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Sending email while traveling

You might be reading this post from some exotic location, or simply in a cafe around the corner from where you live. We travel a lot, and often to remote areas where we are happy to be able to connect to a free WIFI signal to check up on our emails and other stuff that has happened those days.

We often get emails during our travels and sometimes it is quite important to be able to reply instantly. Though you can of course always use a web based mail program like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, some want to be able to send emails from their personal mail accounts instead.

Let’s say you have a company website, or a blog, or a webshop. In those cases you want to be able to send out emails from the corresponding email addresses. In our case we want to send out a reply via [email protected] instead of via our personal gmail or hotmail accounts. Your own ISP does not allow you to send out emails when you are not connected to their network. When you are traveling you connect to many networks and often those networks do not support sending email via their smtp server.

Luckily there are a few companies that offer an SMTP server to use ‘on the go’. This means that where ever you are, you can always connect to their smtp server, and send out emails on your own behalf without having to resort to free mail services.


The company we had heard of the most is We started with their $5 plan ourselves after reading numerous positive reviews and after reading their website thoroughly. Their service works like a charm. There hasn’t been a place yet where I wasn’t able to send out my emails. Nowadays, I am even using it at home, as I am on the road quite often and here the service comes in handy too. They offer a 2 minute setup guide, which makes is very easy to implement their smtp details into your email programs. You can use it on your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop, as long as you are able to connect to the internet provided at the place you are at during your travels.

If you are traveling a lot and are looking for a dedicated mail server, do check out SMTP2GO. They even have a free plan where you can send 20 emails per day; a great way to get to know this wonderful service.

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