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Lata Tembakah (Tembakah Waterfall)

“Nice place, good sceneries, cooling, also good to float though if you’re lucky, we can see tellurian “Keropok Leko” passes by along a river.”  
by Wahida

“that place really pleasing n many people can go.after that,the place have many comforts and that horde really friendly”  
by azila

“A place that are good to classify camping though there’s no electricity reserve in a night and a whole area in dim compartment we can’t see your hands. At a behind of a stay site have a large hole for we to dump a rubbishs. The H2O of there is purify and of march during a behind of a rapids have spin , so greatfully be awareness
if we are formulation to float during there.Feel giveaway to mail me for some-more details. “
by Shi Jian

“Very nice, purify and transparent H2O waterfall!”  
by Eldy

“its a good place in a world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  
by afzan

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