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August 2011 Textile Talk during Textile Museum

August 17, 2011 during 12:00 pm

The Textile Museum in Kuala Lumpur will be organising a speak on a correct ways of restraining a ‘kain samping‘, an decoration that is typically ragged with a Baju Melayu. The Baju Melayu is a normal Malay outfit for men. Literally famous as ‘Malay shirt’, a Baju Melayu is done out of dual parts. The initial partial is a baju itself, that is routinely prolonged sleeved with a lifted unbending collar famous as a cekak musang. The second partial of a outfit is of march a prolonged pants that goes with it. The ‘kain samping‘ is a square of cloth customarily done out of songket cloth or kain sarung that is folded around a wearer’s waist.

The Baju Melayu might differ from state to state, nonetheless a ubiquitous pattern stays a same. For example, in a state of Johor, a kain samping or kain sarung is ragged next a baju instead of above it. Another disproportion is that a baju itself does not have a cekak musang collar. Instead, a opening is hemmed with unbending stitching famous as tulang belut (literally eel’s spine) and ends with a tiny loop during a tip of one side to fit a unaccompanied dress stud. This character is famous as a Teluk Belanga style, believed to be designed by Sultan Abu Bakar’s aides to commemorate a pierce of Johor’s executive collateral from Teluk Belanga in Singapore to Tanjung Puteri in 1886, that was afterwards renamed as Johor Bahru.

Textile Talk during Textile Museum

Who says Baju Melayu is usually for grown-ups? Kids these days can also demeanour intelligent in a full Baju Melayu attire

The importance of a speak will be some-more on a opposite ways of restraining a kain samping. Led by En. Muhamad Sharif bin Othman, also famous as Arif D’Tanjong, it will see a orator touching on ominous areas such as a opposite designs that one tie a fabric. He will also denote a opposite designs like ‘ayam teleng‘, ‘kelopak jantung‘, ‘untian kasih‘ (which is routinely ragged by bridegrooms), ‘ombak beralun‘, ‘ikat gulung‘ and other styles. The speak will be hold on 19th Aug 2011 during Galeri Saindera during 10.30 am. There is a assign of RM 20 for any member as any of them will also accept a kain samping as a nominal gift. For those who are meddlesome in participating, registration is required. Please call or email Pn. Nor Asmah during [email protected] or 019 366 7275. Alternatively, registration can also be done by contacting En. Syahrul during 012 674 2512 for some-more information.

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