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Reasons why you should move to Malacca

Real estate has become among the top investments in the world today. Among the places to look out for are in Southeast Asia, where you can buy a house in Malaysia. Malacca is a quick fix to all those who love traveling since it has been described as a tourist destination. It provides an experience… Read More »

Top 10 Historical Places to Visit in Melaka (Malacca)

Melaka is a small state of Malaysia that covers not more than 1,664 km² area. This small state with population of around 800,000 in 2010 offers great hospitality to the visitors. You will find plenty of tourist attractions, best restaurants and shopping places here, but let us now introduce you to the aspect of Melaka… Read More »

Melaka Art & Performance Festival

Melaka Art Performance Festival MAPFest is building a clever repute for bringing heading Malaysian, Australian and general artists together in performances and exhibitions via Melaka’s overwhelming birthright precinct, including a stately hull of St Paul’s Church. Festival events are giveaway to all, and attract thousands of spectators. Venue All around Melaka Organiser: E-Plus Entertainment Sdn.Bhd… Read More »

World Heritage Melaka Trail

1. MALACCA TOURIST INFORMATION CENTREYour journey, very appropriately begins here. Centrally located in Old Malacca, the Malacca Tourist Centre lies between Chinatown and Dutch Square. From here your first destination is a bridge across the Malacca River. 2. MALACCA RIVER As you cross the bridge, look to tour left. In the distance is the rivermouth… Read More »