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Magic Mirror the Musical 2011

November 20, 2011 at 2:00 pm

The name Guanyin is not unfamiliar among Buddhists, as it refers to a bodhisattva who is associated to compassion. Also known as the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin is also revered by the Taoists as an immortal. Guanyin is also the Chinese name for Avalokite?vara Bodhisattva, who was originally depicted as a male bodhisattva, though these days it is usually depicted as a woman. According to the Lotus Sutra, it is believed that Avalokite?vara as a bodhisattva can manifest itself in any form, be it a male or a female, a child or an adult and even a human or a non-human being.

One of the actress portraying ‘Guan Yin’ in Magic Mirror the Musical 2011

Come 25th November till 4th December 2011, Yayasan Guan Yin will present a musical known as ‘Magic Mirror’, which will premiere at Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur. The musical tells the story of Guanyin, whose heart is still bothered by the many plight and welfare of beings on earth. A terrible war is going on on earth, led by a cruel general who is under the influence of demons. Under his reign, all who dare to go against him are mercilessly slaughtered. As homes are destroyed and families shattered by the raging war, Guanyin appears as a wise old man, who fearlessly guides the soldiers and defeats the cruel general and his men.

In a village, the people are now faced with robberies, abuse and thievery and live in constant fear. The banished general and his cruel henchmen have resorted to becoming bandits and thieves, taking whatever they can get from these simple village people. Guanyin decides to alleviate the situation by teaching the villagers and bandits about love, compassion, patience, tolerance and concern. She appears to the people as a lady in white, who tries to sell a copper mirror at a very high price. Curious to see what is so special about that little trinket, many crowd around her, trying to get a glimpse at the mirror. She offers one of the henchmen a look in the mirror in exchange for a small fee. After a glimpse into the mirror, the henchman turns away with a horrified look and urges the rest to look into the mirror. What exactly did he see in the mirror? Who is this lady in white? Come and watch the musical to find out more.

The musical is scheduled to perform from 25th November till 4th December 2011 and tickets are priced at RM 103/ RM 153/ RM 223 and RM 303. Tickets can be purchased online at Redtix.AirAsia’s website. For the complete performance schedule and further information, please log on here or call AirAsia Redtix Ticketing Hotline at 03 8775 4666 (enquiries only).

Photo (c) Magic Mirror the Musical website

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The Secret Life of Nora

September 28, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Istana Budaya’s play for October begins early, starting on on the 29th of September 2011. The play, entitled The Secret Life of Nora, offers an interesting premise and combines various iconic elements of the Malaysian 60s, including the cabaret theatre, outlandish 60s outfits and attitudes, and the unique Malaysian mix of east and west popularised by Malaysian icons such as P Ramlee and Saloma. The play also adds a dash of international intrigue, and manages to marry together a current social issue with the tried and tested female fatale spy concept to produce what promises to be a colourful and entertaining musical spectacle.

The Secret Life of NORA

The Secret Life of NORA

The play is set in the colourful era of the 60s and focuses on the life of a young woman named Nora. The young woman soon discovers there is much more to life than what glitters, and is thrown into a web of illegal activities, an unfortunate legacy of her deceased father, which leads her to strike a bargain with Interpol to become a spy for the agency to save herself and her theatre.

Being a rich and spoilt dancer, Nora of course knows nothing about spying and her training at the hands of Ashok, Interpol’s best spy, sets the scene for some of the play’s most memorable moments. Will sparks fly between these two total opposites? Of course they will. But how will everything turn out for Nora? Find out this October at Istana Budaya.

For more information, please visit the Istana Budaya’s official website.

Photo (c) Enfiniti Productions

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