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Sarawak Best Travel Destination for Nature

Sarawak Best Travel Destination for Nature February 9, 2017 Sarawak has been presented the ‘Best for Nature’ Award in Travel Journal’s Travel Awards 2017. Through a Travel Journal readership survey, a poll was taken for the best destinations in the world and Sarawak won ‘Best for Nature’ for its environment-centered tour and travel packages, ongoing… Read More »

Durian, adore it or hatred it?

“Its ambience can usually be described as… indescribable, something we will possibly adore or despise. … Your exhale will smell as if you’d been French-kissing your passed grandmother.” – Anthony Bourdain With a pointy and troublesome exterior, a King of Fruits gives a ominous impression. Coupled with a clever aroma, a argumentative fruit has degraded… Read More »

Virtual Travel Fair 5: Travel during your fingertips

Tweet Tweet The Virtual Travel Fair 2013 by The Star Online’s allMalaysia.info is on! It offers perceptive travellers a conveninent and afforable approach to travel, with loads of finished options. With over 4,000 transport packages in a camber of dual weeks, a Virtual Travel Fair 2013 is back, earnest travellers even improved deals than ever.… Read More »

Virtual Travel Fair: Seven reasons because we should get your transport deals online

Tweet Tweet The Virtual Travel Fair brings a satisfactory to you. Virtual Travel Fair 2012 (September 7 – 30). So, you’re looking for a transport bargain. If that’s a case, you’d substantially do what many Malaysians do – wait for a transport fair. You dauntless a crowds, shove by slight walkways in a close gymnasium… Read More »


MATTA FAIR IS BACK!!! Organised by a Malaysian Association of Tour Travel Agents (MATTA), the satisfactory is hold from 12 – 14 Aug from 10 am – 9 pm during a Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur. This 32nd book of a MATTA fair, showcases 945 booths compelling transport associated products and services. This… Read More »