Breakfast Globally

Rate this post Breakfast Globally November 8, 2010 Life, education, travel living What is the most Important meal of the day? Most people globally will said it’s breakfast. Nutritionist said that people who skip breakfast will likely to have problem like concentration and metabolism. If you travel around the world, usually if you check in […]

Kahwin-kahwin at Sri Costa

Rate this post Kahwin-kahwin at Sri Costa November 8, 2010 Hotel, Melaka, travel living Kahwin-Kawhin means wedding merrily… If you are married, this is you second chance to re married but with Melaka Malay customs and ceremonies. If you are not married yet, think it as a proposal or rehearsal. So at Sri Costa Hotel […]

Shooting at Dataran Pahlawan

Rate this post Shooting at Dataran Pahlawan November 7, 2010 Event, Melaka The shooting supposed to be ended today .7/11, I will not come near it as last year it gave me hard stain at my shoes..So guys happy shooting. For more info about the war go to here. Related posts: Melaka Calendar of Events […]

Call a Cab Services in Malacca

Rate this post Call a Cab Services in Malacca November 4, 2010 Melaka, transport Despite of daily taxis at Melaka Central, now there is new Call a Cab Taxi Services in Melaka. The Blue cab uses wireless communication system so the cab can reach you anytime and anywhere. Among services offered by this call a […]