Sarawak Tourism To Present “SARAWAK JE” Theme At MATTA FAIR

Sarawak Tourism To Present “SARAWAK JE” Theme At MATTA FAIR

The “SarawakJe” campaign 

Sarawak Tourism will be presenting the theme, ‘SarawakJe’ at the MATTA Fair, which illustrates the “easiest connection” from Peninsular Malaysia to Sarawak for a quick holiday.

With just a 90 minute flight from Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak has 30 daily flights to the Peninsular offered by airlines including Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia and Malindo Air.

Sarawak, also named “Malaysia’s Favourite Destination” for this MATTA Fair, will present its exotic and diversity in product experiences offered at a value for money price.

Sarawak travel packages

For upcoming MATTA fair, visitors will be spoilt for choices with more than 100 Sarawak travel packages to be offered for sale at the Sarawak Pavilion.  The Sarawak pavilion with booth number 4M001 to 4M011 is at Hall 5 of the PWTC.

A total of 13 Sarawak travel agencies and hoteliers will participate in the fair, featuring Sarawak style packages and among them are the Greatown Travel from Sibu, Brighton Travel Tour, Miri Borneo Travel Agencies and Tropical Adventure Tours from Miri.

Also joining the fair to showcase their product experiences are the Inter-Continental Travel, EcoGreen Holidays, Great Leap Tours, Straits Central Travel Tours, Borneo Exploration Tours Travel, Amogha Tours Travel, Ibanika Tours Travel and Paradesa Borneo all from Kuching.

The Merdeka Palace hotel and Suites is the only sole hotel representative and SEDC Tourism Hospitality Group including the Sarawak Cultural Village will also be present.

Visitors at the weekend fair will be spoilt for choices with more than 100 new and exciting tourism packages with prices ranging from as low as RM 69.90.

Tagging their special and tailored packages, it mainly features authentic Sarawakian experience and a value for money that awaits travellers who will be specially flown by Air Asia.

Sarawak Cultural Village will offer a knock down a rate of RM 69.90 for its special package for its first 10 customers every day at the fair offering entrance fee to the Village with visits to the different ethnic houses, cultural shows and a Sarawak ethnic lunch at its Budaya Restaurant.

Fancy the ‘Across the Equator’ tour package  by tour Borneo Exploration with its  five days four nights  tours, which takes travelers from  Kuching to Pontianak and  Singkawang in Kalimantan  with the Semenggoh Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre and the Sarawak Cultural Village as an add on.

Greatown Tours provides special Sibu packages, with three day two night food trails through the city at just RM275.00 and a three day two night city and Iban longhouse experiences at RM295.00.

EcoGreen Holidays offers three day two night packages to the interior of central Sarawak, aptly named ecotourism in Selaan-Linau in Ulu Baram and also the “Romancing the Wilderness” package in the Kelabit Highlands.

Contest and lucky draws galore

Matta Fair SarawakJe

Sarawak tourism will also roll its ‘Sarawak Je’ instagram contest, with five daily winners over the three-day fair.

Visitors  can  take  a selfie at the Sarawak Pavilion capturing any ‘Sarawakian’ theme and post the picture with the hashtag #SarawakJe, #MattaFair and #AwesomeSarawak and tag @SarawakTravel and @WeLoveSarawak to be eligible for a prize.

The prizes include exotic Sarawak crafts and memorabilia and tours packages in Sarawak with prizes to be collected before the final day of the fair.

For purchases of any Sarawak packages from the Sarawak Pavilion, it will entitle purchasers for daily lucky draws and winners will stand a chance to win attractive prizes which include overnight stays at resorts or hotels in Sarawak.

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Vedro by the River mall is expected to be completed by mid 2017.

This 210,000 sq.ft. is located at the old Malacca Central market at end of Jalan Kee Ann.

This mall is developed by Hatten Group of companies. Valued at RM 60 million, it will be latest Hatten Group shopping mall.

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Sarawak Travel Agents And Hoteliers Offer Special Packages At MATTA FAIR

Sarawak Travel Agents And Hoteliers Offer Special Packages At MATTA FAIR

KUCHING, Friday – Sarawak is being  represented by three hoteliers and four tour agents which are currently selling special packages  at the  ongoing  MATTA Travel Fair be held at the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur.

Sarawak strongly features the ever popular Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri city excursions and topping up with tours to Sarawak’s major National Parks such as Bako, Niah and Mulu UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visitors to the weekend fair, which started today are entitled to claim special free gifts and also enter a grand lucky draw for a chance to win attractive Sarawak holiday prizes when they purchase any packages.

The Sarawak Pavilion, located at Hall 4 booth number 4101 – 4106 is open from 10 am to 9.00 pm daily.

MATTA fair is Malaysia’s largest consumer travel fair and this time it is expected to attract RM 200 million worth of sales with 100,000 visitors expected to attend the weekend travel sales galore.

Sarawak Delegation of hoteliers and agents giving the thumbs up, ready to go all out at the fair.

Sarawak Delegation of hoteliers and agents giving the thumbs up, ready to go all out at the fair.

An exhibitor at the Sarawak booth taking time to explain the packages on offer to interested visitors.

An exhibitor at the Sarawak booth taking time to explain the packages on offer to interested visitors.

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Visiting Sarawak as a Japanese Intern | Banana Cheese

Most may know Sarawak as a city with fascinating rainforest and the famous Rainforest World Music Festival.  Today, I would like to introduce you to the food in Sarawak that can be as fascinating as the beautiful adventurous rainforests. Gourmets being served in Sarawak come from 4 different cultures such as Chinese, Indian, Malay, and local Dayak tribes. This cultural diversity of food brings food lovers into a whole new world.

Today, I would like to share the food I learned to love where in Sarawak!

Japanese intern on food Banana Cheese3Sarawak being tropical in nature, many types of exotic fruits can be seen all over the place. Within these tropical fruits, I would like to start off my introduction with one of the most common fruits in Sarawak, “Banana”. Most of you guys might think “Bananas? I can just grab them from the Super Market anytime I want!” Well, the bananas I am going to introduce to you guys are different from the typical yellow bananas you buy at the store. In Malaysia, Bananas being easily available and growing all season, it is considered to be a fruit that can be bought at a very cheap price with high demand.

There are more than 10 types of bananas growing in Malaysia, all having distinctive features. For example, one could be small and round like the “Pisang Montel”, while others having a long skinny feature.

With the high demand and availability of Bananas, there are many dishes being served with Bananas as the main ingredient. Here’s my favorite dish that I recommend to you guys…

Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters) with cheese

Here’s how I encountered this delicious dish:

Japanese intern on food Banana Cheese2It was another hot day in Malaysia, and me and the other interns decided to explore Sarawak. We decided to go to a populated area at first, so we took a taxi and ended up near one of the biggest food courts we been to. It was lunchtime and I decided to try something new since I wanted the day to be adventurous. I walked around the food court looking for something new but couldn’t find anything that excite my desire since the place was mostly aimed for tourists. After a few trips around the food court, there was a street stall on the other side of the street.  That’s where I found the Banana Cheese Fritters.

Crossing the street with curiosity, I noticed that the stall was taken over by Bananas. After a while, a guy came up to me asking to buy fried Bananas w/cheese. At this time, I thought to myself “Fried Bananas with cheese on top? I thought fruits were supposed to be refreshing”. But looking at the RM3 sign and the amount of fried bananas in a single plate, I couldn’t refuse the offer.  I paid for the Banana Fritters and waited for it at the table we found near the stall.

A moment later, the cashier came with a plate with a fascinating smell that provoked my stomach with hunger. It was like that smell of freshly baked bread in the morning.  The cheese topping melting from the heat of the fried bananas covered by the choice of my favorite flavor unleashed the hunger out of me. (Flavor varying from original, chocolate, caramel, cinnamon, etc.) After taking a picture, I took my first bite into the dish. I loved it. It was one of the best sweet snacks that I’ve tried in my life. The outside crisp mixed with the sweetness of the banana and the sugar is such a great mixture.  The time I remembered to take a photo of myself eating it, the plate was cleaned up leaving nothing but the caramel saucing that had fallen from the bananas.

If you ever plan on visiting Sarawak, this is a must try snack that will fulfill your taste buds.

サラワク州は、手つかずの熱帯雨林や神秘的な動植物が生息している事で知られています。夏には、Rainforest World Music Festivalなども開催されています。本日みなさんに紹介するのは、サラワク州のもう一つの魅力である「食」です。マレーシアには、数多くの食文化が存在し、一国にいながら刺激的な経験をする事ができます。






Written by: Kenta Kojima

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Kami menyediakan pakej lawatan pelajar ke Melaka dengan pakej lawatan yang sangat menarikBermula jam 9 pagi rombongan akan ditemukan dengan pemandu pelancong kami di Plaza Tol Ayer Keroh dan taklimat dari Pemandu Pelancong berkaitan Melaka akan diberikan…Selepas itu beberapa siri lawatan telah disusun dari pagi tersebut hinggalah ke lewat malam iaitu :

1. Taman Mini Malaysia & Mini Asean, Ayer Keroh Melaka

2. Zoo Melaka, Ayer Keroh

Selepas selesai sesi pagi para pelajar akan dibawa untuk makan tengahari di Hotel ataupun restoran makanan masakan asam pedas Melaka. Selepas makan tengahari para pelajat akan Check in di tempat penginapan pada kira-kira jam 2 petang sebentar untuk rehat dan solat dan setelah itu lawatan seterusnya disambung ke :

3. Muzium Samudera iaitu didalam Replika Kapal Flor De Lamar di Banda Hilir Melaka.

muziumsamudera.jpg image by azieuraya

4. Muzium Warisan Melaka, Bandar Hilir Melaka

muzium sultan melaka

5. Menaiki Bkt St Paul

6. Bergambar di Kota A Famosa

A replica of a Fort A Famosa located in Malacca, the Historical City of Malaysia.

7. Melawat dan membeli belah di Gerai Cenderahati Medan Samudera


Setelah selesai acara di Banda Hilir, pelajar akan dibawa ke tempat bersejarah laksamana Hang Tuah

8. Perigi Hang Tuah, Duyong Melaka


Setelah selesai pelajar dibawa balik ke tempat penginapan untuk berehat dan solat Asar dan seterusnya makan malam. Selepas itu pelajar akan dibawa semula ke Banda Hilir untuk menaiki ;

9. Menaiki Menara Taming Sari


10. Melaka River Cruise

11. Muzium Kapal Selam, Klebang Melaka

Setelah selesai semua, pelajar akan dibawa pulang berehat di tempat penginapan. Program pada hari esoknya selepas sarapan pagi adalah acara adalah bebas, namun begitu para pelajar boleh dibawa ke berjalan-jalan sekitar Melaka sehingga jam 12 tengahari untuk checkout dari tempat penginapan.

Pakej untuk penginapan bagi seorang pelajar;

Pelajar Hari Biasa (Ahad – Khamis) Hujung Minggu (Jumaat & Sabtu), Cuti Umum & Cuti Sekolah
Sekolah Rendah RM25.00 RM35.00
Sekolah Menengah RM25.00 RM35.00
Institut Pengajian Tinggi (IPT) RM35.00 RM45.00

Pakej Sarapan (packing) juga disediakan pada kadar RM 5.00 bagi setiap pelajar.

Penginapan asrama dan apartment akan disediakan INDAH Kembara Apartment & Hostel, Klebang Melaka akan kami sediakan. Sila lawati
Untuk pertanyaan lanjut sila hubungi kami:
INDAH Kembara Apartment & Hostel Melaka;
(diuruskan oleh World Heritage Management)
No. 46, Jalan LJ 1, Taman Limbongan Jaya, 75250 Limbongan, Melaka
Ms Hana 013-2987378
anda juga bole menghantar mesej melalui SMS , WhatsApp