Rate this post Wednesday September 21, 2011 Ancient treasure found – and soldBy R.S.N. MURALI [email protected] MALACCA: Agents of scrap metal dealers have been selling old Portuguese coins, bullets and religious amulets that were unearthed during a recent landslip along the banks of the Malacca River to antique brokers from Singapore. The artefacts, the most […]

MASiF 2011 at Suria KLCC

Rate this post September 26, 2011 at 2:00 pm This year’s Music, Art, Style, International Festival (MASiF) 2011 was recently held at KLCC from the 15th till 17th September 2011. This three day festival which encompasses the various categories of arts was held in various locations within KLCC. The festival started with a glitzy launch […]

The Coffee and Spice Company

Rate this post September 26, 2011 during 3:00 pm Suria KLCC can be a really bustling place, generally whenever events are hold during a mall or a surrounding areas. The mall itself is home to many eateries and restaurants of each stripe, that creates eating during Suria KLCC a rather fun affair. We recently had […]

Malaysian Open Kuala Lumpur 2011

Rate this post September 26, 2011 during 5:00 pm Malaysians are utterly zealous sports fans, nonetheless for many of them, a border of appearance would usually be as a spectator, examination a movement from a comfort of their vital rooms. Ever so often, sporting events would be hold and it is afterwards that Malaysians tend […]