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Why you should move to Malaysia in 2016

By Lloyd Green Good news! If you’re thinking of relocating to Malaysia — maybe to volunteer, work at an NGO, study, join a big company, intern or simply enjoy your gap year — now is the best time. According to the 2016 global Cost of Living Index report collated by Numbeo, Malaysia is the 29th… Read More »

Coffee places in Malaysia

There are several coffee shops in Malaysia. Most tumble underneath one of a vast chains, we see those coffee shops all over a country. Every selling mall has during slightest one or several coffee shops; this also relates to airports within Malaysia. The many renouned coffee in Malaysia are: Starbucks, Coffee Bean Tea Leaf, Dôme,… Read More »

Touch ‘n Go

It was approach behind in 18 Mar 1997 that a initial Touch ‘n Go use was commissioned and it was used during a Jalan Pahang Toll Plaza. Other fee plazas were shortly commissioned with a Touch ‘n Go use such as a fee piazza in Jalan Cheras as good as a East-West Link Expressway. Towards… Read More »