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As of 21st. August 2011, our Tourism Melaka web portal site that Connects Malaccans and Melaka to the World, is just a whisker to break the 1 Million visitors milestone. We need another 1,600 visitors before this figure is breached. This will happen in about 3 days time pending there is no breakdown of the website on the server end.

When we hit this mark, we will be creating our own history. Created in 2001 as a website to promote Melaka our home state, we never dream of reaching 1 million. Started off on a snail pace at the beginning, as years go by, our website was recognised as a gateway to our historical Melaka. Currently, our main page welcomes about 500 to 600 visitors per day on average. We want it to reach 1,000 visitors per day as our new target.

For new visitors, you will read about Melaka – World Heritage City UNESCO while returning visitors can read about new happenings and offerings. We want you to come to Melaka over and over again so that you can enjoy our hospitality, food, cultures, shopping and cruises.

We want to hear and receive your feedback so that Melaka can achieve greater heights in attracting more visitors. Melaka hosted 10 million visitors in 2010 and we aim to reach 11 million in 2011. Well, Melaka should aim to host 20 million visitors by 2020 if we can get our act together.

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