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Malacca Straits Mosque – The Floating Mosque in Melaka

Malacca Straits Mosque is a floating mosque that can be found in Pulau Melaka. The mosque is popular among locals by the name of Masjid Selat Melaka. The mosque was constructed by the State Government of Melaka at the shore of Selat Melaka in Bandar Hilir. Found at a man-made Island named Pulau Melaka, it is an unparalleled Mosque fabricate at the shoreline of the Strait and at the water level of the ocean. It will look like as it is floating if the water level is high.

Malacca Straits Mosque – Masjid Selat Melaka

The construction work of the mosque started in 2003 and completed in 2006. The mosque was officially opened in 24 November 2006 by Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Ibni Al-Marhum Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail, the nation’s Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. Its outline thought originated from the state’s previous Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam.

Exhilarating Features of the Mosque

The mosque’s most conspicuous peculiarity is its 30-meter-high minaret which additionally works as a beacon, going about as an aide for watercrafts, boats and air ships. A monstrous brilliant arch with blue trims which is unmistakable from a separation sits over its principle request to God lobby. The building joins Middle Eastern compositional style peppered with Malay beautifying components, for example, the utilization of bamboo as a major aspect of its structure and a perfectly cut platform made out of teak wood. The mosque is very much a breathtaking sight around evening time when the entire developing lights. Masjid Selat Melaka is outfitted with different offices which incorporate a multipurpose corridor, a library and a learning focus.

Masjid Selat Melaka showcases the magnificence and radiant current Islamic construction modeling. Separated from serving as a position of love, it has additionally turned into a popular vacationer terminus.

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The Attention Grabber

The city of Melaka, in Malaysia, is an entrancing spot to visit, and individuals originate from great distances abroad to see its attractions, taste its nourishment and encounter all that it brings to the table. Melaka has a rich history spanning over 600 years, yet in the meantime, it is likewise a quickly creating city, grasping new thoughts and advances. One great illustration of this is the man-made island known as Melaka Island or Pulau Melaka. Some piece of a task to make new organizations and opportunities, it is additionally the home to the Malacca Straits Mosque.

Numerous mosques far and wide claim to be the loveliest, and the Masjid Selat Melaka positively merits its place among the contenders. It has been outlined so that when the tide is high, the mosque seems, by all accounts, to be skimming on water. This is especially stunning on a brilliant, crunchy dawn.

The Malacca Straits Mosque has a brilliant vault which is more Middle Eastern in outline than a portion of alternate mosques in Melaka that have a tendency to have a three layered material framework. It has its exceptional and unexpected perspectives, however, and one of these, is its tower that looks really like a beacon.

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A dynamic spot of love, the Malacca Straits Mosque is likewise a prominent vacationer terminus, as it is exceptionally photogenic. The mosque, which is arranged on Melaka Island, can be arrived at by foot or a consolidation of foot and taxi from the city.

Other Floating Mosques in Malaysia

An alternate floating mosque is spotted in Kuala Ibai, a little more than 4km far from Kuala Terengganu town focus, south of Batu Buruk shoreline. The mosque is based on a floating stage with a lake encompassing it. This gives the figment of itself floating on water from a remote place. One of the floating mosque is located in Tenjung Bungah in Malaysia.

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Visit V & A Flower City for all your Floral Needs

 V  A Flower City

Whenever in a country abroad, a common problem faced by everyone is finding the perfect gift shop or floral shop. A tourist in Melaka does not need to roam around the city to find the perfect way to surprise his/her loved one. Rather, you can search online and have it delivered to you. The numerous florists in Melaka are filled with beautiful floral baskets and gifts to please the people you love. No need to wander around the streets looking for flower shops – Instead, you can visit the largest shopping malls where florists have a physical existence, or simple shop online.

V A Florist Melaka

Yet another well-known florist shop in Melaka is the V A Florist which has been operating for 5 years now, both as a physical store as well as online. The store is highly efficient in delivering flowers to you, fresh and on time. V A Florist Melaka are highly professional and qualified florist that are ready to fulfill all your needs.

Occasions and Product Categories

It is entirely your call to select flowers for occasion of any type – be it birthdays, wedding ceremonies, graduation, new baby born, flower and fruit baskets, condolences, and opening ceremonies. V A Flower City is specialized in opening stand flowers, floral table arrangements, artificial flowers, flowers and fruits, graduation flowers, birthday flowers, and condolence wreaths. The gifts and flowers can also be customized, as per your choice.
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Location, Timings and Contact Information

V A Florist’s address is DT 3620, Jalan Angkasa, Taman Angkasa Nuri, 76100 at Melaka. The store is open every day from Monday to Saturday between 9:30 am till 7:30 am, except on Sundays. For further details, you can call them at +06 335 0831 or contact them on WhatsApp at +6 13 393 9589.

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Bucket Bar Melaka – The Locals Hangout Place in Malacca

bucket bar Melaka

Just as the sun sets down you can feel a strange commotion starting to spread throughout Malacca. The city comes to life as crowds of people gather up at the most famous bars and pubs to relax and enjoy the miraculous night-life. Visitors to the city will be thrilled by the wide range of Malacca Bars that host exciting performances as you devour scrumptious food and sip on enticing beverages. A number of vintage and/or classy bars can be located in the heart of the city. Though Malacca is a small town, it never fails to entertain its people.

Bucket Bar Melaka

The Bucket Bar is one such place which lets you rave the night all through the morning with your loved ones and friends. Bucket Bar is one of the most intimate in town and locals love to party all night because they are certainly aware of the best in Malacca. Visitors to this place are thrilled by the ambiance and entertainment, and always wish to come back for more than just a fun-filled night.

People here can enjoy a game of pool, relish the tastiest Nonya, Malaysian, Spanish and Portuguese dishes, drink cold beer, rock the house with the latest beats and sway and dance the night away. The place is exceptionally clean and you would not even feel a hint of smoke. This is one of the most recommended bars in Malacca and one must surely not miss it.
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Location, Timings and Contact Information

The Bucket Bar is conveniently located and can be easily reached. It is situated at 14, Jalan Laksamana in Malacca and can be visited any day from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am. For further information you can call at +606 286 7866 or visit their FB Page.