and lights up the tallest Christmas tree in Asia made entirely of DUPLO Blocks.


Meanwhile Resorts World Genting offers endless fun and joy up in the cool mountains of Pahang. Its School Holidays Package features the Monkey King Show: The Golden Hooped Rod that will enthrall audiences with exciting acrobatics, music, dance, magic tricks and amazing 3D effects.

And if you are a cartoon fan, Tour the World with Snoopy will feature everyone’s favourite beagle and the Peanuts gang parading around the hill-top resort in 52 custom-made international costumes of different countries and cultures. These colourful characters complete with Christmas tree floats will meet and greet visitors as they spread festive cheer at SkyAvenue and Genting Grand in their daily street parade.

While here, do pop in to SeniKome Péng Hēng, East Coast Arts Cultural Centre at the adjacent First World Plaza for a bit of a culture buzz. The 15,000 square foot gallery is dedicated to promoting the beauty of East Coast Malaysia’s local craft, fashion, games, food and music. Besides viewing the authentic artefacts and paintings, visitors can also watch performances such as the wayang kulit, and try their hand at folk games such as congkak, batu seremban and traditional hopscotch.

The multicultural Malaysia ensures that all races are equal and free to practise their traditions and rituals. The differences in language, culture, history and traditions, and the peaceful harmony among all races are, in fact, the very attractions that appeal to visitors and tourists from other countries. Certainly, December is the month to talk about how truly Asia Malaysia is.

Evidently, pre-Christmas countdown starts in shopping malls as early as in November. Nationwide, and especially in Kuala Lumpur, the spirit of Yuletide is in the air as hotels and shopping malls get decked out in reds and greens, Christmas trees, “snow,” and colourful baubles, and Santas, Santarinas and their elves make an appearance. While Christmas songs get extra airplay at this time of year, the carollers, too, warm up their vocal cords for some festive singing. Catch all this at your favourite shopping malls (highly recommended are Pavilion KL, Suria KLCC, Intermark Mall and Mid Valley Megamall) or nearby hotels.


For tourists who find themselves in tropical Malaysia during the Christmas festivities and wish to attend mass to mark the special day, there are plenty of churches of various denominations to head to. In the capital city stands the famous Cathedral of St John The Evangelist, with its white-washed walls, twin spires and stained glass windows, a favourite for many tourists, expatriates as well as the regular parishioners. It was erected in 1883 in the heart of Bukit Nanas, and has become one of the national monuments that remains of the British administration of Malaysia.

And as the final day of the year descends upon us, what better way to greet the new year than with a spectacular fireworks show? Well, in Kuala Lumpur, there are a couple of places that offer “front-row seats” to a great fireworks show. Go early to book a spot on the lawns of Merdeka Square or KLCC Park. Alternatively, take in a nice dinner and late night drinks at the city’s rooftop bars such as Troika Sky Dining and Sky Bar, before the light show starts!


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A Fruity Combination

A Fruity Combination

By: Fatini Idris

 Malaysian food is awesome. Ask anyone and they would determine that a flavours and colours of a cuisine is roughly forlorn to any other cuisines in a world. There are a lot of singular qualities about a dishes, generally given that we live in a multicultural society. Our use of spices, nonetheless not peculiar when compared to other Asian countries, does have some particular disproportion due to a approach we brew them together.

And it’s not only a spices that creates us different. Malay dishes for example, loves regulating fruits in their delectable gulai, or gravy, that goes ideally together with plain rice. It competence be an peculiar thought to some, generally if you’re not local. You competence wonder, how does that even work? But it does. It so deliciously does.

Pajeri nenas


Take pajeri nanas (pineapple curry), for example. The fruit is not only used to element a spices –  a pineapple is indeed a categorical star of a dish.  Pajeri has a sweet, tawny and somewhat sours ambience offset with a slight shade of sourness from a pineapple, that what creates this plate unique. To make a curry, a mix of mixture including onions, uninformed turmeric, chilies and vessel roasted coriander are blended together with thick pap of developed pineapple. Cook it until it thickened and supplement coconut divert with small bit of salt to get a tawny taste. The outcome is simply divine.

Asam Mackerel Fish with Small Carambola
How about a Peranakan delicacy, gulai asam? Usually prepared with fish such as mackerel, belimbing buluh or bilimbi are infrequently combined to supplement a small additional green flog to a dish. As for a other ingredients, a credentials depends heavily on a use of kaffir orange leaves and other uninformed spices such as galangal ginger, ginger buds or bunga kantan and Vietnamese coriander to work adult a aromatics. The cooking routine involves shower a pap of a tamarind extract and chili until it is soothing and afterwards squeezing out a extract for cooking a fish. Once done, you’ll finish adult with a plate that is green and spicy, perfectly blended together.

Kurau Salty Fish with Jackfruit Gulai


Another plate done additional juicy with a further of a fruit is gulai nangka ikan masin kurau, or pickled kurau fish and jackfruit gravy. Originating from Negeri Sembilan, a plate is customarily yellowish-brown in colour due to a sautéed and browned spices that forms a base, and a further of belligerent turmeric. The jackfruit adds to a hardness and essence of a gulai, and during a same time cuts off a small bit of a saltiness from a fish. And given that it is a Negeri Sembilan dish, it is customarily spicy, though so really yummy.

Patin in Tempoyak Sauce


And we can't speak about fruits in delectable dishes but articulate about sambal tempoyak. Tempoyak is fermented durian, so distinct uninformed ones that are honeyed and creamy, tempoyak is sharp and has a green ambience to it. The distillation routine takes between 3 to 5 days, and once ready, it can be eaten underdone as an accompaniment to a common nasi and lauk meal, or used as an part to several kinds of dishes. One of them is gulai tempoyak ikan patin, or patin fish in tempoyak gravy.  This is a renouned plate in Pahang, where a multiple of tempoyak, chillies, turmeric, and lemongrass, among others, make for a rich, and juicy plate that can be enjoyed during lunch or dinner.


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Government Urged To Build National Tourism Institution

Government Urged To Build National Tourism Institution

TEMERLOH, Jun 18 (Bernama) — The Pahang Tourism and Culture cabinet has urged a sovereign supervision to build a inhabitant tourism establishment to teach and furnish learned manpower in sequence to boost a sector.

Its chairman, Datuk Seri Mohd Sharkar Shamsuddin pronounced a tourism zone was a largest writer to a inhabitant economy and it should be managed in a veteran manner, generally in highlighting peculiarity products to tourists.

“This establishment should have a uniform curriculum to sight people who are directly concerned in a tourism industry. They will not usually be lerned as ‘little ambassadors’ of a nation in terms of speech, dress, manners and culture, though also in a Malaysian culinary humanities and food,” he told reporters here today.

A certificate from a establishment will be recognized as a ‘licence’ to open a new homestay or work with any employer in a tourism attention in a country, he added.

Mohd Sharkar, who is also Lanchang assemblyman, pronounced a state supervision was peaceful to offer suitable land for building a institution.

“Pahang has several healthy attractions such as beaches, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, hills and delegate timberland that can be highlighted to attract domestic and unfamiliar tourists.

“The many world-class traveller destinations accessible in a nation will not advantage a economy if it is not utilized properly,” he said.

News Source — BERNAMA

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Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race

Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race
Date: 23rd May  – 24th May 2015
Venue: Fraser’s Hill, Raub, Pahang
Organizer: Fraser’s Hill Development Corporation (PKBF)
Phone: +609-5171 1623/1624

Fraser’s Hill is eminent as a biodiversity hotspot for some-more than 257 reliable class of birds and an additional 55 unconfirmed species.  The Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race brings birders from a United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa and other countries to Pahang. Apart from a bird race, inlet lovers and photographers can also suffer wildlife seminars, workshops and exhibitions.

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Durian, adore it or hatred it?

“Its ambience can usually be described as… indescribable, something we will possibly adore or despise. … Your exhale will smell as if you’d been French-kissing your passed grandmother.”
– Anthony Bourdain

With a pointy and troublesome exterior, a King of Fruits gives a ominous impression. Coupled with a clever aroma, a argumentative fruit has degraded many, including culinary consultant Andrew Zimmern, a aristocrat of eating uncanny stuff. However, for those dauntless enough, a tawny strength from a artistic fruit is simply divine.

In Malaysia, over 300,000 metric tonnes of durians are constructed yearly, with a vast apportionment grown in Johor, Pahang and Penang. There are over 30 forms of durian varieties, any with a possess characteristics. Some are sweet, some are bitter; some are creamy, others are firm.

Become a durian consultant with a visible beam of a many renouned durians in Malaysia.

Durian, Durian - A beginner's beam to a King of Fruits



Want a ambience of a King of Fruits? Head over to a nearest fruit farm or go on a durian tour with a special travel packages.

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