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Dining out has turn utterly an unbiased and apart affair, one where a patron walks in and expects to be served like nobleness for an evening; confronted with dishes that offer zero new nor opposite to cloyed tastebuds. It has been relegated to a small transaction where a patron selects, buys, and pays, while a grill prepares, cooks and serves.

Unassuming and totally casual, That Little Wine Bar offers a congregation good food, an glorious preference of wines and a loose environment.

The good news is meaningful that this will never occur during That Little Wine Bar. This boutique booze bar and loll is really in a category of a own, sitting snugly along Jalan Chow Thye, in ancestral Georgetown, Penang. What creates this place good? Nothing. What creates it great? Everything.

You see, That Little Wine Bar is not your standard grill nor booze bar, it does not find to stir a business with glitz and glamour, nor does it scapegoat peculiarity for discerning profits. It offers an insinuate and special experience, a tour voiced by a culinary delights painstakingly prepared by Chef Tommes, a male behind That Little Wine Bar.

Chef Tommes, a male behind That Little Wine Bar

…We can always splash a stock…

That Little Wine Bar came about as a outcome of Chef Tommes and his wife, Louise’s hunt for a place to share a potion or dual of booze in relaxation, though a need to dress adult for an dusk during a restaurant. Opening a restaurant, however, was not on Chef Tommes’ mind, as he had no enterprise to for a adrenaline packaged days that was a hallmark of his time as Head Chef of Shanghai’s famous Stiller’s Restaurant Cooking School.

Still, a thought of carrying a place where people could only flog behind with a potion of booze and watch a universe go by was too tough to pass. So with a declaration that they could always gloss off all a booze should their try go swell up, a integrate non-stop what became famous as That Little Wine Bar.

The insinuate and cosy atmosphere during That Little Wine Bar is a distant cry from a standard restaurant.

… I’d save adult a whole week only to buy a cut during a finish of it…

At That Little Wine Bar, Chef Tommes shares his bargain and views of a universe by a food he prepares. Painstaking courtesy is paid to each detail, from a correct ingredients, all a approach by a credentials and finally, to a serving.

Each plate has a story behind it, and some, like a Poppy Seed Cake, offer as honeyed reminders of noted moments in his life. The dishes he creates are reflections of his personality, and maybe in their possess way, windows into his soul.

Each plate displayed on a house bears a singular story of a own.

I was propitious adequate to get a sampling of what That Little Wine Bar has to offer. And we was amazed.

My dusk began with soups as appetisers, accompanied by slices of creatively baked french baguette. Soup here is served with a honour it deserves, with a soup’s uninformed reduction placed in bowls before a prohibited soup is poured onto them. The tomato soup was robust and refreshing, while a furious fungus soup, a accumulation of mushrooms served in a transparent parmesan and herb broth, was light and flavourful.

These soups are really not your standard Campbell soups in tins.

The crusted beef tenderloin, served with fungus royale, special crush and red booze salsa is one of a mainstays of a menu. Quite a swig to mention, though each swig of it was wonderful. The beef was proposal and tender, and was complemented good by a sauce. It comes as no warn as a salsa takes several hours to ready regulating a double rebate process.

Crusted beef tenderloin, served with fungus royale, special crush and red booze sauce.

The ethereal black cod, with pommery sauce, served with cauliflower puree and vegetables.

The other categorical march for a dusk was black cod with pommery sauce, served with cauliflower puree and vegetables. A ethereal plate that offers a poetic mix of flavours, with a pointed ambience of cod merging so good with, though not impressed by, a pommery sauce.

Apple filo pillows, served comfortable with uninformed cream and a dip of tasty homemade macadamia bulb ice cream.

Dessert was comfortable apple filo pillows and poppy seed cake. The comfortable apple filo pillows is Chef Tommes’ small turn to normal apple strudel, and if we try it, do take note of a homemade macadamia ice-cream, with genuine nuts churned into vanilla ice cream. The honeyed essence and hardness of a poppy seed reduction creates a poppy seed cake a noted approach of finale a evening.

Poppy seed cake – A childhood memory of Chef Tommes, brought behind as a honeyed dessert.

The poppy seed cake has a special place in Chef Tommes’ heart, and it is not tough to see because he still can remember when he initial tasted it as a immature child, so many years ago. Perhaps it was one of a reasons that led Chef Tommes on his extraordinary tour into a universe of culinary wonders and delights.

Mushroom soup for a soul. Chef Tommes portion a furious fungus soup by pouring a prohibited soup into a play with reduction in it.

For an dusk of pristine elementary pleasure, step into That Little Wine Bar, dine, suffer a potion of wine, and relax as we let a universe only go by.

That Little Wine Bar is open from 5 pm compartment midnight each Monday compartment Saturday. For reservations, call +604 226 8182 or email [email protected]

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