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Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen Penang – Best Veggie Restaurant

One thing food lovers are concerned about while traveling to different locations will be whether they will get hands on good comfort food or not. Penang is an extremely famous tourist spot that brings you an unforgettable range of tantalizing food to derive pleasure from. Visitors to Penang recall the food every time because it is just so good! One major concern for vegetarians is to prefer dining in a restaurant without a trace of fish or meat in the kitchen. You’d be delighted to know that there a handful of vegetarian restaurants in Penang for the herbivores.

Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen

Veggie Lovers won’t be disappointed once they arrive at Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen Penang. This is one of the best place to dine in at and is home to all your favorite vegetarian cuisines. The particular restaurant is known for its wide array of vegetarian dishes served in generous proportions. People who have a hard time eating meat and fish can savor the amazing flavors of Fusion, Oriental, Nyonya, and Western Dishes that will leave you completely ravished.

The Arrangements

Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen is comprised of two floors. The ground floor is organized specifically for every day ala-carte and it offer self-service dining. The first floor is for private buffets, steamboat and events. The dishes are priced inexpensively and people can enjoy a hearty meal at a very small cost. The vegetarian restaurant has been serving sumptuous vegetarian dishes ever since 2006.

Location and Contact Information

Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen is exclusively located at 98 Noble House in Madras Lane, 10400 Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia. For bookings and further information you can contact them on +06 4-226 3810