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In Search of the Red Banded Langur in Maludam National Park

In Search of the Red Banded Langur in Maludam National Park

A 3Day/2Night experience in the Maludam National Park.

The itinerary for the ‘Search for the Red Banded Langur’ in Maludam was pioneered by adventure tour company, Paradesa Borneo (One Wayang Tours Sdn. Bhd.)

The Maludam National Park is protected area, critical for the protection of the only viable population of the Red Banded Langur remaining in the world today. A visit to the national park offers glimpses at the rare monkey and some 61 other species of mammals recorded in the area.

To get to Maludam, visitors have to drive about 170 kilometers from Sri Aman, bypassing the small town of Pusa before crossing the Batang Saribas by ferry. Proceed then to Kampung Maludam till the end of the coastal road at Triso, a small village by the sea.

This three day and two night itinerary takes advantage of the stretch of the Borneo Coastal Road, stopping by the local kampungs to experience the culture and interact with the people.

For more information on the National Park, visit the Sarawak Forestry’s website here.

Day One, Getting to Maludam

The group departed from Kucking at 8.00am, heading for Maludan through the Semarahan Batang Sadong Bridge. They arrived at Kampung Hilir Maludam by 2.00pm, where they got to enjoy the kampong (village) activities.

They explored the grounds of the village, watched a traditional performance by some young villagers and even learned how to prepare kuih sepit.

Learning to make kuih sepit

Day Two, The Search is ON!

The group had a quick safety and itinerary briefing before heading for the Maludam National Park at 8.00am.

The only entrance to the national park is by boat to ‘Station 2’ jetty. The early morning boat ride gives the group a chance to admire the tranquility of the protected peat swamp area. On arrival, the travel guide prepares the group for the trails and animals they may see throughout the walks.

The Red Banded Langur ©

The group learns a little about the behavior of the beautiful primate, and return to Kampung Hilir Maludam at 3.00pm.

At the Kampung, they experienced ocean fishing on a traditional fisherman boat and get to see how salted fish, jelly fish and prawns are dried and processed at the factory. For more information on the jellyfish processing factory, you can visit this blog.

Fishing at Kampung Hilir Maludam


Jellyfish and prawns being processed at the factory

After enjoying a day on the water catching fish and seeing how the local catch is processed, the group took a beautiful sunset cruise over the coast of Maludam.

On returning to the village, they enjoyed a traditional performance called “Bergendang” or ‘drumming’ by the Persatuan Nelayan Kampung Maludam at 7.00pm. They then retired to the Kampung Hilir Maludam Homestay for the night.

Persatuan Nelayan Kampung Maludam

Day 3, the Pasar Tani

It’s bright and early the next day, with the group departing from Maludam at 7.30am to head to the Pasar Tani Maludam. By noon, they head back through Triso, Pusa and Sri Aman, seeing the sights in the towns like Fort Alice.

By 8.00pm, the trip comes to an end in Kuching.

The Tour Package

  • The Tour Package of 3 days and 2 nights totalled at a RM1,150 per pax and came inclusive of:
  • An English speaking tour guide
  • Tour van and driver
  • All activities in Maludam village
  • Homestay accomodations for the two nights
  • boat trip to and from Maludam National Park
  • Sun Set Cruise

The group found the trip to be a great experience, with friendly hosts and good facilities awaiting them at the homestay. As for the attractions surrounding the village and the National Park, they were excited to be a part of the fishing and cultural activities and found there were also proboscis monkey and crocodile watching tours available to the public, though there wasn’t enough time for them to enjoy it for themselves.

All in all, the Maludam National Park and its surrounding communities area  great place to visit, to perhaps catch a glimpse of the rare Red Banded Langur, or at the very least see the rest of the wildlife that flourishes in the protected area and enjoy the good company of the people of Kampung Hilir Maludam.

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Miri, A National Park Gateway in Sarawak

Miri, A National Park Gateway in Sarawak

Miri, A National Park Gateway in Sarawak

Miri is a resort city located in the northwest of Sarawak which borders the Kingdom of Brunei Darussalam and also the gateway to Sabah. While many may have not head of this resort city in Borneo, Miri is home to some amazing national parks of Sarawak.

The charm of Miri lies in the location where it is also one of the gateways to the Mulu National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors need to fly to Mulu from Miri or Kuching. Other parks in the vicinity of Miri include four national parks which are:

  • Niah National Park (1 hour drive)
  • Lambir Hills National Park (45 minutes drive)
  • Loagan Bunut National Park (2 hours drive)
  • Bukit Tiban National Park (2.5 hours drive)

Miri, A National Park Gateway in Sarawak

Inside the Niah Caves

Most visitors have heard of the Mulu Caves or the national park here due to worldwide publicity over the years.

However, the other national parks mentioned above provide amazing adventure tourism, flora and fauna, and a true Bornean rainforest experience.

Miri, A National Park Gateway in Sarawak

A beautiful sunset view from one of the many beaches at Miri

In total, Sarawak offers 30 national parks, a wonderland for nature lovers. Out of that 30, four of them are wildlife sanctuaries and 10 nature reserves. Just in the Miri area, there are a total of six national parks. More more information, visit the Sarawak Forestry website (

Miri, A National Park Gateway in Sarawak

Miri’s ethnic market known as ‘Tamu Khas’ or Special Market

Miri’s resort city also offers visitors a wide range of activities including scuba diving, authentic Sarawakian food, entertainment, beaches and local markets. Miri is also home to the world class Borneo International Jazz Festival which is held in the month of May and the Miri Country Music Festival held in February.

Photos by David Hogan Jr