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The Malaysia Super Sale will begin on 1 February until 15 March, offering shoppers 43 days of discounts and bargains at shopping malls and retail outlets nationwide.

The sale season coincides with significant celebrations including Valentine’s Day on 14 February as well as Chinese New Year on 16 and 17 February, thus providing ample opportunities for shoppers to make advanced preparations for the special day.

Shoppers can expect not only discounts of up to 70% on goods and services but also marvel at the gorgeous decorations put up at each shopping mall.

Among the shopping malls in the Klang Valley contributing towards the excitement of the sale, season is Pavilion KL, Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Putra Mall and Sungei Wang.

At Pavilion KL, the Chinese New Year decorations begin at the iconic landmark just outside the entrance of the mall at the Pavilion Crystal Fountain where shoppers can toss a coin to make a wish. Then step into the colorful gardens of the Main Entrance where flower blooms cascade from above “blessing” those who visit. Pavilion KL’s “Dream Garden of Prosperity” theme goes all out to bless its visitors with good wishes and prosperity. It’s all part of the Visit Pavilion KL 2018 campaign to encourage more people to stopover at the award-winning mall.

Meanwhile, Sunway Pyramid goes with “The Merriment of Spring” theme, rewarding shoppers with a chance to grab All-Season Prosperity Angpows and Reunion Dining Sets. A photo booth featuring a traditional tea house set-up is where shoppers can snap as many photos as they want. There is also a variety of stalls selling the usual Chinese New Year offerings such as beard candy, traditional candies, calligraphy, fresh flowers, and traditional costumes. Shoppers can also enjoy lion dance performances every Saturday at the Concourse.

Not to be outdone, Sunway Putra Mall will ring in the celebrations with its “Wind of Blessings” theme. Visit the Flower Market by Green Pasture selling bountiful blooms, or look out for festive essentials at the Spring Bazaar. Apart from that, there are also great deals and irresistible offers at RM8 at selected outlets. Lion dance performances and art and craft activities are also scheduled while the public are encouraged to toss their wishes at the Tree of Blessings for a special someone and the mall will grant selected wishes. To add to the festive atmosphere, there will be a “Mandarin Orange Eating Competition” for the public to participate and win amazing prizes.

Sungei Wang, one of the oldest shopping malls in KL, is also ready to usher in the year of Earth Dog with the theme “Sungei Wang Garden of Wealth” to spread wealth and prosperity to all its visitors. One of the main highlights at the mall is the Golden Money Tree Ang Pao Pick where shoppers have a chance to win the grand prize of RM888 cash if they are lucky enough to choose the right red envelope! Also not to be missed at the mall is the attempt by the QiLing Dragon Lion Dance Association to enter the Malaysia Book of Records for the title of Longest LED Dragon Dance. The dragon, at a whopping length of 668 feet, will be paraded around the entire Bukit Bintang area at 7pm on 3 February.


Other shopping malls are also going all out to make this sale season a spectacular one. Don’t forget to check out Fahreneit88 with their “Bundles of Luck” celebration; Intermark Mall with their “Streams of Harmony” theme; Suria KLCC with their daily prosperity giveaways; and more!

While shopping in Malaysia is considered one of the popular tourist activities due to the favorable exchange rate, quality of products and diversity of choice, the experience goes up a few notches during the three annual sale seasons in the country.

The other two sale seasons not to be missed are the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival from 15 May to 31 July and the Malaysia Year End Sale from 1 November to 31 December this year.

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Venue: Nationwide

Organiser: Shopping Secretariat Malaysia, Tourism Malaysia

Contact: +603 8891 8000

Fax: +603 8891 8449
Email: [email protected]

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Park Hotel Group has signed a management contract with a subsidiary of Jaya Mapan for its first hotel in Malaysia.

The Park Hotel Melaka, scheduled to open in H1 2019, is Park Hotel Group’s sixth country and ninth city in its development pipeline.

Located in the heart of Kota Laksamana’s entertainment and business district, the 245-key new build Park Hotel Melaka is 90 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and a 10 minutes’ drive from the Melaka Sentral bus and taxi terminal.

The hotel will be part of The Green, a mixed-use development that also comprises retail outlets, shop offices and serviced apartments.

BW Lim International is behind the design of the development that seeks to create a new lifestyle urban living environment by incorporating contemporary landscape features into open, green spaces.

In addition to 245 guest rooms, the 16-storey hotel will feature a bistro and rooftop bar, as well as a complete range of facilities including an infinity pool, a sauna, gymnasium, business centre and meetings rooms.

A plethora of dining and shopping choices are within close proximity, with the vibrant Jonker Walk and famous attractions such as the historical A’Famosa fortress, St. Paul’s Church and Baba and Nyonya Museum less than 10 minutes away.

For business travellers, the commercial area in Melaka Raya is easily accessible in 5 minutes.

“Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, Melaka is a beautiful city with a wealth of history and unique blend of cultures and experiences to offer. Upcoming developments such as the Melaka Gateway and Impression Melaka are also set to transform the city, ushering significant investors and travellers to this part of Malaysia,” said Mr Allen Law, Chief Executive Officer of Park Hotel Group.

Park Hotel Group owns and manages 13 hotels in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Australia. The group extended its portfolio to resort properties with Park Hotel Nusa Dua, Bali last year. Park Hotel Farrer Park, the group’s 5th hotel in Singapore is scheduled to open at the end of this year. Its first hotel in Australasia – Park Hotel Adelaide is slated to open in 2018

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The Eastern & Oriental (E & O) Hotel during Penang, Malaysia (Part 1)

The Eastern Oriental Hotel (popularly famous as a E. O) (N5.42314 E100.33597) is located during 10, Farquhar Street, Georgetown, Penang. We spent a family vacation here for 3 days 2 nights on May 2013.
I will apart into 2 blog posts since a page competence bucket unequivocally delayed due to many photos.

 print IMG_9158_zpsca7ab284.jpg

 print IMG_9213_zps74201e9f.jpg

About a Eastern Oriental Hotel :-
Established by a famed Sarkies Brothers in 1885, whose architectural landmarks also embody a Raffles Hotel in Singapore, a Eastern Oriental (EO) Hotel in Penang island is a usually hotel in a heart of a George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site that possesses primary sea frontage. Over a century-and-a-quarter history, a EO Hotel has played horde to some of a world’s many distinguished artists, writers and heads of state.

Today, a lush 100 all-suite hotel stands as a grand lady of birthright hotels, a particular exemplary magnificence and beauty of use extended with time. Majority of a suites demeanour out onto a elaborate garden and swimming pool with views opposite a Andaman Sea.

The Hotel’s restaurants and bar—Sarkies, 1885 and Farquhar Bar—have a distinguished repute for portion an endless menu trimming from Penang’s internal delicacies to European glorious dining.

EO’s noble grand ballroom is ideal for hosting grave banquets, full with observation balconies and discriminating joist floors to honour a epoch and intrigue of debutante’s balls and black tie cooking and dancing.

The adjacent annexe retard is now being propitious out and scheduled for execution in late 2012. The 15-storey building will be named a Victory Annexe, a namesake being an aged retard of a hotel, so named after a British feat in World War I. The Annexe will supplement a offer 139 suites, all sea-fronting, to a benefaction 100, complemented by new restaurants, assembly rooms, pool, spa, and niche sell outlets. To heed between a dual hotel sections, a existent hotel building will be famous as a Heritage Wing.

 print IMG_9227_zpsc1d5dfa8.jpg

The hotel staffs were unequivocally good and helpful. The feeling started from a reception. At initial we went into a Heritage Wing and found out that a room was during a Vicotry Annexe Wing (the new wing), therfore they beam us all a approach to a other accepting area kindly though any hesitation.

 print IMG_9154_zps3e0b9fee.jpg

Then we walked by a Nice colonnade from a aged building to a new building. Honestly, we never feel sleepy walking by this birthright passageway…especially during a night time where all a lights up…I’ll share a photos with we later…

 print IMG_9080_zps7bb0cda8.jpg

The check-in was good and fast! we like a respectful lady who attended to us and we were tender when she ask us to wait during a loll sitting area afterwards she brought all a keys to us.

 print IMG_9043_zps5773e91f.jpg

The immature lady (from a reception) was patiently explain each trickery that we can implement within a hotel, we like a approach she presented to us.
I will uncover a room photos in my subsequent post, and now…let me uncover we around a hotel…

 print IMG_9044_zps2262fcb6.jpg

The Gallery is situated behind a lift run (on a right), a place tell all about The Eastern Oriental Hotel of Penang. It was only like a mini museum…

 print IMG_9302_zpsed22dbe6.jpg

The above print showed a opinion of E O Hotel on year 1885, it was a fisrt look…

 print IMG_9306_zps08762820.jpg

The above print explain a debate of a 4 Sarkies brothers and a year they built a hotel…
There was a good lady who good famous a story and patiently explain to us of a pleasing stories of Eastern Oriental Hotel of Penang. Appreciated.

 print IMG_9307_zps27a241cb.jpg

The History :-
In a early days as an outpost of a East India Company, Penang drew travellers of each shade and outline – merchants, missionaries, mercenaries, sailors and adventurers. From London to Singapore, one was compulsory to cruise around a Cape of Good Hope, an strenuous debate that took 4 months on a average. In a 1840s, an overland rail track was determined that done it probable for travellers to by-pass a Cape of Good Hope altogether.

But it was not until a opening of a Suez Canal in 1869 and a attainment of a steamship, that transport to Asia insincere rare character and luxury. Writers, actors, playwrights, a abounding and a titled, wearied with Europe and America, looked to a outlandish East to prove their wanderlust. Suddenly, there was a new multiply of travellers – a globetrotters.

It was to accommodate a final of these new abundant travellers that a Eastern Oriental was born.

Already eminent in Southeast Asia for their craving and business acumen, a Armenian Sarkies brothers, Martin and Tigran, staid down in Penang and determined a Eastern Hotel in 1884. Encouraged by a success, they non-stop another hotel, a Oriental in 1885, on an adjacent square of land confronting a sea. Combined, these dual hotels became a largest hotel in Penang, charity 80 gentle and tastefully allocated rooms.

The above story is Only part of it, if we meddlesome to know about a hotel, greatfully revisit their ‘Gallery’ in a Victory Annexe Wing. Thanks.

 print IMG_9310_zps20b5d108.jpg

As we said, we like to travel pass a colonnade between a aged and new wings countlessly since of a birthright deco. The pathway was opposite during a day time and a night time…

During day time…

 print IMG_9082_zps39b41f5d.jpg

 print IMG_9085_zps7a8e2192.jpg

 print IMG_9086_zps7f80aafd.jpg

 print IMG_9276_zps7f1fbbf5.jpg

Then we reached a Lobby of a Heritage Wing…the Dome pattern is marvelous! It’s echoing each singular difference below, that’s mean…there will be no tip underneath a Dome area…:)

 print IMG_9089_zps05965a67.jpg

 print IMG_9209_zps8295c534.jpg

The Antique Lift that is still duty well, according to a Manager of E O Hotel.

 print IMG_9156_zps3080434f.jpg

Follow by a restaurants in a hotel….

The hotel has 2 Sakies Corner, they are located during a Heritage Wing and a Victory Annexe Wing…both are carrying a opposite sourroundings and decorations…

 print IMG_9280_zps102bf545.jpg

 print IMG_9285_zps8e0faf16.jpg

This grill looked so old-fashioned and we like a ambience unequivocally much! The comfortable lightings during a dusk make a grill feel some-more comfort and cozy…
Operating hours are from 10.00 am – 11.00 pm (Daily)

 print IMG_9146_zpse4381ac6.jpg

Next to a Sarkies Corner, it is a 1885 Fine Dining Restaurat.
Named for a year that a EO Hotel was established, 1885 offers exemplary nonetheless contemporary cuisine in an glorious sourroundings in a glorious traditions of colonial glorious dining.

The preference of resourceful alloy dishes from thier achieved chefs, accompanied by a glorious preference of wines, outlines 1885 as a ideal choice for an beguiling dining experience.

The sourroundings of a 1885 Restaurant

 print IMG_9270_zpsb8f1b8d5.jpg

 print IMG_9271_zps081bfc0d.jpg

 print IMG_9274_zps6bdfbfa3.jpg

The atmosphere was Perfect! we can’t unequivocally report in difference though we have to try it yourself…

Traditional English Afternoon Tea is also served in this glorious setting.
Candlelit tables, stiff linens, china service, and courteous staff emanate a enchanting experience.

Operating hours are from 2.00 pm – 11.00 pm (Daily)

Not to forget, a Farquhar’s Bar is situated beside a run of a Heritage Wing. You can have some beers or others ethanol to relax yourself after your wealthy dinner…

Operating hours are from 11.00 am – 12.00 am

 print Tile3_zps1a461f8a.jpg

There is a live rope opening during a dusk and we like a wooden armchair pattern unequivocally much!

 print IMG_9301_zps616bef91.jpg

I did mentioned that we like to travel along a colonnade large time…and when a night tumble and all a lights up, it presented a other beauty of it…

 print IMG_9144_zps6171f3b7.jpg

 print IMG_9136_zps39eaa7d4.jpg

 print IMG_9137_zps8bc0037c.jpg

Beside a passageway, a garden also embellished with all a pleasing comfortable lightings accompany by a sea zephyr from Penang Strait…it’s kind of regretful garden area in a evening…

 print IMG_9314_zps7fd505f4.jpg

 print IMG_9143_zpse023470f.jpg

It was another delight strolling in a garden during night, a Penang Strait was on a left and a credentials lights was from Butterwoth city of mainland.

We had 2 restaurants to select for a daily nominal breakfast, The Sarkies Corner or The Planters Lounge on a 6th Floor. Both are located in Victory Annexe Wing and also called a ‘New Wing’. The Sarkies Corner had many some-more varieties review with a Planters Lounge, though a loll has some-more remoteness for a hotel guests.

 print IMG_9195_zpse4a85b58.jpg

 print IMG_9203_zps2e22e443.jpg

Full of varieties in a breakfast, they offer internal foods, western foods, tender foods, breads and many more…you can simply spend 2 hours by enjoying a breakfast here…

 print IMG_9191_zpsa7c8b698.jpg

 print IMG_9193_zps12cc1439.jpg

And my breakfast is always ‘simple’…

 print IMG_9194_zpscfb1a40f.jpg

The Planters Lounge is a private loll exclusively for all a guest who stay in Victory Annexe Wing. It dining area connected from a loll to a 6th Floor Infinity swimming pool. The loll is open from a afternoon unitl 10pm, though we visited during 5pm – 7pm where they served all a finger dishes and alcohols.

The interior and dining area of Planters Lounge (6th Floor of Victory Annexe Wing)

 print IMG_9094_zps5d70dc84.jpg

 print IMG_9112_zps4ffd074e.jpg

 print IMG_9099_zps81ab6061.jpg

And we can also select a outside event area where with a glorious perspective of a Penang Strait. It connected to a Infiity Pool area…

 print IMG_9097_zpsaf8fafc8.jpg

 print Tile2_zps69762ce2.jpg

The dishes and drinks by a Planters Lounge

 print Tile1_zpsea60a95c.jpg

 print IMG_9105_zps2438334b.jpg

 print IMG_9104_zps679da014.jpg

And they do offer soothing drinks, Red Wine from Chile, white booze and Anchor Beer. All on a house!

 print IMG_9113_zpse912cd1f.jpg

We like to suffer a dishes and drinks during a pool area, we did it for 2 days! 🙂

 print IMG_9120_zpsde1d22bd.jpg

After a dishes and drinks, we jumped into a pool…we did that for continual 2 days during a stay…:)
I like to float to a edge, admiring a perspective of a Strait…

The hotel has a good jetty located in between a 2 wings, maybe we can get down from a Cruise directly and travel to a hotel in a nearby future…

 print IMG_9084_zpsa7f6b12b.jpg

The Eastern Oriental Hotel is one of a Best place to relax yourself and it is also a Only 5 starts Heritage Hotel in Penang. we felt a opposite within their services review with other 5 starts hotel.
We were unequivocally comfort interacted with a hotel staffs, and not to forget a many accessible chairman in a E O Gallery. we apologies that we can't remember her name, she easily explained a histories of E O Hotel to us was unequivocally appreciated and we like her attitude! Great!

Definitely it’s value for a second revisit and it was one of a Best Hotel we ever stay before!

Ms Eileen Chong and Ms Melvis, interjection for your warmest liberality and we unequivocally appreciated.

*  The practical debate for a few forms of bedrooms will be continue in my subsequent blog post.

 print IMG_9235_zps26d8068b.jpg

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Five-star during Kuta

The Italian grill Bene commands fantastic nightfall views for diners propitious adequate to book a list by a floor-to-ceilingglass walls.The Italian grill Bene commands fantastic nightfall views for diners propitious adequate to book a list by a floor-to-ceiling
glass walls.

A stylish new review along a famed Kuta Beach outlines a mutation of a much-loved landmark.

KUTA’S infuriating trade jams, that customarily start during a airport, mostly symbol an doubtful start to a visitor’s holiday during a halcyon pleasant bliss that is Bali.

But it’s to be expected, as Kuta is one of a beginning areas of Bali to pull tourists and is one of a strange “3K’s of a backpackers� trail, along with Kathmandu and Bangkok’s Khao San Road.

My cab swerves and jostles a approach by slight lanes packaged with pedestrians and vehicles, before branch a dilemma into Jalan Pantai Kuta. Although it’s early morning, surfers are already roving a waves as Kuta is a eminent surfing paradise.

And, it’s directly opposite a beach that a code new Sheraton Bali Kuta has non-stop as a initial five-star review in a area.

Sprawled opposite primary ocean-front land, a hotel is touted to symbol a mutation of Kuta from a backpackers’ bliss into a some-more upmarket end on standard with a Sanur or Seminyak areas where well-heeled tourists congregate.

Guestrooms are abandoned of typically Balinese comforts and decor. Instead, they are contemporary with a neutral palette and the
hotel brand’s plush signature bed.

Two normal Balinese dancers acquire me during a entrance, creation a flattering print op opposite a sculpted bronze rapids bright with china lotuses. Elevators lead me to a run upstairs, where an astonishing perspective of a sea directly opposite a hotel appears.

The expansive, naturally ventilated space is totally column-free, charity a breathtaking perspective of Kuta Beach only over a swimming pool below. As contemporary as a Sheraton is, a settlement and interior settlement is desirous by Balinese culture.

Mounted on a roof is a beautifully flashy reproduction of a jukung boat, a prevalent fishing vessel used in Bali, while musical wall-sconces are done from laser-cut immaculate steel with normal Balinese geringsing pattern.

After a typically comfortable acquire by a Balinese staff, we conduct for my fine guest room, one of 203 widespread around a resort’s low-lying blocks. In line with a contemporary character of this Sheraton property, my room is minimalist with Balinese settlement inspiration.

Decked out in a neutral palette, a room is atmospheric and uncluttered, and solemnly designed though any strict décor. A tiny patio permitted around a shifting potion doorway is positioned diagonally so that it overlooks immature lawns with views of a beach only opposite a road.

The superb settlement is accentuated by a poetic mother-of-pearl bombard that reflects a ocean, that is seen in a coffee list and lavatory wall. A freestanding bathtub, rainforest showers and artistic Statuario Italian marble over a self-centredness offer only a right volume of luxury. Each room comforts a plush signature Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed that creates for smashing slumber.

Bathrooms arevery spaciouswith freestandingtubs,rainforestshowers andmarbled vanitybacked by amother-ofpearltiled wall.Bathrooms are
very spacious
with freestanding
showers and
marbled vanity
backed by a
tiled wall.

I conduct for a late breakfast during Feast, a hotel’s all-day dining outlet. Located on a belligerent level, it can be accessed from a street. Vivid magenta tones supplement a colourful appetite to a place, that we find to be really contented after a slumber.

Many guest rush over a endless breakfast smorgasboard here, and it’s easy to see because as it’s truly a feast. Open kitchens plate adult creatively baked eggs, noodles, pancakes and waffles. we adore a giveaway upsurge of freshly-squeezed-to-order fruit and unfeeling juices and Balinese or Italian epicurean coffees.

Homemade yogurts, Western continental fare, Asian specialities and an collection of just-baked breads and pastries make any breakfast special.

It isn’t mostly we puncture into scoops of ice creams for breakfast interconnected with crispy Churros, though it’s unfit not to be tempted during a grill named Feast.

In a afternoon, we try a adjoining Beachwalk, a shining new judgment of an alfresco mall that was designed by EnviroTec, a Jakarta-based architectural organisation that also worked on a Sheraton, as both properties go to a same company.

Soft veils of immature vines hang from any round turn that was desirous by Bali’s lifelike padi fields. The restaurants are contained in small pods encircled by H2O and plants, while a over 200 sell outlets offer a brew of internal and alien brands.

While a Sheraton Bali Kuta will no doubt attract many business travellers due to a comforts and plenty assembly rooms, it is also a really family-friendly hotel. Its family programme ensures that small guest are welcomed with their possess celebration bottles that concede them a free-flow of soothing drinks, juices or milk.

They also suffer a Kids Eat Free package, while only subsequent doorway during Beachwalk is a Miniapolis H2O park and Cheeky Monkey Playground.

Evenings are best indifferent for a hotel, as this is where we suffer some truly fantastic nightfall views over Kuta Beach from a building’s towering position. we spend a initial eve throwing it from a wind-swept open rooftop rug of Bene, that is a hotel’s infrequent Italian trattoria that offers mesmerising views of a pleasing Balinese Straits.

This is a much-in-demand space for hosting private functions or nightfall cocktails, ideal for a hotel’s business transport segment.

A list during Bene’s is only as magical, as a floor-to-ceiling potion walls are privately designed for a views over booze and some juicy wood-fired pizzas or some some-more superb fare. But for me, a still mark off a pool rug is a best place to suffer a blazing palette of dusk.

Sunsets tend to stir a certain arrange of unhappy in me. It creates me simulate how a day has left by and a possibilities that come with tomorrow. The Sheraton Bali Kuta indeed offers a acquire remit from Kuta’s crazily swarming haunts of unruly bars and nightclubs.

Time will shortly tell if it outlines a start of a renovation for Kuta.

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Legoland Malaysia prepared to accept visitors

Legoland Malaysia will open a doors to a open soon, approach brazen of schedule.

Many of us can remember spending hours of a childhood building structures from charming Lego pieces. With a splash of creativity, elementary Lego bricks were deftly built to erect vehicles, buildings and even cities, withdrawal many with lustful memories of a construction toys.

Nonetheless, a initial proclamation in 2008 about a attainment of a Legoland thesis park to a shores elicited reduction than eager responses from some quarters.


Beautiful creation: The gates of Legoland Malaysia will strictly open Sept 15.

In fact, a Malaysian Tourist Guide Council primarily voiced beating as a Legoland park was an unknown code in a segment and attention players were awaiting thesis park icons like Disneyland to be set adult in Iskandar instead.

But, after some-more than dual years of changing a minds of sceptics and efforts to attract a public, Legoland Malaysia is prepared to acquire enthusiasts and cynics comparison to take a fun float come Sept 15, 2012.

“We are opening progressing than approaching so that is a good thing,” Legoland Malaysia ubiquitous manager Siegfried Boerst said.

The thesis park was creatively slated to open in 2013.

Legoland Malaysia is a initial Legoland in Asia and a sixth in a world. The 76 hactare thesis park facilities 7 themed areas with some-more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions.

Legoland started compelling a pre-opening annual passes late final year and Boerst remarkable that there was outrageous seductiveness in a thesis park from a open as good as trade partners. Much to a pleasure of Boerst, some-more than 45,000 annual passes have been snapped up.


Magnificent: A tiny of a Sultan Abdul Samad Building featured in Legoland Malaysia.

“I trust seductiveness will grow with word of mouth quite when we open and people start entrance to knowledge what Legoland has to offer,” Boerst said.

The thesis park is targeting over a million visitors annually in a initial few years and Boerst expects caller numbers to strike 1.8 million by 2020. On average, annual pass holders are approaching to revisit Legoland 4 to 5 times a year.

The bulk of a park’s trade will especially be internal and Singaporean visitors, though skeleton are stirring to pull some-more general tourists.

The expansion in caller numbers, Boerst said, will be upheld by a flourishing tourism attention here.

“We wish to daub into a 40 million tourists a year approaching to come into Malaysia. We wish to be a partial of a attractions for new visitors as well,” he said.

Legoland Malaysia a partial of a tourism landscape

According to Tourism Malaysia, there were 24.7 million available traveller arrivals final year, with tourism profits totalling RM58.3bil. The Malaysia Tourism Plan 2020 is targeting 36 million traveller arrivals and RM168bil in tourism profits by 2020.

Legoland parks typically residence tiny Lego structures built around themes such as Star Wars as good as mini villages with landmarks in a area. Other Legoland parks are located in Denmark, Germany, a UK and a US.


Hop on: A sight that runs by a park.

The heart of Legoland Malaysia is Miniland, that facilities several Asian landmarks recreated regulating some-more than 25 million Lego bricks.

Apart from Legoland’s possess features, Boerst believes that adult and entrance attractions circuitously will expostulate visitors to a Iskandar segment and by extension, to Legoland.

“Legoland fits good with a tourism post of Iskandar. There is a good judgment for Iskandar and we are operative with other attractions in a closeness to offer appealing packages,” Boerst said.

The Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park in Nusajaya is scheduled for a Nov opening with attractions such as Lat’s Place and a Sanrio Hello Kitty Theme Park among other things. Iskandar Malaysia is looking to supplement some-more thesis parks for a segment to boost tourism activity there.

Some have been discerning to indicate out that Legoland is no compare for Singapore’s integrated resorts, that have stronger products to offer. The attractions during a resorts embody Universal Studios Singapore, a casino and a Marine Life Park that support to a far-reaching operation of visitors compared to Legoland’s aim assembly of immature children.


Legoland Malaysia indication builders Muhammad Khairul Zainon Noor (left) and Stefan Bentivoglio putting on a final square of a tiny Petronas Twin Towers.

But Boerst believes that Singapore’s resorts are not approach competitors.

“It is always good to have healthy competition, though we trust we can distinction from any other. Legoland’s participation here adds to a whole tourism captivate in this partial of South-East Asia and tourists on longer stays can revisit parks in both countries,” he said.

Additionally, a H2O park and Legoland Hotel are slated to be non-stop in 2013 and 2014 respectively, that would meant some-more integrated offerings for Legoland. This will pull longer-staying visitors and supplement to Legoland’s revenue.

Legoland expects to beget some-more than RM100mil in income in a initial year of operations. This will come from all a attractions in a park, restaurants as good as sell outlets.

“We should see operational distinction in a initial year itself, though to redeem a full investment will count on a long-term expansion of a park that customarily takes about 15 to 20 years,” Boerst said.

The total cost of a thesis park and designed H2O park is RM720mil, that is entirely saved by a Malaysian government, while a construction of a hotel will cost RM190mil.

Boerst said, nonetheless Legoland radically usually manages a park in Malaysia, UK-based Merlin Entertainments Group, a owners and user of a other Legoland parks, will demeanour into appropriation during slightest a 20% interest in Legoland Malaysia relocating forward.

This will boost Merlin’s strech in Asia, that is approaching to be a new stadium for thesis park operators as a North American and European markets mature and caller numbers plateau.

A news by Pricewaterhouse-Coopers foresee Asian thesis park assemblage to grow to 290 million in 2012 from 249 million in 2007, while spending in that duration is approaching to arise from US$6.4bil (RM19.93bil) to US$8.4bil.

Market investigate association Global Industry Analysts Inc estimates that a tellurian thesis parks marketplace could strech US$29.5bil by a year 2015 and US$31.8bil by 2017, charity copiousness of room for expansion in Asia.

Boerst pronounced Legoland might try into other Asian markets and is already in negotiations for a thesis park in South Korea.


Sneak peak: A perspective of Miniland

“In Asia, a marketplace is outrageous and it is comparatively untapped. In a past, internal players tend to miss a financial strength and imagination to set adult unequivocally good thesis parks. But a marketplace is prepared for that now,” he said.

He remarkable that a party attention in East Asia quite is not jam-packed and as infrastructure improves and disposable income increases, a segment is branch out to be an critical market.

He combined that Legoland parks did not see most of a slack during a mercantile downturn notwithstanding views that consumers would cut down on convenience pursuits.

“We have seen a good 10% expansion in visitors and sales annually for a whole of a Merlin Group. we am certain that if everybody focuses on what needs to be finished here, we will see investments flourishing in Iskandar and that can usually be profitable for Legoland Malaysia.

“This is a new marketplace for us so we are optimistic,” he said. – By Joy Lee, Photos by Abdul Rahman Embong
and Kevin Tan

For more, greatfully revisit a Legoland Malaysia central website

Map: Legoland Malaysia


Building frenzy


Legoland Malaysia on track

Legoland Malaysia

Legoland to showcase iconic buildings

Legoland Malaysia

Paid to play

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