Tioman Island

Secret Beaches of Malaysia

Written by Aura Farrando

Perhentian Islands, Tioman Island, Langkawi and Penang are popular destinations for a reason. They offer everything a beach lover wants. But for those who are after a bit more adventure, something off the beaten track or just an escape from resort beach lifestyle, we’ve compiled a list of the best hidden treasures of Malaysia.

Pulau Mabul

Pulau Mabul or Mabul Island is a small island off the southeast coast of Sabah – just 15km away from Sipadan. There’s a fishing village, no cars, no roads and perhaps some of the best muck diving in the world. You can even circumnavigate it on foot! The beaches here are pristine and a perfect place to unwind after a long day snorkeling or diving. If you are lucky you will even catch some turtles laying their eggs on the beach.

Getting there: Take a boat from Semporna to Pulau Mabul. Speedboats are around 30 minutes, while ferries take about one and a half hours.

Locals enjoying the pristine sand of Pulau Mabul. Image:

Locals enjoying the pristine sand of Pulau Mabul. Image:

Pulau Tiga

Pulau Tiga is so wild that it was once used as the setting for reality show Survivor. It is a relatively young island; in 1897, an earthquake in the Philippines caused a volcanic eruption in Borneo to form new land. It’s no surprise then that Pulau Tiga is famous for its volcanic mud baths. On top of that, there’s kilometres of white sandy beach to enjoy. A hike around the island is a great way to see its native flora and fauna.

Getting there: Catch a 30-minute boat from Kuala Penyu, Kota Kinabalu or Labuan.

The mud baths in Pulau Tiga are great for your skin. Image:

The mud baths in Pulau Tiga are great for your skin. Image:

Bukit Keluang

Can’t decide between the mountain and the beach? Get a taste of both at this tiny cove off Terengganu, close to the Kuala Besut jetty where you’ll see droves of people lining up to head to the Perhentian Islands. Bukit Keluang is a perfect match of pristine white sand, beautiful sea breeze and breathtaking mountains where you can explore beach caves, go windsurfing, kayaking or simply relax with your family at the resort. Be sure to head up the escarpment each morning to catch the amazing sunrise. What a view!

Getting there: Accessible by car from Kota Bharu, Kuala Besut, Kuala Terengganu and Kampung Teras.

The picturesque coastline of Bukit Keluang. Image:

The picturesque coastline of Bukit Keluang. Image:

Pulau Kapas

Known as Cotton Island due its white, soft sand and crystal, clear blue water, Pulau Kapas is like a scene out of a movie — but 100 times better. With a designated marine park protecting its waters, Pulau Kapas is the perfect place for snorkeling or dive deep to enjoy the coral reef that surrounds the island. If that’s not for you, then just sit back and relax in style under a palm tree.

Getting there: Take a ferry from Marang, located 45 minutes from Terengganu.

They don’t call it Cotton Island for no reason. Image:

They don’t call it Cotton Island for no reason. Image:

Pulau Tinggi

If Pulau Tioman seems too mainstream for you, visit Pulau Tinggi off the Johor coast. It only has 500 inhabitants and is quite laid back. It is ideal for relaxing holidays and family vacations or can double up an adventure haven, perfect for snorkeling, trekking and canoeing. The beaches are less manicured, but more natural and idyllic.

Getting there: Just a 45-minute boat from Mersing in the state of Johor.

Allow yourself to escape into another world. Image:

Allow yourself to escape into another world. Image:

Pulau Sibu

Here you’ll find not one, but four charming islands: Pulau Sibu Besar, Pulau Sibu Tengah, Pulau Kukus and Pulau Sibu Hujung. The main isle is just 6km long and 1km wide, with thick vegetation and secluded beaches dominating the landscape. It’s not the easiest to access, but that’s the price you pay for heaven on earth. You’ll also most likely have the whole place to yourself.

Getting there: Arrange a boat transfer from the small town of Tanjung Leman, 130km from Johor Bahru. There’s no direct bus from Johor to Tanjung Leman, so we highly recommend you to get the hotel in Johor Bahru or Singapore to arrange a shuttle bus or minivan for you.

Photo by Peter D. Kennett

Photo by Peter D. Kennett

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Flying on a Cessna C208B Grand Caravan from Senai airfield to Tioman Island

We reached a Senai International Airport before dawn, since need to organisation with others before a departure…

The arrangement was ideal by a Tunamaya staffs, a check-in routine for holding a private franchised moody from Senai airfield to Tioman airfield was smooth. Once a container check, we walked by a private line approach to a plane.

It was my initial time drifting on this Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, a craft had change and refurbished into a oppulance seats and facility. We can stagger a chair for 180 degrees that preference for contention among a passengers.

 print IMG_3864_zpsb8ea3b5d.jpg

 print IMG_3869_zps8c516c93.jpg

 print IMG_3870_zpsba1f60f3.jpg

 print IMG_3872_zpsf22aeb1c.jpg

Mineral waters, tibits and snacks were prepared for us in a plane. All of us happily wearing a orchid wreath presented by a airport. The initial moody from Senai to Tioman, we prepared to take off!

 print Tioman2_zpsb7adfbe1.jpg

The continue of that day was good and a take-off was comfort.
This was my initial time enjoying chatting with my crony and crop by a amicable media app in a plane…
Let me uncover we a monumental perspective along a way…

 print IMG_3893_zpsafb6a998.jpg

The credentials was a poser Linggiu dam…it was also a where a Srivijaya Empire started some-more than thousand years ago…as a fable said.

 print IMG_3900_zps5a87512f.jpg

Beautiful immature lake in a center of a jungle…

 print Tioman3_zpsec0aa759.jpg

 print IMG_3903_zpsa417134e.jpg

I wondered this competence be some kind of plantations…(photos above)

 print IMG_3905_zps9908cf23.jpg

About 30 mins after (around 8.35am), we were coming Mersing town…

 print IMG_3908_zpsaea2617a.jpg

 print IMG_3910_zps6768f88f.jpg

The craft took around 15 mins to cranky a ocean, beheld from a GPS device in a cockpit…

 print IMG_3906_zpsdd0be58f.jpg

After a craft flew by a clouds, a island seemed from a windows…the initial stage was a ‘legendary twin peaks’ of Tioman Island. Yes, it is a landmark of Tioman.

 print IMG_3918_zpsca30ef86.jpg

Followed by a sensuous canopy of greenery and a blue water…

 print Tioman4_zps1b285947.jpg

 print IMG_3925_zps714792e0.jpg

 print IMG_3928_zpsbaf46ae1.jpg

It took around 45 mins from Senai to Tioman island.
Once we overwhelmed down in Tioman island, a Tunamaya’s staff was during a airfield to assistance us packet a luggage to a Tekek jetty.

 print IMG_3930_zpse9a14109.jpg

 print Tioman5_zps20e57b0e.jpg

 print IMG_3929_zps00b2ef4b.jpg

It was a pleasing moody and opposite knowledge review with a blurb flight, we enjoyed really much!

The continue in Tioman island was prohibited and humid, as we walked to a jetty, a luggage already stand-by before us…

 print Tioman6_zpsd5ed0045.jpg

Our tour to Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort continue on a subsequent post…

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Scenic perspective along a tour from Tekek city to Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort, Tioman island.

Once we overwhelmed down a Tioman Airport, all of us been ecstatic by Tunamaya packet from Tekek city to Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort. The perspective along a packet float was breathtaking!

Let me share some of a photos with you…

 print IMG_3933_zpsc90feb30.jpg

All of us were watchful during a jetty, and a packet arrived reduction than 5 minutes…

 print IMG_3936_zps83efd6aa.jpg

 print IMG_3938_zps95546c9a.jpg

 print IMG_3939_zps7e90a22f.jpg

Inside a packet was atmospheric and comfort…

The continue was good that day, a sky was so blue and a sea too…the perspective was glorious once a packet sailed out from a Tekek jetty…

 print IMG_3940_zpsa96741cc.jpg

 print IMG_3941_zpsa347984e.jpg

 print IMG_3942_zps6c3477d1.jpg

The grin on everybody faces, and yes! Our Tioman holiday started…

 print IMG_3954_zps7338f0ac.jpg

About 5 minutes, a packet upheld by The Berjaya Resort during Tioman Island. It’s easy to mark a review by looking during a tiny stone island along a way…

 print IMG_3943_zps5a4133fb.jpg

 print IMG_3945_zpsc9418e5e.jpg

After 25 minutes, we beheld one of a stone towering in front of us…that means we had reached a southern partial of Tioman island…

 print IMG_3953_zps147dd886.jpg

And few mins later, we saw a ‘Legendary Mythical Twin Peak’ of Tioman island…

 print IMG_3958_zps47b1ce9e.jpg

The Twin Peak turn a pleasing backdrop of Tunamaya Resort, as we can see from a print above.

 print IMG_3964_zps907e55e0.jpg

 print IMG_3961_zpsfc66328d.jpg

The blog post of Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort will be on a next…

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Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort during Tioman Island

Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort (N2.72072 E104.15162) is located during a southern tip of Tioman Island. The review had only determined a year ago, and a surrounding is so inlet and not polluted. The white sandy beach accompany with a transparent clear water, a fabulous Twin Peaks as a backdrop of a resort…everything embellished a pleasing design in front of us, it’s roughly heaven! That’s a reason of their resort’s aphorism – “Between sky and earth.”

 print IMG_4150_zps86176751.jpg

 print IMG_4147_zpsa43c1c2a.jpg

The Tunamaya’s staffs had a gentle acquire for us during a jetty…song, song and accessible smiles. Suddenly we listened : “Welcome to anticipation island!” pronounced by a Resort Manager – Mr Paul Cheah. The word remind me of Mr Roarke from a American TV array of 1977 – The Fantasy Island, that was one of my favorite series. Kind of roving to a past…haha!

By walking towards a run from a jetty, we was vacant by a miraculous perspective of a resort…seems like ‘guarded’ by a Legendary Twin Peaks behind it.

 print IMG_4143_zps746623e5.jpg

 print IMG_4144_zps6aed800d.jpg

And greeted by a visitors who snorkeling beside a jetty…

 print IMG_4145_zps4ad96d5c.jpg

The check-in routine was smooth! Seems like a staffs during a front table already know a names by walking directly to any of us for signatures, can it be coincidence? I’m impressed.

 print IMG_4134_zps7660e9cb.jpg

Everyone was presented a coconut as a acquire splash to cold us down on a prohibited and wet continue during a lobby.
After a brief rest, we were served by a smorgasboard breakfast during a restaurant…

 print IMG_4028_zps9a04a6ec.jpg

 print IMG_4104_zpse8ee307f.jpg

 print IMG_3968_zpsa1acaa9e.jpg

Variety of foods, enclosed Asian, Malaysian, Western and many more…

 print MealR_zps9bec11a1.jpg

An ‘ice breaking’ event for all of us during a breakfast session…it was totally relax.

When we about to travel to a room, and satisfied that all a keys already in a room and a air-conditioning was on. The staffs were so considerate, appreciated since they cold down a room on a prohibited continue before we step in.

 print IMG_4011_zps49acd9e8.jpg

The area was good maintain, with sensuous of green…

 print IMG_3991_zpsf8946e55.jpg

5 mins walked, we reached a villa.
There are 2 form of views for all a villa, sea perspective and inlet view. Every villa has 2 bedrooms and a interconnected, few forms of room accessible – 2 persons, 3 persons and family room. All blueprint and deco roughly no opposite solely a beds.

Me and my crony were staying in a same villa with particular room, my friend’s room was a 3 persons room versed with one black and one singular bed, my room was versed with one aristocrat bed. Both bedrooms were interconnected.

 print IMG_4010_zps16581b77.jpg

 print IMG_3994_zpsf22f20d6.jpg

 print IMG_3996_zps934bdf93.jpg

 print IMG_4006_zpse443d187.jpg

Every room has a 2 entrances, one from front and a other during a side. As we will notice from a photos above.

 print IMG_4007_zpsc944c12e.jpg

 print IMG_3995_zpseb1e7f27.jpg

The sea view’s room has a fantastic view!

 print IMG_3998_zps1cf446e3.jpg

 print IMG_4000_zpsfcbc43b6.jpg

According to Mr Paul (Resort Manager), a celebration H2O in a room is a healthy H2O from a rapids of a island. This is one of a best celebration H2O we had among all a review we visited before.
As we noticed, a room was versed with all a peculiarity product like electrical switch, toiletries and many more…

After we staid a bags and luggages, it was giveaway and easy session…we walked around a resort.

The inlet view’s Villas have a elementary and greenery perspective from their windows, and a sea view’s Villas have a good wooden walking connected to any other.

 print IMG_4016_zps3a3b6101.jpg

 print IMG_4013_zpsb43fcfc4.jpg

You can select to have your swimming event in a sea or a edgeless pool in a resort…

 print IMG_4015_zpsfd1462b8.jpg

 print IMG_4026_zps4f529828.jpg

The review is entirely lonesome by notice cameras to safeguard a reserve of each guest in a resort.
While strolling around a resort, we reached a Sarung Spa. The Spa core is located in a healthy environment, immature and with a hold of nature.

 print IMG_3971_zps471ca395.jpg

 print IMG_3975_zps35c451ac.jpg

2 mins travel from a trail above, a Spa core appeared…

 print IMG_3974_zpsb3402d36.jpg

 print IMG_4052_zpse9e8c060.jpg

The good sight ladies providing their Balinese Traditional massage for all guests.
The core has few bedrooms for sauna therapy, print below…

 print IMG_3983_zps4a490eb3.jpg

 print IMG_3984_zps3d51e18c.jpg

 print IMG_3979_zps9604f87c.jpg

Every room is versed with a jacuzzi pool and bathroom, we can suffer it after a massage therapy and spend your possess honeyed time in a room.

 print IMG_3986_zps1ba29d40.jpg

We had a massage event on 4pm that day we check-in…it was gentle and relax!

The room services are twice a day, that means each morning we took your showering and out for activities, once we behind in a afternoon or evening, all is being arranged. Impressed!

We were hanged out around a Ombak Bar for a afternoon session, only to grabbed a potion of Budweiser drink to cold ourselves down…

 print IMG_4110_zps536e73f0.jpg

 print BeerR_zpsf2409cd7.jpg

We were greeted by many of a staffs around a review remember enclosed a names, impressed!

After few eyeglasses of Budweiser, it was time for a dinner. The post will be entrance adult next…

 print IMG_4012_zpsb5e027d0.jpg

Some story of Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort :-
The review determined about a year ago, we perspective by their video where all assembled from zero. One of a partner – Mr Gan was from Penang, explained to us about a story behind a name of a resort. He pronounced before they name a resort, another partner has a review during Perhentian Island – The Tuna Bay Resort. That’s because a word ‘Tuna’ is mentioned here, and ‘maya’ is a inhabitant denunciation of ‘mythical’, it means a mysteries, fabulous of a Legendary Twin Peaks only situated accurately as a backdrop of a resort. At last, we know a name of a review is zero to do with a Tuna fish…

Please check out their graduation from time to time during their Facebook page.

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Our dishes during Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort, Tioman Island

Meals we had for a 3 days 2 nights during Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort, Tioman island. The dishes were distant into breakfast, lunch and dinner, let me share some photos with you…

Snacks and desserts…

 print IMG_4043_zpsa53f6934.jpg

 print IMG_4034_zpscea9befd.jpg

 print IMG_4035_zpsef19d2fc.jpg

 print IMG_4093_zps93317a28.jpg

 print IMG_4181_zpsd46bcd14.jpg

 print IMG_4094_zpsbc9e2501.jpg

 print IMG_4042_zps796b45d9.jpg



 print IMG_4180_zps70e9978c.jpg


 print cat1_zpsaf537611.jpg

 print cat2_zps5339aa54.jpg

 print IMG_4041_zpsae5aa0fe.jpg

 print IMG_4039_zps258e28bd.jpg

 print IMG_4037_zpsd9224929.jpg

 print IMG_4131_zps5cc24bab.jpg

 print IMG_4129_zpsbd45e5ad.jpg


 print IMG_4170_zpsf4515008.jpg

 print IMG_4169_zpsda3601e9.jpg

 print IMG_4096_zps254f162c.jpg

 print IMG_4098_zps6a2f1646.jpg

 print IMG_4192_zps7fc74d26.jpg

The uninformed seafood BBQ usually accessible on dinner, and a seafood was uninformed and excellent!

 print IMG_4188_zps710d5b5a.jpg

*  The photos above usually partially of a sum food in a restaurant.

Among all a seafood, a BBQ squids were superb! The repeat sequence from a list seems uninterrupted that evening!

All a food served by a review were good, some normal and some were unequivocally nice! Satisfied! Beside that, a snacks and kuihs offer during a afternoon tea breaks were tantalizing too! Too bad we didn’t take any photos of it.

The grill was carrying opposite feeling during a daytime and evening, it was gentle during a daytime and friendly in a evening.

 print IMG_4089_zps9469c692.jpg

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