Reasons why you should move to Malacca

Buying Property Malacca

Real estate has become among the top investments in the world today. Among the places to look out for are in Southeast Asia, where you can buy a house in Malaysia. Malacca is a quick fix to all those who love traveling since it has been described as a tourist destination. It provides an experience travelers cannot get anywhere else.

==Rich History==

The Malacca museums have been a tourist attraction site for the longest time. They vary from Peranakan heritage to colonial and unique museums. A close look at the archives gives visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the Malacca history as well as enjoy the sites the museums have to offer. Apart from the history and the sites, one can also look at the extensive collections of artifacts lined up at the Aborigines, Maritime, Kite, Baba Nyonya, Straits Chinese Jewellery, Malaysia Prison, Heritage, People’s, Toy and the Submarine Museum, all in Malacca.

Other than enjoying the beautiful sites, Malacca is about sharing the Malaysia history. Malacca, described as the home of historical heritage, has played a vital role in the Malaysia history in that it was the first entry point for colonialists during the old war and has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Among the primary historical sites are the Peranakan and the colonial heritage sites.

A variety of places worth exploring is the Christ Church Melaka, Famosa Fort, and St Peter’s Church, built in 1710 by Portuguese Catholics, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, the Dutch Square, Queen Victoria Memorial Fountain, The Stadthuys and St Paul’s Hills.

St Peter’s Church is the oldest in the country and was completed during the Dutch administration. Old as it may be, services are still conducted in the church halls. A bell at St Peter’s is evidence it was built in the 17th century as well as a Christ alabaster statue.

Other historical buildings in Malacca include the Syed Al Attas Mansion, which reminds one of the Malacca Muslim rules. It is reflective of the Muslim lifestyle as practiced during that era.

==Chinatown Street in Malacca==

There are other places worth visiting in Malacca, such as the Jonker Street. It may be equated to the Chinatown Street, also called by locals ‘Jalan Jang Hebat’. What stands out at Jonker is the Malacca River, which makes the scene even more vibrant. The Heeren Street near Jonker Street has been listed among the top must-see destinations in Malacca.

Visitors are mostly attracted by the buildings that have today been transformed into old joints and famous restaurants. These are places that were once occupied by rich Malacca families and was therefore referred to as the Millionaires’ Row. The street that was once only covered by the rich is now open for everyone, rich or not.

The street is full of shop houses on either side, which gives travelers a feel of the 17th Century. The shop houses are sometimes used as textile shops, food courts, souvenir outlets and antique kiosks. During the weekends, visitors are encouraged to taste the local food and join the bargain battle with the vendors out to make profits against the visitors’ wishes to fetch the lowest prices.

==Affordable Hotel with Quality Service==

Your visit will not be memorable (for all the right reasons) if your stay is almost uncomfortable. Ensure you book the best Malacca hotel that exhibits the classic themes of the region. Such hotels are readily available, and the cost varies from low-budget to high-profile expenses. They include Casa del Rio Melaka and The Majestic Malacca in the high-end category.

The budget options are such as Layang-Layang Guest House, Gingerflower Boutique Hotel, Hotel Da Som Inn and Imperial Heritage Melaka. The hotels are keen on keeping a good reputation seeing as the business depends on word on the street from the travelers.

What is more attractive about Malacca is the people and their rich ethnicity. The communities have blended into one rich culture full of diversity. Visitors are welcome to be part of the diversification and live in peaceful co-existence with the Malacca people. The river cuts through Malacca to the Malacca Straits. There are motorboats in the river that give an opportunity for sightseeing.

The Malacca River Cruise, for instance, lasts about 45 minutes, giving riders the chance to take in all the fantastic views Malacca has to offer, at a fee of RM10 for adults and RM5 for children, especially holders of Mycard. For foreigners, the charges will attract an additional RM5. Visitors need not worry about missing the cruise as it is open from 9am-12am. The night cruise is far more enjoyable because of the riverside punctuated by the lights.

==Preferred Destination For Foodies==

Malacca is not only about the history and the buildings, but it is also about quality food served in top-notch restaurants. Located on Jonker Street, Nancy’s Kitchen offers the delicious Nyonya cuisine. The interior design has a feel of a home or the familiar neighborhood that reminds you of your kitchen. It is mostly preferred because it serves hot dishes. The only problem is that the food is not Halal, which means Muslims are locked out.

The other restaurant worth exploring is the Capitol, which is not only affordable but also ranked among the best in Malacca. This explains why it is always flooded with customers. There is a variety of almost 80 vegetables and seafood dishes, which explains the long queues that are a constant feature of Capitol.

Meanwhile, The Baboon House keeps visitors enjoying their food while sitting in an open courtyard. This arrangement takes advantage of the vast space that is brought to life by the modern furniture. What makes it feel more at home is the presence of the owner’s cat and dog. Baboon House serves American dishes.

==The Malacca Nightlife==

Malacca’s GoGo KTV Lounge is famous because of its jetty shape. It is located between Mahkota Melaka and the Holiday Inn Melaka. Although it is small, it has a variety of punch flavors that are bound to keep guests entertained, if not the punch, then the number of TV on the walls will.

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In Johor, Everything Is Awesome!

2016 is almost over and if there’s ever a time to pack up and leave with your family, it’s now! Holidays were made for us to unplug and reconnect with the people we love, especially our family. It’s also a time where anyone of any age can relax and unwind. Once in a while, we need to take vacations because we can always make a living but we can’t always make memories.  And what better way to make memories than in Johor

To make it easier, let us help you plan the perfect weekend trip to Johor!



Lego® Kingdom

Legoland; the name itself can awaken our inner child. A land where all our imaginations have been put to life. Once you step into the Lego world, you can’t help but to feel young again. The architecture, the rides and even the food will leave you wanting more. It is safe to say that Legoland is the perfect location for a family trip, especially if you have young children.


KLCC – Miniland

One of the places that you’ll find yourself revisiting would probably be the Miniland. A few minutes wouldn’t be enough because you’ll be mesmerized by all the intricate details of each model. There’s a total of 18 iconic places that you can find in Miniland, such as Cambodia, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Johor, Myanmar, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur and many more.

Don’t forget to look out for the newly upgraded Miniland KL Cluster that features iconic architectures of the city such as Petaling Street, National Monument and Bukit Bintang. Over 3 million lego bricks are used to complete the upgraded KL cluster.

Don’t be afraid to zoom in because it’s even more amazing when you’re up-close.


Lego® Ninjago™ World

End your day with a bang by getting a ride on Asia’s first 4D Indoor Ride! Ninjago is the newest edition to the Legoland rides and it certainly lives to its expectation. Many lined up to get a spot on their interactive ride and boy was it fun! You’ll have the chance to be heroes and defeat the “Great Devourer” (the main villain of the story-led experience) with your bare hands. Thanks to all new sensor technology, you’ll have full control of your actions, giving it a new meaning to indoor rides.

During the ride, you’ll be divided into teams of 4, each competing to see which team scores the highest. The rules of the ride are quite simple actually, you’ll only need to use your hands to guide the controls, aiming at the targets to engage. The ride takes about 3-5 minutes to complete but rest assured that every second you spend inside is going to be filled with fun.



Hello Kitty Town – Wishful Studio

Before leaving Johor, you should pay a visit to one of Legoland’s awesome neighbours.  Just 5 km away lies another attraction that your kids would definitely want to visit. Hello Kitty Town was built to put a smile on children’s faces. For girls especially, it’s practically a dream come true.

There’s a handful of fun activities to do inside, such as a taking a tour inside Hello Kitty’s house, watch performances on the “Purrfect Stage”, spin on their “Tea Cup Rides” and many more. The best of all is probably the “Wishful Studio”; where we get to create our own Hello Kitty themed souvenirs such as the Hello Kitty Handkerchiefs and Hello Kitty Cookies!


Thomas Town

Hello Kitty town might not sound that appealing to the boys but thankfully there’s another famous town that is just upstairs! Thomas Town is located on the top floor of the building and they have more rides compared to Hello Kitty Town, such as the Knapford Station Thomas Train Ride, Colin Crane Drop ride, Bertie the Bus and many more. You’ll definitely have fun when experiencing the Bumping Buffers Steamies Diesels Ride aka bumper cars!


Other Characters – Barney Live Show

The fun doesn’t stop there, there’s also other characters such as Angelina Ballerina, Pingu, Bob The Builder and Barney. Throughout the day, there are live performances on every level so your little ones can meet all their favourite characters. Children have the chance to sing, dance and interact with characters that they usually see on TV. What a treat!

Since tickets for Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town + Other Characters are sold separately, we suggest that if you prefer more rides and other interactive activities, Thomas Town + Other Characters would be a more suitable choice. However, we recommended that you obtain the “All Park Access” so your children won’t miss out on any of their favourite characters.

Here are some friendly tips to make your trip easier:

1.Buy your tickets online to avoid waiting in line.

2. If possible, use your own transport so you’ll be in full control of your activities.

3. Arrive early.

4. Bring water bottles, snacks, hats and hand-fans.

5. Visit the souvenir stores as the last stop to avoid extra baggage.

6. Bring EXTRA clothes in Legoland because there’s going to be some water games.

Book your tickets now and get ready for the time of your life!

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– Bilik Utama: 1 katil KING + 1 katil SINGLE berhawa dingin (aircond) dengan bilik air + water heater

– Bilik Kedua: 1 Katil KING berhawa dingin (aircond).

– Bilik Ketiga: 1 katil QUEEN berhawa dingin (aircond)

– Ruang tamu yang besar dengan kelengkapan sofa dan TV 24”

– 1 Bilik Mandi (Bilik Utama) + 1 Bilik Air berasingan; semua lengkap dengan water heater

– Meja makan 4 tempat duduk

– kemudahan pantry, sinki dan cerek air elektrik

– Peti sejuk

– Sterika dan alas sterika


– Hari Biasa (Ahad hingga Khamis) dari RM 200.00

– Hujung Minggu (Jumaat & Sabtu), Cuti Umum dan Cuti Sekolah  RM250.00


HP/WhatsApp : 013-2987378 (Hana)

Email: [email protected]


indah-kembara-apartment-hostel-klebang-meaka (13)

Ruang Tamu dengan Meja Makan 4 tempat duduk, sofa dan TV 24″

indah-kembara-apartment-hostel-klebang-meaka (7)

Peti Sejuk, Pantry dan Singki

indah-kembara-apartment-hostel-klebang-meaka (12)

Bilik Utama: 1 katil KING + 1 katil SINGLE berhawa dingin (aircond) dengan bilik air + water heater

indah-kembara-apartment-hostel-klebang-meaka (9)  indah-kembara-apartment-hostel-klebang-meaka (3)

indah-kembara-apartment-hostel-melaka (21)

Bilik Kedua: 1 Katil KING berhawa dingin (aircond).

indah-kembara-apartment-hostel-melaka (24)

Bilik Ketiga: 1 katil QUEEN berhawa dingin (aircond)


10 noted Hari Raya ads on YouTube

Some of a many noted TV ads are a ones constructed for a gratifying season.

For this Hari Raya Puasa, we asked a Muslim colleagues to list a ones that left an memorable symbol in their memories and hearts. Here’s what we got.

See if we remember any of these Hari Raya ads:


Proton’s Road Safety Campaign
Horror and humour make this PSA for Raya a stand-out.


An Act of Kindness on May 13
Using one of a many comfortless points in a nation’s story – a May 13, 1969 occurrence – as a setting, this Petronas Kongsi Raya (Hari Raya Puasa and CNY) ad shines by for simply highlighting a elementary truth: that “the dual worlds were never apart”.


EON’s familiar tune
The peculiarity of this shave is rather poor, though no matter, since this Raya ad is remembered not for a visuals though some-more for a evergreen tune. Give it a listen.


Burung Murai
Hari Raya Puasa is a time to remember desired ones who have passed; a time for family; a time to ask for redemption and forget past transgressions; and a time to uncover dutiful piety. This ad highlights them all.


Lonely Dad
An ad that tugs during your heartstrings to remind we of your “duties” as a son/daughter.


Priceless Advice
Like many of a late filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad’s ads (a few of that you’ll find on this list), this one resonates prolonged after you’ve watched it: A impulse in a benefaction can remind we of a past, of lessons taught, schooled and perpetually remembered.


Work can wait
A possibility assembly with a amatory father reminds a immature male of what’s unequivocally important.


“Why is it so tough to ask for redemption from a people we adore most?”


Your family is my family for life
In multiethnic Malaysia, interracial matrimony is not uncommon. This Maxis ad deftly uses that small fact to amplify a message.


What goes around comes around
The lesson: How we provide your relatives currently is how we will be treated by your children tomorrow.

Didn’t find your favourite Raya ad in a list above? Well, share them with us here by embedding your video below.



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New Year Resolutions Part 1

December 30, 2011 during 2:00 pm

As we bid goodbye to 2011, a group enlisted a assistance of Julie Woon and Megan Tan, a dual poetic emcees for Mystical Eve 2011, to poise some New Year associated questions, generally about a ever famous New Year Resolutions. They gamely took a plea and asked some standard Malaysians. The following is a initial 5 questions we acted and a particular answers by a interviewees.

Julie Woon with Judith Flora. It’s marriage bells hopefully for Judith subsequent year!

JF: Judith Flora, Orchan
DL: Dennis Lau
R: Roshan
AO: Andy Ong
SY: Su Yi
AZ: Adam Zain
JA: Jern Ai
BL: Barbara Lam
SC: Su Ci
LT: Lyn Tan

Dennis Lau shares his thoughts on New Years. He’ll be behaving during ENCORP Strand this New Year’s Eve

Do we worry to applaud New Year’s eve?

JF: we do as we always give interjection to God for carrying led me by a tour of twelve months where many people are not means to make it.
DL: Actually, we do worry to applaud as we feel it is always good to be means to applaud it with your special someone
R: My silent was innate on a 31st December, so we do have a jubilee for her. But it is customarily a jubilee for tighten friends and relatives.
AO: Yes we do!
SY: Not as gung-ho as we used to be
AZ: Depends on a clarification of celebrating. we unequivocally many cite a some-more insinuate get together of tighten friends during any one of a places to chill and have a good time.
JA: we haven’t distinguished for a past 3 years as we have been in Melbourne. Everyone goes behind to spend time with THEIR families over Christmas and New Years. But if we was behind in KL, yeah… we would totally applaud New Year’s eve!
BL: Yes
SC: Not unequivocally a large grand form of jubilee though something tiny and cosy with people that matter many is enough.
LT: Absofreakin’lutely! Anybody would adore to welcome a new beginning. Fittest time for festal cheer!

Where will we be this New Year’s eve?
JF: This year we will be in Malaysia during The Strand in Kota Damansara to applaud New Year with my friends
DL: we would be behaving during 2 shows; one is in The Strand during Kota Damansara for a New Year’s Eve countdown uncover and afterwards we will rush over to title a White Party NYE uncover @ Cyberview Lodge.
R: we will be during home with my silent and my family members!
AO: Most substantially we will be during a friend’s bar.
SY: No plain skeleton during a moment
AZ: Probably operative with a 8TV Quickie guys.
JA: In Melbourne. Having a super low-key (as in stay home and watch movies) New Year’s eve. Although after responding all these questions, it’s REALLY creation me feel like we Should go out and party!
BL: No genuine skeleton during a moment
SC: Not too certain usually yet. Heard there’s a devise for a secret-no-cameras-allowed-type-of-lingerie-party in a creation though… :p
LT: Hmm.. zero is set in mill usually yet. Probably a get together during a friend’s crib or a pool party.

Radio luminary Roshan posing with Julie

What is your many funniest New Year fortitude and why?
JF: To be means to accommodate my boyfriend’s best and funniest friend. This is given he creates me giggle a lot whenever we discuss with him
DL: That we am means to perform with Michael Jackson in year 2010 though unfortunately he upheld on before a year ended.
R: Wow.. that has to be a one… where we betrothed myself that we would stop swearing! I’m blissful to contend that it lasted usually for 3 hours!
AO: To watch reduction TV. It is humorous given we usually finished adult examination some-more downloaded TV shows!
SY: One year, my friends and we had created down a To-do list that consisted of about 20 and things to accomplish together that year. We usually managed to cranky 2 out. It has been 3 years given and a list is still stranded onto a doorway of my friend’s place
AZ: I’m certain during one indicate we had ‘to urge my memory’. Unfortunately, we forgot to work on it for a year.
JA: we wanted to take some-more videos of life around me! But everybody is camera-shy and accuses me of removing footage for extort or annoying marriage videos. Another one is to be some-more independent. But afterwards a subsequent day, there was this hulk spider in my residence and we was screaming for someone to “GETITGETITGETITGETIT!”. New Year fortitude FAIL.
BL: we will stop replying with K, LOL to my friends’ texts given we do not wish them to respond me with that too. LOL!
SC: To remove weight. we consider it is self exegetic given it is funny. Who am we kidding? we have weighed a same given 10 years ago. Even if it changes, it usually goes up, never down, :p
LT: Spend reduction time on a Internet. It is like a jail though bars and a porn repository fibbing on a floor… such is a internet.

Everyone, it’s Andy!

What is your many terrible New Year’s experience?

JF: Celebrating New Year after a late silent had upheld divided a prior year. We had no celebrations though we were full of sorrows.
DL: Not that we can remember of during a moment
R: To be honest, we can't seem to remember any (thank God!). But we do remember this one time when we suffered from indigestion. It was not that bad though it did put a hindrance to me celebrating New Year’s (for about 15 minutes!)
AO: Getting stranded alone in my automobile after work with a bladder that is about to raze right after a countdown.
SY: Walking from Bukit Bintang to KLCC on a 4-inch stiletto heels. It was fun during a moment, though we could not feel my toes after that.
AZ: we remember wanting to spend my NYE with my best friend. Everything seemed set and good to go. However, my father had other skeleton and insisted that a whole family go behind to my grandparents’ place given apparently my grandparents unequivocally wanted all their grandchildren to applaud with them. we adore my grandparents though they fell defunct by 10pm.
JA: we do not have one really. It is possibly utterly fun and upbeat or super low-key (like not do anything during all). we theory we cite a former.
BL: Getting mislaid in a crowed and being stranded in KL for 2 hours.
SC: None too terrible that it is unforgettable?
LT: There was one year where we fell terribly ill, so we was usually stranded in bed sleeping by a New Year. That was horrific.

Su Yi is such a competition to answer a small questions

Do we have any New Year jubilee rituals?
JF: we don’t though a usually thing that we do is give interjection to God by prayers
DL: Just urge for a improved year and improved health!
R: Nope!
AO: Nothing special besides a common countdown.
SY: Watching a firework displays!
AZ: Not really. But we was always preoccupied by how my Spanish crony used to applaud New Year’s Eve. Custom dictates that during a cadence of midnight, one contingency eat a singular grape each time a carillon strikes, i.e. twelve grapes for a twelve chimes representing midnight. It was a many rare and anti-climactic thing we have ever seen.
JA: If we am behind in Malaysia, my family will always conduct out for a large night with their friends and their families. We will go to a good restaurant, preferably with dancing and live song and PAR-TAY a night away!!
BL: No
SC: Nope. Just try to enter a New Year with a certain opinion for a initial 5 mins to set a ‘pace’ for a year. Hahaha…
LT: Watching fireworks. I’d feel deficient and out of grit if we missed it.

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