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A Malaysian Spa Experience

Shopping and sightseeing can be hard work…just ask any city tourist! At the end of a long, hard day of bargaining and negotiating, all you want to do is flop down and recuperate…A nice massage wouldn’t be too bad, either.

While traditionally, wellness and spa centres have adopted European treatments, Balinese massage and Thai reflexology have also gained a firm following. But did you know that there is soon to be a new addition to the spa menu in Malaysia – and, hopefully, worldwide – that will be offered alongside these popular treatments?

Urutan Malaysia is a signature massage treatment to brand Malaysia – locally and internationally – through wellness and healing, and offers a uniquely Malaysian experience encompassing all the rich diversity for which Malaysia is known and loved.

With Malaysia’s rich and diverse multicultural background, it certainly wasn’t easy to create a massage “brand” that would be quintessentially Malaysian. After six long years of study, though, it is finally being introduced in Malaysia and to the world.

Urutan Malaysia is a holistic spa experience that weaves together the best healing techniques, rituals and treatment recipes of Malaysia’s multi-ethnic society into 90 minutes of pure bliss. Not only is it about the massage techniques, but Urutan Malaysia delivers a truly local experience through the selection of music, décor and choice of massage oil that reflects Malaysia Truly Asia!

So what can you expect when you book an Urutan Malaysia session?

You’ll first be wrapped in the traditional Malaysian batik, a textile whose aesthetics are designed using a wax and dye method with motifs inspired by nature. This long piece of cloth, usually about three to four metres long is usually made of cotton and thus provides a cool and comfortable drape over your body throughout the massage session.

You’ll then enjoy a herbal foot soak in aromatic water infused with kaffir lime and pandanus leaves. Malaysians usually walk barefoot in their homes, and this foot bath is a ritual to wash away the impurities and hey, it’s nice to pamper our twinkle toes for a change!

Subsequently, the therapist will gently guide you in the proper Qi Gong breathing technique. Drawing in oxygen deep into your lungs, this method of breathing harmonises the breath with nature. This initiation into Urutan Malaysia is said to be relaxing and creates a peaceful atmosphere in anticipation of the full-body massage later.

An Indian head massage follows to melt away the tension and stress of the day, leaving you feeling light and calm. For those who are prone to getting stiff shoulders and neck, this would be the perfect antidote!

At this point, you’ll faintly note the soft music piped into the room which further aids your relaxation…and no wonder, too, as the songs have been especially composed using traditional Malaysian instruments such as sape and the flute. They are recorded at 528 Hz frequency, which is said to be a healing miracle tone!

The rest of the treatment is administered as you are lying down on the massage table, covered in the Malaysian batik. Fret not, as the trained therapists have mastered the art of draping to respect the modesty of their clients. Therefore, only the parts of the body to be treated are exposed, one at a time.

The Urutan Malaysia is applied using a special concoction of oils infused with herbs and spices often used in Malaysia such as ginger, cloves, galangal, cinnamon, betel leaves, lemongrass, turmeric and nutmeg. Individually, these ingredients are each known to impart a warming sensation to the skin, penetrating deep into the aching muscles to do its wonderful work. Together, they impart a wonderful aroma not easily forgotten.

The massage treatment utilizes extensive thumb and palm pressure taken from the Malay tradition of massage to deliver a satisfying deep-tissue massage. The long, kneading strokes towards the heart increase blood flow, disperses waste products, clears blockages in the urat or nerves, and encourages mobility and agility, leaving one feeling invigorated.

The Peribumi tradition of massage is incorporated using thumb pressure at various pressure points in the body. Since the people of Sabah and Sarawak were historically paddy planters, farmers, seafarers and warriors, the backs and legs were over-utilised in such occupations. Thus, emphasis of the Peribumi massage is on the manipulation of the superficial and deep layers of muscles at both sides of the spine and gluteus.

Chinese reflexology is also applied with a focus on the ears, palms, and feet, as these are areas believed to be linked and correspond to every part, gland and organ in the body.

All too soon, the spa experience is over, but after being gently kneaded, pressed and pampered, you will leave feeling energized and refreshed with a sense of relief to your previously-aching muscle and joints…Oh yes, you’re ready again for another round of shopping spree in the city!