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China Agents Responded On Sarawak Tourism Opportunities

China Agents Responded On Sarawak Tourism Opportunities

Kuching, Monday – 20 selected travel agents from Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China will be in the City to do tourism product inspection from December 28 to January 1 as part of the promotion initiative for Air Asia’s Direct Kuching-Shenzhen flight.

These top China agents are selected from the list of more than 70 agents that turned up at the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) and Air Asia’s business sessions that were held in Guangzhou and Shenzhen on December 13 and 14 respectively.

The five-day familiarisation trip will enable the China agents to see and check for themselves the various Sarawak tourism product experiences and also the various hotel properties while at the same time they will be given opportunities to do networking sessions with local travel partners.

The Business sessions were being conducted by STB with five Sarawak hoteliers and eight travel agents attending to propose their tour packages to their China travel operators.

Meanwhile, Sarawak trade partners who participated at the two business sessions in Guangzhou and Shenzhen have expressed satisfaction on the outcome of the Roadshow trip.

The opportunity to meet up with quality big time China travel agents was intended to share business opportunities available in packaging the Sarawak tourism products and also a networking platform to discuss business potentials.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Minister for Tourism, Datuk Lee Kim Shin, who also led the roadshow delegation together with the Chairman of STB, Datuk Abdul Wahab Aziz, expressed satisfaction on the outcome of the trip.

“The Business sessions allow us to meet more than 70 China’s agents and they are very enthusiastic about Sarawak as it is seen as a new destination”, he said.

The proposed direct flight has given new window of opportunities for the industry and with the strong business support from these China based agents, we hope that it will turn a new chapter on China potential tourism market for Sarawak, he added.

He was optimistic that China’s huge tourism market will open up the travel and hospitality business in the State and bringing in tourism related investment opportunities to spur up development in the State.

“STB will continue to collaborate with Air Asia to tap the travel potential in South China especially now that we will have the direct flight and the need to sustain it,” he reiterated.

The Assistant Minister called on industry partners to prepare for the influx of China tourists with the availability of the direct flight and he equally hoped that more direct flight will be planned in the future connecting Miri to China as well.

Meanwhile, tourism promotion for the proposed direct flight was extended to Kalimantan Barat where Indonesians are expected to transit in Kuching to catch the flight to South China.

STB had earlier organised the Sarawak Travel Fair in Pontianak on November 17 to 18 and the proposed direct flight to Shenzhen which had received favourable acceptance to the Indonesians, said the Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mary Wan Mering.

Adding that it will be a double bonus to the state, the arrivals of Indonesian on transit to South China augurs well for the tourism arrival into the State, she said.

While admitting that air connectivity is crucial in getting the tourists into the state, she said   without it, a double hurdle challenge is in for us to promote the destination in the market place.

We are truly thankful to Air Asia for being able to look into our needs, she enthused.

China Agents

Picture show, the Sarawak delegation with Datuk Lee (front row fourth from left) with Datuk Wahab on his right with their China guests posing a thumb up photo opportunity   after finishing the Shenzhen business session.


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Kuching Caving | Gua Sireh & Broken Jar

Located in Serian, Kota Samarahan Division near Bantang Village, Kuching, Serian road.

Gua Sireh is an important archaeological site in South Western Sarawak.  Excavation works have recovered pottery shreds and food debris as animal bones and shellfish.  The cave could have been occupied as early as 20.000 years ago.  Pottery was produced around 4.000 years ago.  At the same time domesticated animals (dogs and pigs) and plants (rice) were introduced.  One shred with rice temper was dated to around 3500 BP, which is a comparatively early found for rice cultivation in island Southeast Asia.

According to our guide Mr. James and supported by local guide from Bantang Village, Mr. Ekol, human burials with heads and iron objects were placed in the cave about 2.000 years ago.  The cave was used as refuge site and for birds nesting activities in recent time where birds nest collecting tools still can be seen.  Ancient charcoal drawing which is mostly found at the cave entrance, depicting human and animal motifs were drawn on 36 lineal meters of the interior walls.

The cave entrance are also used as place to cremated the warrior bodies, that why the above part of the cave entrance are blackish color (singed of burning activities).

The excavation area and cave painting at the cave entrance is blocked (fencing) and locked by Museum Department.  According to Mr. James, the key need to be retained from them because the padlock has been changed.


0840hrs – Pick up from STB headquarter lobby by KISTours Sdn Bhd. Using 2 4X4 vehicle to the caving venue. Along the way, Mr. James telling us brief history about Jalan Keretapi which is now known as Jalan Tun Zaidi Adruce. He’s also pointing to us some potential caving area that need to be explore along the way, starting from 12th miles to 10th miles Kuching – Serian road.

0915hrs – Stop for briefing at KISTours Sdn Bhd office at 10th miles bazaar.

Kuching Caving1 Kuching Caving2

Kuching Caving3

You will need the right equipment, trousers, boots, towels and shirts.

1030hrs – Depart 10th miles bazaar. On the way to caving location, our guide sharing with on the potential caving area.

1115hrs – Making a quick stop to purchase our ration (snacks drinks) at Taiee Bazaar.

Kuching Caving4

1130hrs – Reached caving location near Bantang Village.

Kuching Caving5

1140hrs – Moving in to the jungle path leading to the Gua Sireh.  It takes about 5 minutes walk from jungle path starting point to the wooden plank staircase, than 15 minutes to claim the staircase up to Gua Sireh entrance.

Kuching Caving

Kuching Caving7

Plants found along the path.


Staircase leading to cave entrance

Staircase leading to cave entrance.

1200hrs – Journey to darkness begin…going into the cave.

About 20.000 years old painting

About 20.000 years old painting.

Kuching Caving-Gua Sireh1
Kuching Caving-Gua Sireh2
Kuching Caving-Gua Sireh4

Kuching Caving-Gua Sireh3Kuching Caving-Gua Sireh5

Cave Swiftlet

Cave Swiftlet

There are difference kind of creatures living in the cave, such as snake – Cave Racer Snake, bats, insects, catfish and etc.

Batu Raja

Batu Raja

The White Princess

The White Princess

Kuching Caving-Gua Sireh7

1425hrs – Our caving stop at “The Rapid”, which take us 2 hours 25 minutes to reached there.  We had our snack break here, before turn back to cave entrance.

Kuching Caving-Gua Sireh8
Kuching Caving-Gua Sireh9

1450hrs – Depart The Rapid for cave entrance.

1540hrs – Reached cave entrance (going back is faster).

1600hrs2nd Cave – “Broken Jar”

The cave is relatively smaller chamber than the Gua Sireh.  This is where we were required to submerge ourselves in the water.  At some point, the water level was higher than my height and can be difficult even for good swimmer, but James and Mr. Ekol were very encouraging. They were really determined to provide us with an unforgettable caving experience hence despite acquiring Noise-induced hearing loss from my loud screaming, they still helped us go deeper into the cave.  James literally had to bring/carry us in to “inner room”.  The Chamber was short, only about 250 meters.  After seeing the inner room, we an option to either take the dry route to come out, or to go back using the same way we came in.

Kuching Caving-Broken jar1

Walking to the ‘Broken Jar’ cave.

Kuching Caving-Broken jar2

Entrance to thr ‘Broken Jar’

1745hrs – Depart to Kpg Bantang.  We return the equipment to our base (KISTours Sdn Bhd) at 10th Mile Bazaar after caving and finish with dinner at the local restaurant nearby (served no pork).

The attractiveness level of Gua Sireh caving is beyond expectation. The product have a very high potential to market as a adventure tourism product and because of close proximity to Kuching city, highly recommended for short adventure holiday destination seekers.

The overall organizing is good and the efforts concerning safety such as providing helmet, socks, boots and rope by the service provider are excellent.  The safety and comfort of land transport to the location was good too.  The involvement of local people is good, because the tours will bring us closer to the local community and the product nature.  This what the eco-tourism all about… giving back to the local community in the area and preserving the nature.

Prepared by:

Deckson Bundak
Tourist Coordinator, VIC Kuching, Sarawak Tourism Board

Cuisine in Melaka


Impression Melaka’ Launched Next Year As Iconic Tourism Product

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 3 (Bernama) — The ‘Impression Melaka’ project, to be launched in October next year, is set to become one of the iconic tourist attractions for Visit Malaysia 2014.

Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said ‘Impression Melaka’ was the latest entry point project within the Tourism National Key Economic Area (NKEA).

“In line with NKEA, this RM213.2 million project is estimated to attract 1.2 million tourists per annum, generating RM179 million GNI (Gross National Income) into the economy,” he told a press conference here Tuesday.

Mohamed Nazri said the project would also create approximately 500 direct, and thousands of indirect job opportunities to locals, apart from attracting foreign investments, and boost local livelihood.

He noted that the project was the first and only Mega Outdoor ‘Impression’ Series outside China, and exclusive in Malaysia, as the first location in the Southeast Asia region.

“This project will add a key highlight to Malaysia and contribute to making Malaysia a preferred destination,” said the minister.

‘Impression Melaka’, he said, would showcase a perfect combination of natural environment as the background, whilst utilising the latest light and sound technology, modern art concepts and huge number of cultural performers.

He said ‘Impression Melaka’ would host two or three shows every night, with each show lasting between 70 and 90 minutes, with rotating audience seating which could accommodate up to 2,000 visitors per performance.

“This unique tourism product will feature a mega outdoor performance directed by world-acclaimed Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fanyue, the directors of the 2008 Beijing Olympic opening and closing ceremony,” said Mohamed Nazri.


Cuisine in Melaka


Melaka Taming Sari Tower Lures 3.3 Million Visitors Within Five Years

MELAKA, June 15 (Bernama) — The Melaka Taming Sari Tower here has managed to lure 3.3 million visitors with ticket collection totalling RM29.9 million over the first five years of its operation.

Chief Minister Datuk Idris Haron said it was an increase of 0.8 million visitors from the original target set when it was first opened in April 2008.

Over the first five months this year alone, a total of 227,107 visitors with ticket collection of RM2.4 million were recorded, he said.

He said it was an overwhelming achievement, and hence proved the determination of the management of Melaka Taming Sari Berhad (MTSB) in turning the 110m tall tower worth RM24 million into Melaka’s popular tourism product.

“We believe that this tourist product can contribute to the more developed and competitive eco-tourism industry,” he said after opening the 5th anniversary celebration of the tower here today.

Also present were MTSB chairman Datuk Mat Sirat Abu and chief executive officer Mazary Ahmad.

Idris said MTSB would also introduce a new tourism product soon, that is a ‘reverse bungee’, in a bid to diversify the tourism products at the tower.

However, he said the reverse bungee facility, which is expected to be built at the end of this year, must get prior approval from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) as it would be built on one of the world’s heritage site.

“It is still at the discussion stage and we will seek advice and consultancy from the supplier and Unesco about the suitability of the location and height,” he said.

At the event, Idris also launched the book published by MTSB titled ‘Heritage Trail Melaka Mosques’, which showcases the beauty of mosque architecture in Melaka, including at the Selat Mosque, Tengkera Mosque and Al-Azim Mosque.


Cuisine in Melaka


December 18, 2011 17:05 PM

Melaka Bird Park To Emulate Singapore’s Success – Mohd Ali

From Nasarudin Omar

SINGAPORE, Dec 18 (Bernama) — The Melaka Government wants the Melaka Bird Park, currently under construction, to emulate the success achieved by the management of the Jurong Bird Park here.

Singing praises of the republic’s bird park which has the largest number and species of birds in the world, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said.

“I am fascinated by its natural background, as well as the upgrades made on the bird park over the years.

“This will be a good example for the Melaka Government (to follow).

Speaking to reporters on Saturday after a three-hour visit to the bird park which was opened to the public on Jan 3, 1971, Mohd Ali was given a briefing by Wildlife Reserves Singapore Chief Executive Officer Isabella Loh and Jurong Bird Park General Manager R. Raja Segran.

The Melaka Bird Park will house 300 species on a 1.8 hectare of land in Taman Botanikal, Ayer Keroh, when it is set up by early 2013.

This new tourism product of Melaka is part of the second phase of a landscape and tourism facilities development project spanning 92.5 hectares in Melaka’s Botanical Park.

Mohd Ali said Melaka would work with the management of the Jurong Bird Park which had maintained its popularity among tourists since it began operating about 40 years ago.

“I am amused by the performance of a parrot here which can speak in several languages, as well as a scarlet macaw (another parrot species) which is able to fly to deliever a written message,” he added.

The chief minister said Melaka was also interested in buying the bird park’s monorail, which runs 1.72km, for installation at the botanical park.

“We will see if the monorail is suitable for use,” said Mohd Ali, who was informed by Isabella that the Jurong Bird Park monorail would be replaced with a tram.