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Tai Zhi Wei Formosa Noodle House ??????? at Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai

This Tai Zhi Wei Formosa Noodle House ??????? (N1.51609 E103.67048) is located at the corner shop lot unit of Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai – Johor Bahru. The corner lot is the ‘foot reflexology centre’ and this cafe is just situated beside it. The area is well ventilated but it can be warm sometimes during the hot humid weather of Malaysia.

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The owner of the cafe was friendly and he introduced some of their authentic Taiwanese dishes for us…

*  Taiwanese scallion pancake – ???
*  Braised pork rice – ??? (recommended)
*  Taiwanese beef noodle – ???????
*  Chicken chop rice – ???
*  Taiwanese minced pork homemade noodles – ????? (recommended)
*  Pot sticker – ?? (recommended)
*  Rainbow dumplings – ???? (recommended)

Really appreciated for the recommendation, we like some of the dishes very much! But some were mediocre…

The Taiwanese scallion pancake – ??? was served slightly dry and the scallion was too little, but the sauce was nice.

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 photo IMG_4305_zpso8hyhnd5.jpg

The braised pork rice ??? was one of our favorite! The pork were braised to perfection! It was tender, succulent and tasty! I love it!
Must try if you are pork lover!

 photo IMG_4308_zpsiqsdn0hs.jpg

 photo IMG_4310_zpsbzw1k8ol.jpg

The beef noodle ??????? was taste average, but the homemade noodle was nice and springy. Strongly recommended on the noodle.

 photo IMG_4312_zpsyyxlkzxi.jpg

The chicken chop rice ??? served with vegetables. If the chicken chop serve in more moist then it will be perfect…

 photo IMG_4316_zpsipup2kfu.jpg

 photo IMG_4317_zpsal06ajw8.jpg

The taste of the minced pork homemade noodle ????? was ‘authentic’ and delicious! It served the similar taste that I had in Taipei, oh…this noodle really made me missed my days in Taipei…

 photo IMG_4329_zpsdyzezwbc.jpg

The pot sticker – ?? (or Chinese pan fried dumplings) was served in juicy and tasty! It was not too dried, we all like it! Another recommended!

 photo IMG_4322_zpstf1lmrzo.jpg

Rainbow dumplings ???? was Perfect! Each of dumpling skin was not artificial colouring but it was from the natural resources…natural, seaweed, yam, pandan and others. The fillings were fragrant and fresh, some with minced pork and some with chives or seasonal vegetables.
Each of them had different taste where you can enjoy the delicious dumplings one-by-one slowly…
Recommended and must try!
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 photo IMG_4325_zpsualfq9lv.jpg

Overall, the foods were nice and tasty. Some of them need some adjustment to suit the public taste, or it just my personal opinions. But the bottom line is…the price is very reasonable! You may say, it’s cheap and good! Go and try it out yourself with all these affordable Taiwanese Cuisines at Tai Zhi Wei ???, Taman Sutera Utama.

Beside the foods, I would like to highlight the lemon juice. The lemon they use was not the local normal lemon, the taste was super refreshing! It’s a good way to cool you down under the hot weather.

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Restoran TCL @ Taman Sutera Utama, JB

Hit Korean Pop’s bring the delicious food fly over along the way from Korea to Malaysia, wanted to have some pop hits and free Korean style buffet and grill at Johor Bahru? Head to recently famous Restoran TCL (???????) at Taman Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru.

Simple side dish of Korean delicacies is serve before we taking our order, the side dish is just ordinary, and just taste if compare with other Korean restaurant.

Their BBQ are little different with other BBQ restaurant, they use LED technology for the grill, therefore is more safety and better hygiene if compare with the traditional BBQ restaurant, but you have to wait little longer time for ready to eat.

One of the grill menu, Chicken mixed with Kimchi, taste quite good and just little spicy.

There are plenty of seafood is served, while the taste is just on your ways to grill the seafood

Restoran TCL
Address : No 62, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru, Johor
Business Hour : 11am – 3pm 5pm – 11pm (Closed on Wednesday)
Tel : +607-5625250
GPS Coordinates : N1.515492, E103.668299

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Taroko Teppanyaki ?????? at Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai

Taroko Teppanyaki ?????? (N1.51433 E103.66898) is located along Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2 of Taman Sutera Utama (????, Skudai, Johor Bahru. The restaurant is easy to notice because it’s just below the Suan Bee Hotel (budget), the Bangkok Village is next to it and they are having the same management.

 photo IMG_9463_zpsa74367db.jpg

The dining area was comfort and there are indoor area with air-conditional and outdoor area, which are sharing between the 2 restaurant. We visited the restaurant on Tuesday evening and the crowd was moderate…

 photo IMG_9456_zps063903f0.jpg

 photo IMG_9460_zpsf3f56cfd.jpg

 photo IMG_9455_zps6cd1514b.jpg

Before our dinenr start, I was really enjoyed the making of the Teppanyaki dishes with the ‘kin-kin…kiang-kiang’ sound generated by the rough iron plate…
They are also the ‘First’ and ‘Only’ Teppanyaki Restaurant out of the Japanese Restaurant in Johor Bahru.

 photo IMG_9361_zpse9b5130e.jpg

  photo IMG_9385_zpse81e742c.jpg

Some customer may feel annoy by the sound generated from the Teppanyaki, but it was a nice entertainment for me and I like to watch the whole process of the food preparation. 🙂

The Taroko Teppanyaki restaurant has many different type of beef and
that was the reason we wanted to try out the Beef Teppanyaki on that

The dishes we had…
1)  Signature Seafood Fried Rice
2)  Mixed Seafood Set B (Cod fish, scallop and tiger prawns)
3)  Authentic Thai Seafood Tomyam
4)  Portuguese Baked Fish
5)  New Zealand Sliced Beef
6)  Aussie Angus Sirloin Beef
7)  Aussie Angus Striploin Beef
8)  Teppanyaki Shitake Mushroom
9)  Aussie Wagyu Beef

*  The above dishes were for 14 persons

 photo IMG_9393_zpsc1b34812.jpg

The seafood fried rice was special and it had a unique taste compare with the ordinary fried rice available in JB. It served with plenty of seafood and it was worth for the price of RM7.90 each.

Most of their Ala Carte dishes are served with the green vegetables and bean sprout. Let me show you the making of the Mixed Seafood Set B, served with cod fish, scallop and 2 tiger prawn.

 photo IMG_9364_zpsa8be232a.jpg

 photo IMG_9400_zps624fa50e.jpg

And here come the seafoods…

 photo IMG_9399_zpsce26eaef.jpg

 photo IMG_9405_zps7c6eec2b.jpg

All seafood and other dishes were fried on the Teppayaki with the original taste. The cook only added some pepper and little oil on it…
Before the seafoods ready, the vege and the bean sprout were stand-by by the side…

 photo IMG_9369_zps9026d803.jpg

Once everything is ready, it had a Nice presentation on the Mixed Seafood Set.
The procedure was repeated for every Ala Carte dishes…

 photo IMG_9411_zpsc5e0a116.jpg

The Mixed Seafood set was definitely worth of the price – RM38.90.

 photo IMG_9377_zps34184a74.jpg

The Thai Tomyam was served on bubbling broth and different from the diluted version that easily available in JB. It had a Nice aroma with the rich tomyam flavor.

The above dishes also accompany by a Portuguese Style Baked Fish. It was unexpected tasty!
I had the first Portuguese Baked Fish was at the Portuguese Seafood Village at Malacca, and I wanted to try the taste out of Malacca and finally I found it here!

 photo IMG_9431_zpsea575314.jpg

 photo IMG_9433_zpsd3a34290.jpg

  photo IMG_9478_zpscd49216d.jpg

The Aussie Angus Sirloin Beef

The process…

 photo IMG_9417_zpsf475f63b.jpg

Cut into cube size…

 photo IMG_9422_zpse87bcde5.jpg

And last…

 photo IMG_9425_zps0d709c82.jpg

Another view of the Aussie Angus Sirloin Beef(without the green vege and bean sprout)

 photo IMG_9485_zpsd3ea6e58.jpg

The Aussie Angus Striploin Beef

 photo IMG_9480_zpscc446be8.jpg

 photo IMG_9481_zps87b226cd.jpg

After few nice beef Teppanyaki, let’s have a Fried Teppanyaki Shitake Mushroom.

 photo IMG_9490_zpseb758b0e.jpg

 photo IMG_9492_zps29773e7a.jpg

That was a Nice Mushroom!

The last will be everyone was waiting for…The Aussie Wagyu Beef.

 photo IMG_9469_zps941165bf.jpg

 photo IMG_9487_zpsac48dfbe.jpg

The Aussie Wagyu finished on our table in less than 5 minutes! That was a Delicoius Wagyu Beef! We all like it very much! With the price of only RM88.90 (200g).

Except the New Zealand Sliced Beef was served well done, because it was too thin but all the Angus and Wagyu beef were served in the Medium or Medium rare doneness. Luckily the Wagyu was served on the last dish, otherwise I believe everyone will not interested on others dishes anymore! Haha!

Our Beef and Wine party last for about 4 hours and everyone was very satisfied with the dishes from Taroko Teppanyaki. They are good for the beef and even other dishes like seafood and their 5 types of fried rice.Worth for another visit!

Do try out if you happen at the Sutera Utama area or after your shopping from the Sutera Mall, you might like the different method of fried dishes. Especially for the beef lover!

We will definitely back for the Teppanyaki again!

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