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To be honest, when I said walk on water, I meant it figuratively because Marina Island Resort is an artificial island that was built right on the sea. Am I right, or am I right? It is indeed a reclaimed land that was established on the coast of Teluk Muroh in Perak (northern part of the Peninsular Malaysia).

Let’s not dwell on how or even when it was built. Let me bring you straight to why it should be next in your list of holiday destination.

Oh, before I begin, this resort is definitely more fun to stay at if you come with your family or a group of friends. This is because almost every corner of this 316.9- acre of man-made island is filled with activities that its guests can participate in.

And these activities will be more fun and enjoyable if they are shared, you know like that famous quote by the late Chris McCandless – “Happiness is only real when shared.”

Frenzy Hippo Park

This water theme park is not one to miss when you stay at the resort. If I must say, it is the resort’s main attraction, really! This Frenzy Hippo Waterpark is larger than 24 badminton courts with 41 challenges. After going through all the slippery challenges, you will either end up looking like a “ninja warrior” or something that the cat dragged in. You won’t have much dignity left after you complete all the activities, that much I can tell you. However, it is undeniably an enjoyable and fun activity but at the same time a survival game for the fittest. Frenzy Hippo Waterpark is suitable for all ages.

Or you can just put on your sunglasses and let yourself drift on a float of all sizes and patterns at the lagoon. I saw many cute floats in various shapes such as pizza, unicorn and peacock at the waterpark. There are also kayaks, canoes, duck paddle boats and Yoyo boats for guests to try out on the calm seawater. New water activities will be added from time to time to make the waterpark more enjoyable. Currently, the price for this activity is RM20 per pax.

Fishing Pond

People say fishing is a lonely and solitary hobby but looking at the fishing activities at the fishing pond, it was as lively as a fish market. I saw a family of four bonding with each other through fishing and there wasn’t a single handphone in sight, isn’t that marvelous? They were teasing each other while the father was trying his best to attach a live bait to the hooks.

It is open 24 hours daily and if you are lucky, you will end up with a grouper fish weighing up to 20kg. For three hours of fishing, it will cost you around RM100.

ST Theme Park

Well, if fishing is not your thing, fret not because there is a family-oriented outdoor entertainment park near the fishing pond where there are plenty of motorised and non-motorised rides to play with.

ST Theme Park operates from 6 pm till midnight daily except on Monday. Decide on your vehicle of choice – the ATV, the Harley Bike, the decorated mini car, the Big Wheel, or rickshaw – or, if you are crazy like me, ride them all.

Those with children as young as one year old need not worry, either, because there are lots of kiddy cars for them to ride on. ST Theme Park may just be the “place” that will help strengthen the family bond.

Sunset Cruise

Spending three hours on a luxury boat cruising around the island of Pangkor was one of the main highlights of my stay at the Marina Island Resort. Accompanied by an experienced captain/sailor, who was also the owner of the catamaran, Rod, who hails from Australia, the cruise became much more fun and informative. He has so many sailor’s tales to tell, some of them were horrific but most of them were funny.

Unfortunately for me, the weather was not very cooperative that day so I didn’t get to see the sunset but I did get the chance to ride on Rod’s mini jet ski when the catamaran took a break in the middle of the ocean. It was exhilarating and felt much safer than the normal jet ski.

Don’t forget to bring your own snacks and drinks. The three-hour sunset cruise will cost you a total of RM180.

Giant Grouper Feeding

If you feel that feeding a fish is sort of therapeutic, you can visit the grouper fish pond at the marina. You just have to pay RM10 per pack of small fish to feed the giant grouper. There are about 10 of them and each weighs around 100 kg. After watching them eat, I am not sure this activity can be called therapeutic, it felt more like an adventure to me. You have to experience it yourself in order to know what I mean. The feeding times are at 9 am and 5 pm.

Group / Educational Activities

If you come in a huge group like for a team building, school trip and such, these are the kind of activities that are catered to your needs.

  1. Batik Painting – This activity will help you learn some basic points on batik. You will also be given a pre-set batik drawing to paint. Need I remind you that it is very addictive.

  2. Raft Building – You will get to learn how to build a raft from scratch for survival purposes.

  3. Camping and Bonfire – This activity is definitely ideal for school children to learn some basic outdoor skills in order to build their confidence and to learn how to be independent. They have to build their own tent, cook their own meals and start their own fire.


Well, as for accommodations, Marina Island Resort, Pangkor is home to 400 suites and hotel rooms spread within two wings comprising Superior Suite at D-Sea and Deluxe Suite at D’Ocean, as well as a series of luxury homes called Tiara Bay. Some of its bungalows are also listed under Airbnb.

Rockbund Fishing Chalet

From the name itself, I assume all of you can already guess what this cabin-like chalet was built for. You are right, it is a haven for fishing enthusiasts. Bear in mind, that this chalet is built with fishing enthusiasts in mind, so all 21 chalets offer only basic amenities. Each has its own deck where he or she can fish all day and night if he or she wishes to.

If fishing is not your thing, its quaint little fishing deck can be turned into a location for a romantic candle light dinner with a sunset view to die for or even a beautiful venue for a wedding. With the lovely pine trees and beautiful sunset, nature has indeed been generous to this place.


Food and Beverages


Terumbu Reef Restaurant

It offers a wide spread of buffet breakfast and all-day dining services. This restaurant specialises in Malay, Chinese and international dishes. Terumbu Reef Restaurant can fit up to 100 guests indoors and 150 guests outdoors.

D Pine Café @ Rockbund

Located at Rockbund Fishing Chalet in Marina Island, D’Pine Cafe offers breakfast, lunch, local and western cuisine for dinner, with indoor and outdoor seating. This restaurant is also famous for its fresh seafood BBQ.

How to get there

Access Marina Island Pangkor Resort Hotel easily by navigating your way using these co-ordinates:
Latitude: 4.210492 Longitude: 100.603715

Or Waze it!

Marina Island Pangkor Resort Hotel
KM1, Jalan Utama Marina Island,
Teluk Muroh, 32200, Lumut, Perak.


Take a bus to Lumut then take a 15-minute taxi ride to Marina Island.
Take a Transnasional bus which leads you to Marina Island directly.
Photos are courtesy of Muizzuddin Maksah from Backpakerz.

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A gateway to the interior of Sarawak, Miri is also known as a coastal city that has interesting diving spots and offers diving opportunities for the complete newbies! Certain dive spots do not require a licence or certification, only some training. Everything from the training to the actual dive happens in one day. 


The Anemone Gardens

Located just 20 minutes by boat from the Marina bay jetty, this dive spot has a depth ranging from 10-16 metres. Common sightings at these dive spots are hard soft corals, anemones and their symbolic clown fishes, bubble corals, anchor corals, colorful dendronepthya soft corals, feather stars, giant clams, nudibranches and schooling yellowtails.

The product experience team prepared for the dive with the dive masters, went to the anemone gardens, then experienced a sunset cruise along the coast of Miri.



While not a scuba certification course, Discover Scuba Diving is a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world. To sign up for a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience, you must be at least 10 years old.

No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary, but you need to be in reasonable physical health*.

You learn the basic safety guidelines and skills needed to dive under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional.

If you make an open water dive, you’ll practice a few more skills in shallow water to prepare for your adventure.


*Those with respiratory issues or pre-existing heart conditions will not be allowed to dive without a recent letter of consent from a physician.

Sea sickness may also be a deterrent, as those who are nauseated should not be diving, therefore if you are prone to seasickness, bring your appropriate medication.


Diving Training

This all begins with training at the Miri Gymkhana Club. The team gathers to register and listen to a briefing on the training they are about to undergo and lastly the swim they’ll be enjoying at the Anemone Gardens.

First they train above water, getting used to wearing the attire and the oxygen tanks on their back.

Next, they try their hand at underwater pool training, learning the most vital part of diving: how to breathe properly from their tanks.


Off to the Anemone Gardens

Once the team had a grasp on all the basics, they departed from the pool area to Marina Bay jetty, next to Coco Cabana. Before leaving, had time to kick around and have lunch at Coco Cabana and admire the view at the jetty.

Coco Cabana


Marina Bay Jetty


Finally, the team prepares to dive among the anemone in the Anemone Gardens. The excitement is palpable, but the team has been well trained and they enjoy a good swim through the clear waters before heading back to the boat.


After wrapping up the dive, the team settled down for a relaxing Sunset Cruise along the coast of Miri’s coast.


The day’s tour package cost as follows:

Diving: RM398 per person.

Package includes: 1 boat dive, 1 packed lunch refreshment, hotel/jetty transfer, PADI DSD certificate, weights full equipment, on board PADI dive master.

Sunset Cruise: RM68 per person

Package includes: Refreshments on board.


This trip was arranged by Minda Travel, formerly known as Tropical Dives.

Minda Nusantara Tours Travel Agencies Sdn Bhd

A: Shoplot No.1338, 2nd Floor, Jln Sri Dagang, Waterfront

T: 6085 414 433 / 424 433      F: 6085 424455

E: [email protected]