Canoeing a Baram River

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September 19, 2011 during 12:00 pm

Does a suspicion of canoeing down a strong stream ever locate your fancy? Ever wanted to try out a new form of outside activity, though never seem to be means to find a time for it? Well, if we are now looking for something new to try or only a opposite approach of spending your vacation, afterwards do make a date with a Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) towards a finish of Sep 2011. MNS will be organising a outing to a ancestral Baram Regatta and a Baram, that is Malaysia’s second longest stream in Sarawak.

One of a activities that a participants will be doing is a revisit to a Penan settlements and a Kenyah and Kayan longhouses. For those who have nonetheless to knowledge staying in a longhouse, this is a ideal event as members of this outing will be given a possibility to do so now. The MNS Nature Guides will also be organising a revisit to a internal tribe’s animist longhouse and a suggestion residence before spending some peculiarity time with their hosts by music, songs and dances.

Sunset by a Baram River

Sunset by a Baram River

This outing also presents a participants with an event to familiarize themselves and plead a impact of a due Baram Dam with a internal communities. One outcome that is hopefully achieved is to give a locals a stronger voice that will be listened by some-more people. One of a threats that comes with a building of a dam is a dump of a informative sites and homes of these people, and in due time a disappearance of their enlightenment as they quit to towns and cities. It is feared that in a few years time, trips such as this will no longer be possible. So squeeze this possibility and join a outing to a Baram regatta and a Baram river. The outing will cost RM 1,300 per chairman and it is endorsed that one books early as arranging flights to a top Baram requires modernized planning. The dates of a outing are scheduled on 24th – 25th and 27th Sep to 2nd Oct 2011. For some-more information, greatfully dump an email to Ashleigh during [email protected] or record on to Malaysian Nature Society’s website here.

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